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Little House books have me wanting I relearned some things and fully earned of others For example I don t think I ever knew that the clan system and tartan had been banned for almost 40 years in the 1700s It was the Martha books that made me think I would enjoy series Dona Flor like Highlander meh and Scottish things overall another meh Laird Alroch absolutely winsEvery time I read this this is my third or fourth time I want a spindle Even though I m not inclined to sewing or knitting I dove to Rocker Babies Wear Jeans learn Meet Martha theittle girl who would grow up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder s great grandmother It s 1788 and six year old Martha ives in a ittle stone house in Glencraid Scotland Martha s father is Laird Glencaraid and the Sono with Visits from the Seventh life of the Laird s daughter is not always easy for aively girl Remarkable Creatures like Martha She would rather be running barefoot through the fields of heather andistening to magical tales of fairies and other Wee Folk than earning to sew ike a proper young Heroes Adrift (Hero, lady But between her dreaded sewingessons Martha still finds time to play on the rolling Scottish hillsI recommend this book to all agesMy son and I finished reading this tonight We both oved this book especially when I slipped into a Scottish accent The historic and culture aspect of this book always "amazes me no matter how many times I read it I grew up on all the ittle house books "me no matter how many times I read it I grew up on all the Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old little house books I am enjoying starting at the beginning of Laura s family tree with my son I don t know how accurate the stories are but Iove how similar Martha is to Laura they both remind so much of me as a childI really enjoyed this book Martha and her family are so adorable and comfy feeling I ove all the stories her parents tell It was such an enjoyable readI rate this book 5 out of 5 stars You don t have to an enjoyable readI rate this book 5 out of 5 stars You don t have to a young girl to enjoy the Little House books I started as a young boy with Little House in the Big Woods and have hungerly picked up every book as they became available Okay the Laura years were all written before I was born I am talking about Rose Charlotte Caroline and Rose Now in my 30s rereading them is ike visiting old friendsAs far as continuing series I Love Going From Caroline Into Laura Into Rose Because Its going from Caroline into Laura into Rose because its the story just continues I am sad though to hear that there won t be any Charlotte or Martha years books Martha is probably the most fascinating of all the girls to me mainly because they take place in Scottland The author paints the characters with care and Gray Bishop loving until you feelike you are part of the characters ivesI hope that HarperCollins rethinks their decision to abridge the books and offers them again in their original forms and that the author comes back and finishes the story Its uite jaring to read about Martha becoming a preteen and this carefree spirit then suddenly you start reading Charlotte and Martha is this strict mother iving in the US There is just a hole in the story I don t really know what to say about this book Very fun but This is my first time reading the expanded Little House serieses I have to say that I enjoyed this one uite a bit My family is heavily Scottish so that was a bonus for me I honestly oved reading about 18th centur. To magical tales of fairies and other Wee Folk than earning to sew Liar like a proper youngady But between her dreaded sewing essons Martha still finds time to play on the rolling Scottish hil. ,

Ad this book over and over again it s so cute and feel sy good y and so easy to read too I think I actually might Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are like this series better than the Laura series but by only aittle mind you Martha is so Gaffer love able and all her family The Stone House sounds exactlyike somewhere I would want to Circumstantial Evidence live with the high bed and cosy kitchen and right next to a bigake The stories that are told about faeries and brownies are so much fun to read I ve actually used them to entertain my ittle sister when we were waiting for something and she was getting restless So yes I totally recommend this book It s simply charming This is a very fictionalized story of Laura Ingalls Wilder S Great Grandmother Martha Morse She S The Daughter Of great grandmother Martha Morse She s the daughter of Laird which is true in Glencaird on Loch Caraid neither of which is a real place Her four siblings are all older than her Thus being the youngest and only 6 years old it makes sense that she s confused when it comes to pregnancy talkThis book takes place in 1788 so America is nearly as old as Martha I do think it s odd that they call it America Not the United States of AmericaI m not a history person so I could be wrong but I think the book should have included the entire nameI ike the simplicity of the times Martha s father is a Laird who won t even add rooms to their stone house something Martha thinks is above and beyond even knowing stories of other Lairds until it s necessary He is kind to the cottagers who ive on his and when there is a new bairn the females in his family go to visit them Martha and her siblings play with their childrenThe Gaelic A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping language makes me smileI find it strange that they call the cook CookI have to chuckle at how superstitious they all are even the adults They believe fairies may take away beautiful babies a fear I understand that Browniesive in homes and can turn into boggarts which I also get but believing a baby who holds onto a coin will grow up to be a miser makes me roll my eyes They re probably misers because everyone told them they would be as they grew up YeeshI completely understand misers because everyone told them they would be as they grew up YeeshI completely understand they wouldn t bring the baby out of the home immediately or even say the name aloud before the christening The Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) latter is even seen with Saint John the Baptist in the Bible coincidently it s the Solemnity of the Nativity of him on the day I ve begun the bookThat there may be changelings made meaughI Summer Meditations love that Lairds had their own personal piper The thought of bagpipes sweeping over the shepherdands makes me feel peacefulAnd I feel gay that s the best word I could come up with gaiety reading of the traditions surrounding a baby s christening It s just beautifulBrownie Pete makes me God Said, Ha!: A Memoir laughIike that the tenants daughters were allowed to be in school during the summer with the boys I wonder if that was truly the case in the 1780sAccording to Melissa Wiley Martha married beneath her station So it makes sense that she s a bit rebellious and much ike Laura in that she tends towards boyish things and hates to sew Still sometimes the parallels are sometimes tiringThe mention of Culloder and Rising of 1745 was ike clickbait for me I m not a history person at all but all the. Her is Laird Glencaraid and the On the Right Side of a Dream life of the Laird's daughter is not always easy for aively girl ike Martha She would rather be running barefoot through the fields of heather and istening. ,

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Better than I expected I still think these preuels or whatever you want to call them are uite a bit of a stretch in that I believe they are all pretty much fabrications based only on the time and place where Laura s mother grandmother or great grandmother grew up personally i really just grandmother grew up Personally I really just them as historical fiction and I suppose if the thread to the Little House books gets young readers reading that s worth it Author Melissa Wiley had this to say We don t know much about the real Martha what Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II little we do know is from aetter written by Laura s sister Grace Ingalls Dow Grace wrote that her great grandmother Martha Morse was the daughter of a Scottish Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq laird who married someone the family considered beneath her station We know that Martha and Lew married in Boston on Jan 1 1799 So as for a work of historical fiction this is a pretty good read for the younger chapter book crowd I personally enjoyed the Highlands setting as my own great grandmother s family was from Scotland and I visited Scotland some years ago Some of the accents may be a bit tricky for read aloud or for emerging readers to decipher on their own but they sure add aot of Michelin Green Guide Normandy local color to the story It was interesting to read about some of the customs and superstitions of the day Martha is aikable character and no doubt modeled a bit on Laura since she enjoys being outside and getting a ittle muddy sometimes even though she s not supposed to I also found it fascinating how truly modest by today s standards was the Scottish aird s ife and home It s a fairly uick read and some of the side characters really made an impression My 6 12 year old son really enjoyed this and wants to read in the series My children and I have enjoyed this series Of course it isn t written by Laura Ingalls Wilder but "the book does much of her spirit "book does catch much of her spirit of the best first books in the series sets And it s set in Scotland adding a new twist Super fun I was a ittle skeptical about this imagining of Laura Ingalls Wilder s great grandmother s Scottish childhood but it turned out to be uite ovely I have no idea how much of it is based on fact other than the character names ocation social position but if it s just this is the way her What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World life might have been that works as well The author put in aot about daily I Got a New Friend life in 18th century Scotland including not just how to spin but beliefs about fairies and brownies and recountings of tales and songs Her descriptions of the countryside are simple butyrical and don t make the mistake of seeming nostalgic this is a The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War little girl reporting herife at the moment not as she remembers it when she s an adult For example although I ove Richard Peck I think his books often fall into that trap The only thing I would have changed about this book would be to add some kind of main story arc to all the episodes just to make it cohesive although since the original Little House books didn t completely have that I suppose I shouldn t complain This book is completely adorable From the time I set eyes on it I knew I was going to ove it The whole Martha series is amazing but this book is the best one in the series I ve read and re re. Meet Martha the ittle girl who would grow up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder's great grandmother It's 1788 and six year old Martha ives in a ittle stone house in Glencraid Scotland Martha's fat. ,

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