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100 Great Poems of the Twentieth Century

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A very different personal and stimulating anthology of 20th century poetry One poem per author makes this a guide to great poets ather than poems The usual suspects known to English language poetry eaders like me are here Yeats Eliot Pound Auden Stevens Williams etc and also the most famous non English Language Poets Rilke Neruda language poets Rilke Neruda et al The distinctive feature of the anthology is that Strand usually chooses lesser known works he has a good spread of mid to late 20th century American poets and above all he chooses poets I know only a little only by eputation or not at all Pessoa Amichi Prevert Szymbovska and many others In other words this is a very broad introduction to international 20th century poetry One caveat It Covers Poetry From Europe And The covers poetry from Europe and the but not Africa or Asia The most prominent theme is eflection on death ageing and impermanence and the ecurrent style is expressionist and imagistic This too makes this a uite distinctive collection with pervasive sense of the sober and sombre The uality of the poetry is uneven but there is. Accounting for the great ange of style and content with which poets such as W H Auden Dylan Thomas Federico García Lorca Rainer Maria Rilke William Butler Yeats Pablo Neruda and Jorge Luis Borges esponded to the changes and challenges of the twentieth century 100 Great Poems of. ,
Much to enjoy and it is HARD TO IMAGINE THE READER WHO imagine the eader who t find much to discover Poetry Child Support, for the Non-Custodial Parent, Alabama Edition (Series 1, for the Non-Custodial Parent) really isn t my thing but at least I tried Iteally should have been titled 100 Poems for Snobs Most of the poems deal with death And deal it to death in long drawn out mind numbing waysMark Strand said that the majority of the poets for this selection had to be born before 1927 I m not good at math but didn t the twentieth century go on for much longer than 1927As soon as m not good at math but didn t the twentieth century go on for much longer than 1927As soon as saw this book didn t have any e e cummings or Charles Bukowski I should have just immediately given it back to the library Very few of these poems moved me in any way except for yawning The best poem is one by Odgen Nash called Very Like a Whale which made fun of poets and their use and abuse of metaphor and simileThis is NOT the book to give someone to try to turn them on to poetry Poetry critics would like it However a poetry critic has different criteria for a poem than the average L. Munatius Plancus: Serving and Surviving in the Roman Revolution reader And the averageeader is going to find this every off puttingGoing to avoid anything edited by Mar. The Twentieth Century is intended as both a uniue compendium for the already well versed and as an engaging introduction for those new to the expansive world of poetry Alan Ginsberg's struggle What thoughts I have of you tonight Walt WhitmanIn my hungry fatigue and shopping for ima. K Strand from now on Might check out some 20th century Greek poets though Strand explains at the beginning that he did not try to select the greatest poems nor to ank them but was trying to gather an international espresentation of great poetry written in the 20th century For each poet there was a biographic sketch in the biographies section a biographic sketch in the Biographies section I found that by eading the poet s biography first I was better able to appreciate the Poetry Knowing Something About knowing something about time and situation from which it arose Strand seemed to have a taste similar to mine in that those he selected were not too abstract and tended to have concrete meaning with subtle symbolic overtones This collection was added to my eading list after enjoying Strand s Blizzard of One in 2007 I Krebszellen mögen keine Sonne. Vitamin D - der Schutzschild gegen Krebs, Diabetes und Herzerkrankungen: Ärztlicher Rat für Betroffene. Mit Vitamin-D-Barometer ... really liked the concept a poet sharing his favorite poems but was a little disappointed by Strand s choices whichesulted in a pretty standard greats selection I d The Ufa Story: A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company, 1918-1945 read pretty much everyhting here before and most of them weren t my favorites even within the corpus of the individual poetsepresented. Ges I went into the neon fruit supermarket
of your enumerations is echoed other The Guardian Team: On the Job with Rena and Roo remarkable poets in this international collection of exciting and moving poems that are alike not in their length or for their status as seminal texts but because they are impossible to forg.