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I read this book a Million Times When I Was times when I was about 7th grade It is cheesy 80s writing and I LOVED it This is the one I think of every time I even think about scoffing at a teen book Glass houses you know I read this book as a kid and remember the day I was ucky enough to score a discarded copy from my school ibraryEverything about this book is just ridiculous Southern belle Prudie Pie cold feet Chip whistle Beethoven not Dixie Peter and of course old undercover reporter Carrie Some of the book feels dated and off and did even during the ate 90s when I was reading it Like why is Chip such a shit Why does Carrie put up with why is Chip such a shit Why does Carrie put up with being such a grade A douche chop all the time Why does she go to such incredible engths to win him back from a girl who obviously wears way too much printed floral polyester I guess we re all kind of dumb in high school but seriously Carrie why were you wasting time on Chip and the new bio teacher when you probably could have had a hell of a time at prom with PeterThe very best scene is the fancy adult. Beautiful Perfect Disgusting When Carrie sees Prudie standing in the door of the school newspaper office she knows Trouble Has Arrived She's right.

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We Interrupt This Semester for an Important Bulletin

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Hese years I adored this book in middle school It introduced me to cheesy 80s high school romance and the book in middle school It introduced me to cheesy 80s high school romance and the of accents in dialogue with the fabulously evil Prudie and her Ah American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare lahk its and so on I remember thinking Chip was a bit of a blah boyfriend but Carrie wanted him and she was our heroine so it s only right that she have him back I with they had the coverike on my personal pre teen copy here on Goodreads JF Con Seuel to the fabulous Dear Lovey Hart I am Desperate Read it for Carrie s experimentation with Brandy ALEXANDERS IF NOTHING ELSE I T BELIEVE THERE if nothing else I can t believe an actual seuel to Dear Lovey Hart I Am DesperateWhile I think Dear Lovey Hart I Am Desperate will forever be my favorite pocket teen angst drama book by Ellen Conford I can t admit that I wasn t charmed by this ittle seuelEven if Chip truly is kind of a douchebag in this oneBut he was also kind of a douchebag in the first one So view spoilerAlso the drunk scene is EPIC hide spoiler Seuel to Dear Lovey Hart I Am Desperate Possibly even better than its predecessor. T charm with fire But the Big Story she scoops for the LOG backfires Big Time Will Carrie Wasserman survive the invasion of the boyfriend snatcher. Dinner party The whole scene gave me a soft spot for drinkers of Brandy Alexanders and Old Fashioneds Only once in a young girl s The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez life does she experience the special joy of finding out what she sike when she s PLASTEREDAlso if you ve ever suspected that your high school cafeteria chief was secretly running a racketeering scheme on the side because stocking milk cartons and frozen burgers is just so boring don t give into your hunch Is it because school is starting that I m feeling the need to read old high school romances Whatever the reason is I had A Good Time Reading This good time reading this Fun ight read it while I make dinner book my favorite conford novel in dinner book My favorite Conford novel in Carrie and co try to become the next Woodward Bernstein Whenever I isten to Feist s song Brandy Alexander I always think of this book Carrie oves Chip but I always preferred goofy Peter re read 122010 another vintage conford re read from my youth i LOVE the dinner party scene where carrie has a brandy alexander and gets tipsy with dignity it still makes me augh after all Prudie not only gets a reporting job on the LINCOLN LOG she also gets the editor Chip formerly known as Carrie's boyfriend Carrie decides to figh. ,