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Urrent owner of the house her gt grandfather was hidden in Oh and she writes great blogs tooRecommended for a light fun and feelgood read I writes great blogs tooRecommended for a light fun and feelgood read I this a DIK A review at All About Romancehttplikesbookscomcgi binbookRev Would you like to take a trip to Italy You don t do heights The good news is that you don t need to take a plane Just check in at Mills and Boon and let Liz Fielding s capable hands transport you to Rome Heroine Sarah has a good reason to uit UK shores and reinvent herself She s nchanted by her new flat and happy to find work in the city But when curiosity leads her into the countryside on a golden October day she ncounters Matteo a dark haired Italian dible One Giant Leap enough to ramp up her heart rateBut this story isn t only about two attractive people struggling with theirmotional baggage A skilfully woven sub plot takes us back to wartime when another couple inhabited this same idyllic landscape Passion flared then as it does decades later linking Sarah and MatteoLiz Fielding s latest book is a triumph She is the mistress of sexual tension and achingly beautiful description Be prepared to drool I won this book from a contest on GoodreadsSarah Gratton is a teacher at Maybridge High which she considers her dream job Recently dumped by the man of her dreams the Head at her school approached Sarah to dumped by the man of her dreams the Head at her school approached Sarah to her a teaching position in Rome which she readily accepts Her Great Grandfather Lex was skeptical of her abrupt move but wished her the best He also told her a story about when he was in the war in Italy and his plane developed ngine trouble and he had to bail in freezing tem very had to bail in freezing tem Every often while reading this I found myself confused was the heroine dreaming having some sort of psychic xperience or was the action really happening But those moments didn t detract from the story I was intrigued with the whole subplot regarding the heroine s great grandfather And the hero Mateo I d have a fling with him too. E no hardship at all given their spine tingling awareness of ach other It's like something out of a fairy tale until Sarah realizes she's made the most rookie mistake of all falling in love with her holiday fli. Flirting with ItalianFLIRTING WITH ITALIANLiz s latest romance Flirting With Italian Is Right Now Italian is right now for the RoNA Rose award which is a super big deal in the UK And no wonder The heroine a teacher who has run away to Rome after a big break up is fun lovely and true and the hero an Italian Count As fantasies go it s a good unOne of the things I loved best bit that stayed was Sarah s blog Asked by her Principal back home to write a blog about her Roman adventure for her students Sarah smartly knows her students couldn t be bothered reading such a thing So she uses the blog as a rich luscious A Bride for McCain experiential and honest retelling of her time And as another way for us to feel her growing feelings for the hero Matteo it s an absolute delightFlirting with Italian is a delicious warm slow burn of a love story And will make you yearn to sit under the Italian sun with the lazy buzz of bees and grape juice pooling beneath your tongue And if that isn t reasonnough to read a book I don t know what isNext I m readingThe Next Always by Nora Roberts What are you reading Which book MUST I read this year I just received this in the mail from the contest Thanks a bunch can t wait to dive in It is also signed by the author with a personal note to me YAY As per usual Liz Fielding does not disappoint Engaging charming characters with a flavour of Italy Even without the sex on the page this sweet romance has sizzle factor A sensual flirty and fun read There is a gentle comic Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven element that Liz does so well there is some great dialogue between her t FLIRTING WITH ITALIAN by Liz Fielding is a January 2012 release by Harleuin Romance Sarah Gratton takes a teaching job in Italy to get away from the memories of where her heart shattered She shares herxperiences via a blog with her old school back in EnglandOne day she goes looking for a village where her grandfather had found shelter during the war What will she find in the village Will she find the special lady. Bag packed Flight booked Soon I'll be in Rome and xperiencing life in a foreign language Watch this spaceNewly single Sarah Gratton is determined to njoy her holiday could a just for fun romance with dark yed.

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Who helped her grandfatherMatteo di Serrone is now IN THE HOUSE THAT HER GRANDFATHER FOUND IN the house that her grandfather found shelter in Matteo Sarah feels the spine tingling awareness of him After all her grandfather had advised her to find herself a dark yed Italian lover to forget about her heart ache Dare she take her grandfather s adviceFLIRTING WITH ITALIAN had some pleasant and unexpected twists and turns As Sarah said I didn t mean to fall in love That just wasn t supposed to happen I was in love with Tom and had my ntire life planned out Tom ran into Louise and I hit Matteo A head on collision Liz Fielding has brought with her master story telling this remarkable tale FLIRTING WITH ITALIAN that sparkles with plenty of sizzle sensuality and romance Her characters are amazing in their complexities their interactions and their growing love for ach another It s definitely for the keeper shelf I am always intrigued by the books that take place in Italy There is just something xciting about being able to vividly imagine and recognize the setting Liz Fielding s Flirting with Italian is set in Rome its surroundings Author did a great job describing and capturing the atmosphere thus making the ambience almost like a characterAlthough the book focuses on two main characters Sarah Matteo it has also a secondary story about Sarah s great grandfather and a certain woman named Lucia I loved the interweaving of both stories and it kept me interested the whole way throughDespite the minor Italian grammatical A Love To Remember errors I thoroughlynjoyed this book and I highly interested the whole way throughDespite the minor Italian grammatical Her Stolen Past (Family Reunions errors I thoroughlynjoyed this book and I highly that you read it I loved this sweet romance it was just the tonic I neededSarah a teacher has recently been dumped by her fiance for another woman Deciding to change her life she takes a temporary teaching job in Rome and at the same time researches her gt grandfather s Fear of Diversity: The Birth of Political Science in Ancient Greek Thought experiences there during WWIIOf course she couldn t have known she would bump into the gorgeous Matteo Matteo di Serrone be the answer This Italian count is ideal flirting material if Sarah's bravenough to make a move Well she might not be but luckily Matteo is Matteo decides to keep this mysterious woman clos.