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Os di logos o ue n o torna o livro chato Os personagens s o diretos o ue deixa o livro muito r pido por mais ue sejam um pouco rasos e n o tenham uma grande descri o do passado deles apenas fatos principaisA hist ria tem uma ambienta o ue poderia ter sido mais bem explorada just a "so so kinda story however recalling d leading characters are justin stern and selena gonzales definitely reminds me of "so kinda story however recalling d leading characters are justin stern and selena gonzales definitely reminds me of beiber and selena gomez lol maybe it s a just wierd coincidence while the last couples ended up breaking the couple in the book eventually ends happyly ever after eah it s really intertaining lol Justin and his brothers are expanding their brand of business style by opening a strip mall in Miami On the other side is Selena fighting for her family to retain their heritage in some way On their first meeting attraction sparks between them Each is wary of the other looking for loopholes When their casual affair turns into something both parties have some decisions to makeI enjoyed Selena s character feminine et class="815ec7ea84c7815fe07530e6c36efb1d" style="color: #0000FF; 21px;">"Strong Willed And Totally NOT " willed and totally NOT pushover Justin was a tad bossy but in a sexy wayEnjoyable read Read my review at una buena lectura ligera entretenida pero no alucinat. Retty soon passion was the top priority And if Justin could finesse their white hot attraction into a win for his company he would no matter what the cos. ,

Turns Most of those bumps in the road come from Selena who begins to uestion Justin s intentions as it seems history is repeating itself Now I understand that there needs to be some sort of obstacle to overcome or else the story would fall rather flat However I kept wanting there to be something in the story outside of Selena s trust issues That said I did enjoy the characters and the plot with the knowledge that limitations were in place on development due to the length of a Harleuin Desire novelThe novel does stand alone but the reader is teased with the reappearance of the brother and his fiancee featured in Taming the VIP Playboy as well as meeting the brother who s story is played out in who s story is played out in Child This is a middle of the road story for me One that teased me enough that I d read the other books in the series but it s not one I ll be re reading 0 conflicto me gusta m s el drama Miniseries Miami NightsNews Update Always powerful passionate and provocative Starting with April titles Silhouette Desire books will be published as Harleuin Desire um livro maravilhoso e lindo de romance nascido de um caso de f rias muito fluido e r pido de ler com pouco descri o e muit. Riage wasn't in his future but an affair certainly wasNever mind that "he and Selena were on opposite sides of a deal that could make or break them both "and Selena were on opposite sides of a deal that could make or break them both Seducing His Opposition by Katherine Garbera is an entertaining read Ms Garbera has delivered another well written book Justin and Selena s story is loaded with drama humor and spice along with a great cast of characters I enjoyed reading Seducing His Opposition and look forward to reading from Katherine Garbera in the future This is a complete book not a cliff hangerI read a print copy of this book Jen s ReviewSeducing His Opposition is the second book in Katherine Garbera s Miami Night s series which follows the Stern brothers Justin Stern and his brothers are looking to develop a strip mall IN LITTLE HAVANA IN MIAMI BUT HE NEVER EXPECTED Little "Havana In Miami But He " in Miami But he expected over when he is introduced to the lawyer representing the current owners of the property Selena also happens to be the granddaughter of "Those Owners So She Has A Lot "owners so she has a lot stake when it comes to representing their best interests However the sparks fly whenever Justin and Selena are in the same room So when an affair is suggested is Justin just using the attraction to get ahead in their business dealWell since this is a romance novel I m sure we all know the answer to that uestion However the road to happiness does have a few twists and. All business all the time had made Justin Stern a very confirmed bachelor Yet one glance at Selena Gonzalez and he knew changes were in order Perhaps mar. ,

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