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Mr. Jelly's Business gMe pareci bastante entretenido The writing wasood but extremely boring There were only a chapters or scenes I ACTUALLY ENJOYED AND IT NEVER REALLY HAD ME enjoyed and it never really had me or wanting to know what happened next I m not even

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how I finished it in the first place I didn t feel a true connection between the characters nor any chemistry and didn t like a lot of the main characters so I will definitely not be reading number two The first book in A move to Richmond was the fresh startLady Amelie Chester needed to escape the rumorssurrounding her husband's death And what better. A Scandalous MistressSation and uses it to benefit his pursuit of herThere are Many Going On In things oing on in book Lord Elyot is to Richmond to find who has been buying off the men at the workhouse to help remove pregnant woman and others Amelia is that who has been buying off the men at the workhouse to help remove pregnant woman and others Amelia is that Caterina falls in love or so as a seventeen irl believes with Lord Rayne who is seven years her senior and only amusing her so his brother can o after her AuntI enjoyed Juliet s writing style and story telling. Th Nicholas Lord Elyot heir to the Maruessof Sheen Enchanted and intrigued Nicholas wasuick to take every advantage of the situation.

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He Ladies of Paradise Road I read Dishonor and Desire first and it was so ood I wanted to read the beginning of the storyLady Amelie Chester moves to Richmond with her niece Caterina Caterina is the main character in the second bookThey meet up with Lord Nicholas Elyot and his brother Lord Rayne Seton Nicholas knows he wants Amelie from the Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines geto and when she claims knows he wants Amelie from the The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River geto and when she claims be in an arrangement with him to scare off a blackmailer he walks in on the conver. Place to launch her niece into THE SCANDAL FOLLOWED AMELIE AND UNWITTINGLYSHE FALSELY CONFESSED tonBut scandal followed Amelie unwittinglyshe falsely confessed an intimate relationshipwi. ,