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Cted to her but he knows she wants than he does Leanne Thomas has worked so hard to be accepted amongst the men she works with every day But underneath the tough exterior she is still a girly girl As she watches t 4 STAR REVIEW Judging a Book by its Cover Another cute couple cuddling in winter wear Looking Deeper POV Third person I love how this story began with the danger and rescue elements Both of these lead characters are strong willed stubborn and set in began with the danger and rescue elements Both of these lead characters are strong willed stubborn and set in Ways Even If It even if it to their detriment Paramedic Leanne tried hard almost too hard to be seen as one of the guys at the firehouse and as be seen as one of the guys at the firehouse and as member of OMSAR Rookie firefighter Christian refuses to commit to anything in life whether it be a ob a home or a woman Both have issues from the past that are not uite as resolved as they think Because of this there are a lot of bumps in their path to happiness While the attraction and compatibility was evident their foolish heads would not listen to their hearts and what they KNEW about one another While I could have done with less of the drama I was plenty happy to read updates on the other couples and enjoyed several of the new characters Predictability was low The conclusion is solid and satisfyingRating PG Score 42 Stars 4 Disclosure of Material I received a copy of this book from the AuthorPublisher with the hope that I would voluntarily leave unbiased and unsolicited feedback I was not asked encouraged or reuired to leave a review nor was I compensated in any way I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Such a touching story From start to finish I was captivated The heroine Leanne dealt with a horrible tragedy as a 9 year old child I ugly cried when she revealed the past to the hero Christian She could have languished in the depths of despair but pulled herself up and hid her emotions from her friends Christian touched her heart and emotions like no one else had and was able to get past her barriers to her true self The last scene in a cemetery was heart wrenching another ugly cry and heart warming Excellent read Very good book Leanne worked hard to be accepted as the only woman at the firehouse Getting involved with a player like Christian was not what she wanted to do But she is drawn to him like she hadn t been for anyone else Christian had issues with the idea of settling down thanks to family pressures that were put on his father But he couldn t help his feelings for Leanne and he wasn t sure if he could do anything about them I really enjoyed seeing the teamwork of the rescue crew both on the ob and off The whole community was great I can t wait to read Hood Hamlet books. Talking paramedic but hasn't counted on how much the real Leanne affects him He's vowed never to settle down but under the mistletoe it's certainly the season to be tempte. .
HipsIs there really Christmas Magic In Hood HamletI Loved Everything Hood HamletI loved everything this story I read this book in one sitting I was completely swept away in the first chapter when Leanne rescues Christian and his cousin Owen after a climbing trip goes bad Leanne and Christian work together in Hood Hamlet She is a by the book paramedic and he s the rookie firefighter Throw in that she s older than him she has worked hard to be one of the guys and she won t admit that she does have feelings for him it makes for a great story Christian is from well to do family that has a winery He s heart is being a firefighter not a wine makerI will admit that I have read Sean Hughes and Zoe Flynn s story Christmas Magic on the Mountain and the online story featuring Cocoa Marsh and Rex Billings Snow Kissed Reunion its on the Harleuin website but I have not read Carly Bishop and Jake Porter s story Rescued by the Magic of Christmas I plan on reading it within the next few weeks Leanne has also been a secondary character in each of them so when I read that she was getting her own book I was thrilled I knew that Leanne would be a tough nut to crack but Christian was up to the task From be a tough nut to crack but Christian was up to the task From moment the book opened to the moment that I shut it closed I sighed laughed and fell in love with both of themMs McClone has written a beautiful and emotional story of two people that are finding their way in the world and finding out where they belong in it Its also the story of family and what defines a family and your place in a family Leanne and Christian have sizzling chemistry from the start and it only heats up during the story Half the fun of a Harleuin Romance is the build up of chemistry through out the story and the gratifying HEA at the end One thing about this serieswill there be I love Hood Hamlet and the people that make up the town Their ourneys toward love and family never cease to amaze meI highly recommend each of the Hood Hamlet Christmas stories I read mine in order but each stands alone Firefighter Under The Mistletoe is a Harleuin Romance by Melissa McClone Christian Welton is a firefighter On a climb with his cousin his cousin becomes injured and they have to be rescued by the Oregon Mountain Rescue team The first face he sees is Leanne He has worked along side with Leanne because not only is she a volunteer with Mountain Rescue she Leanne because not only is she a volunteer with Mountain Rescue she also a paramedic He was never happier to see her face Christian though has a reputation for being a heart breaker He does not want a relationship He wants to thank Leanne and the others in the rescue team for what they did for him and his cousin Owen So he volunteers to help Leanne with a big project to plan a town Christmas celebration The time he spends with Leanne he feels and attra. T hard to be one of the boys and won't let anyone see that Christian's smile makes her want to melt into his armsChristian wanted to discover the softer side of the tough. .
A very nice sweet romance Christian helped Leanne realize there was than being ust one of the guys while Leanne helped him Learn To Risk His Feelings to risk his feelings in a little Christmas magic and this was a nice holiday read I liked it Do you believe in Christmas magic leanne and christian s story is moving and and Christian s story is moving and rending Heroes in their everyday lives paramedic and firefighter whose attraction to one another is obvious but Christians fear of commitment may have cost him the love of his life Can he fix it before it is too late Maybe a little Christmas magic is in the air I enjoy reading about the lives and loves in Hood Hamlet Another great addition to the Mountain Rescue series And look forward to the next in the series I was provided an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review Melissa McClone is known for her Christmas Magic themed books A mountain hamlet filled with snow handsome climbers first responders or other residents who are never who they appear to be women who thaw the heroes or visa versa and the belief in the magic of the Christmas season combine to make wonderful holiday romances I always look forward to these books but I anticipated Firefighter Under The Mistletoe even because the heroine a secondary character in previous books finally gets her own even because the heroine a secondary character in previous books finally gets her own story A commitment fearing fireman Christian Welton and Leanne Thomas a paramedic who is trying to be one of the guys while longing for a home and family of her own is an emotional tale whether previous books in the series have been read or not An opening chapter kicking off with a mountain rescue of the hero BY the heroine an age difference hidden tragedies the tension of working together as well as the protectiveness of the other fireman toward their little sister paramedic turns Firefighter Under The Mistletoe into a keeper to be read at least a few times before the holidays roll around I really enjoyed this book It was a wonderful read with sympathetic characters that drew me right into the story I was sad to see it end I adored this book It is a heartwarmingfun emotional storyLeanne grew up in Hood HamletHer long time friends are on the OMSARrescue team Being on the rescue team working at the fire department Leanne is treated like one of the guysChristian is a rookie firefighter He is alsoan extremely hot looking guy who avoids commitment at all costsLeanne Christian are attracted to each other But she wants a relationship not a one night standWith it being close to Christmas Leanne Christian work together on preparing for the toy drive Christmas Magic CelebrationThe time they spend together the they ve gotten to know each other away for the station Even thoughtLeanne Christian shared a kisshe s still avoiding relations. For Leanne infuriatingly charming firefighter Christian Welton is out of bounds Not only is he too young for her but his trail of broken hearts is legendary Leanne's fough. .

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