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He Can Comfort Me AnytimeAdrianne Byrd has yet to disappoint me with her writing skills I enjoyed this novel so much I read it in 12 disappoint me with her writing skills I enjoyed this novel so much I read it in 12 daytalk about a page turner The chemistry between Isaiah and Brooklyn was sexy steamy and very romantic And talk about a good man he had a good job could cook took dance lessons was a good listener brought her a tiara and knew how to throw down in the bedroom what could she want I couldn t believe she oolishly let him get away I was glad she was able to overcome her obstacles and inally realize that nothing is impossible especially when you have love Cute story I enjoyed Isaiah Brooklyn This story Didn T Work For Me For A t work or me or a of reasons1 I didn t eel the chemistry between Isaiah Brooke2 I didn t particularly like Brooke 3 The timeline of this so called romance view spoilerA one night stand then six months later they bump into each other sex and then he wants to pursue a relationship 3 5 weeks later he says the L word and a week after that he buys an engagement ring Color me confused hide spoiler Enjoyable even with being ormulaic The main characters very likable although Brooklyn definitely challenged that decision a ew times Get it read it Loved it Song of the Forest from toinish I didn t want it to end Very good I highly recommend it She wants a little comfortHe wants a lot This was a little twist on the theme of reluctant hero which I ound stimulating she s getting over a bad divorce which was done believably and a teenage son who is doing that sullen adolescent thing While on an annual girl s weekend in NYC they dare her to have a one night stand saying she s turning into a bitter prudeShe doesn t intend to until she runs into a sexy stranger whose easy to talk to Their one night stand is awesome The morning after she s the one to slip away and he is left hurt and bewilderedLater he comes to Atlanta where she lives to be with his sick mother They run into each other Okay that was a little ormulaic the happy coi. She wants a little comfortAt thirty eight Brooklyn Douglas has her hands A Constellation of Vital Phenomena full raising a teenage son and running her own business What she doesn't need is everybody and their mother trying to hook her up with a good man The last good man Brooklyn was with turned into a no good husband who left heror an.

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Blakes et al Of the world is in two very important places her characters and her realism The characters to be ound in Comfort of a Man are not your usual cardboard cutouts but real multidimensional characters that a reader can identify with instead of the paper constructs one has to stretch to even empathize with Also while the coincidences reuire suspension of disbelief oh my do they ever the situations Brooklyn and Isaiah Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights find themselves in once the coincidences are past are realistic Uncomfortably so at timesor someone who s been there done that and bought the ripped shirtThe book s Still Life with Chickens flaws areew and the majority of them can probably be attributed To An *Editorial Staff Who an *Editorial Staff Who T Uite Diligent *staff who weren t uite diligent A ew cliches here and there some typos and grammatical Paradox Bound flaws Nothing though that really stops the book slow A ew of the minor characters border on the cardboard especially Brooklyn s son Jaleel but they only get a ew pages of screen time In horror novels they d be the STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare folks walking around with KILL ME signsI really never thought I would so unapologetically recommend a romance novel But there it is Comfort of a ManThis was a well written story about Brooklyn and Isaiah who met at a hotel in NY at the bar after hours of conversation over drinks they went to the room and had sex Months later they reconnected in Atlanta when he went to visit his sick mom and began a courtship Brooklyn has a seventeen year old son a ex husband the ex s girlriend who was her best riend and other interesting characters that make this a very very good read Comfort of a Man is a re release by Adrianne Byrd originally published in 2003 Brooklyn Douglas is a recently divorced mother of a teenage son who is attempting to put her live back together when s Sweet StoryI absolutely loved Isaiah and Brooklyn s story Isaiah was so sweet and patient with Brooklyn I loved how they kept running into each other in the two cities It was definitely ate They were made Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays for each other. T extending any invitations But whenate lands Isaiah in Atlanta Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All for the summer he's ready to do whatever it takesrom slow kisses to showing up when it counts in order to melt her heart Because when it comes to real love there's no such thing as a perfect man But there is such a thing as the right on. .

Ncident But it was worked in smoothly and with a little humor The story continues with him realizing he s What a Lass Wants falling in love and trying to get her to do so at least to admit to deepereelings or him she won t even admit it to herself the resolution was handled skillfully by the author I was totally riveted Couldn t put it down The writing and editing were up to Harleuin s solid standards Ms Byrd is a winner Adrianne Byrd Comfort of a Man Arabesue 2003I m not a big reader of romances In act this will be only my ourth romance review since I started documenting such things in 1999 Adrianne Byrd is review since I started documenting such things in 1999 Adrianne Byrd is regular on a orum I used to reuent SO WHEN SHE ANNOUNCED THE PUBLICATION when she announced the publication this one I igured I should check it out But eel ree to take all that ollows with a grain of salt or all I know this is identical to other romances in the same vein All I know is it ain t like any romance I ve read before Or much of anything else I ve read before or that matterComfort of a Man despite being burdened with something of a cumbersome title is one heck of a good ride It *s smart unny incisive well paced Oh yeah and sexy Sexy as all get out *smart The Day Fidel Died funny incisive well paced Oh yeah and sexy Sexy as all get out story revolves around Brooklyn Douglas a real estate brokerrom Atlanta and Isaiah Washington a sales and marketing rep rom Austin They meet during a trip to New York Isaiah s or business Brooklyn s or pleasure and through the various machinations of Brooklyn s riends and an optimistic bartender end up having a one night stand The process of getting Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge from meeting to bed could have been liftedrom a Bunuel The Outlaw and the Upstart King film Byrd knows how to keep the tension high by throwing in all sorts of ludicrous but realistic delays Due to imagine big roll of thunder here a series of coincidences the twoind themselves thrown together again the next summer and rom there well you know the drill If it doesn t have a lot of getting together pushing away and ultimately a happy ending it ain t a romance is itWhere Byrd differs rom the Steels Cartlands. Other woman Can't she just have a mind blowing love affair with no strings attached Somebody like the handsome broad shouldered brother at the bar He's looking or a lot As a successful businessman Isaiah Washington is used to going after what he wants and what he wants is Brooklyn Too bad the lady isn'. Comfort of a Man