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with the ending 
the ending expected some of the characters to get what they deserve but they didn t It seemed like everyone just ended The Dark Villages of Childhood up with a happy ending and that did not sit well with meI think the author did one of two things either she was rushed to write this book and it lost some of the potential it had OR she had too long to write it and the she fiddled with it the out of control she wrote it I can see how someone might enjoy this story but it just wasn t my cup of teaDisclaimerI received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review I had two no three problems with this one provided by netgalley which kinda spoiled the whole thing for meNumber 1 I never really got over the heinous historical romance crime of having two friends being identical to each other and thensing the old let s pretend we re kids again and trade places Unless two people are identical twins I just can t ever really believe that this is possible and although I m willing to suspend disbelief to a considerable extent I m not willing to check my brain at the door when I pick p a book to read The thing was that the whole plot revolved around this totally nbelievable identicalness and I got so hot and bothered by it that I actually had to put the book down for a couple of weeks to work off the irritation by reading other things before I could bring myself to pick it Asylum and Other Stories up again GrrNumber 2 The ending is dreadful At least half the characters deserved to be driven over a cliff for being completely stupid arrogant or just plain self centered but do these individuals get what they deserve Oh no basically everyone endsp holding hands and doing the Regency version of If You re Happy And You Know It It was enough to make me screamNumber 3 The smoochy bits didn t really work for me One moment we re deep in the plot trying to figure who s doing what and why and then we go straight to nipple tweaking and heavy breathing and it really didn t work It didn t feel right to me The heroine was an inherently sensible yeah and it really didn t work It didn t feel right to me The heroine was an inherently sensible yeah pleasant yeah and normal yeah person although the author makes the mistake to my mind of making her mind blowingly beautiful boo hiss and I just couldn t see her throwing caution to the wind and doing anything remotely risky including going along with a bit of slap n tickle with the hero no matter how drop dead gorgeous he isSo why did I give this 3 stars then Well the plot itself apart from the ending was actually really good I didn t have much of a clue who was doing what and despite my hang Banana Fish, Tome 14 : ups I just had to read to the end to find outSo 3 stars I liked it A very nice read liked how there were 3 storylines interwoven and I m a sucker for impostor tropes And good news this was a full novel length story not a novella Detailed review to be posted soon Wendy SolimanI love a story with spies intrigue murder blackmail and great house party This book has a that and much Katrina starts this story as a pushover She makes beautiful dresses but her shop is in Cheapside Katrina needs her childhood friend Julia to wear her dresses to a famous house party Julia agrees but has one reuest of her own Katrina must in Julia place Theysed to switch places as children so Katrina goes with Julia s trusted maid Celia Leo is a spy for the crown and his brother a duke asked him to go to the house party and catch a jewel thief Leo takes his trusted valetbest friend Boscombe with him Katrina has to grow Cirsova (Issue up fast because Julia lied to her about everything Katrina is shocked to see Leo and doesn t know what ended Julia s relationship with him If she didn t have enough to worry about Julia s husband showsp At that moment Katrina finally gets her big pants on and stands Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú up to Celia and says SHE WILL NOT SLEEP HIM Leo know she isn t Julia but he can t stay away This story has anclaimed father an angry and murderous brother in law great gownsa jealous The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, unexpected husband a jealous ex lover loyal and indispensable Boscombe and a new and brave Katrina I give this book 3 fingersp and 8 toes I thought this book was ok but could have been much I enjoyed the dynamic between the two main characters however after a while of hearing they can t let anything happen gets sort of annoying I also got a little annoyed with the ending though good and nexpected it seemed a little out of left field. Nds an impostor who stirs an attraction stronger than anything he felt for JuliaThe mysterious woman shares Leo's interest even if she won't trust him with her true identity He should expose her at once but he's too tempted to play along and see where her deception and their passion will lea. While tracking a jewel thief I loved that when he made a mistake he didn t hesitate to make amends regardless of his pride He is a total beast in his job He takes down a jewel thief while paying the social customs and seeing every little inconsistency in his surroundings Not one thing will escape his notice and if you have any reason to be his notice and if you have any reason to be of a crime he will take you down It was totally awesome Julia was really irritating She was so selfish and materialistic and ncaring of anyone but herself It really made me madThe story is constantly tense with Katrina having to slip through the party without being caught There is never a dull moment with this complex twisted plot The villains are clever yet totally insane well one is the other is a victim in this twisted saga The ending provided a huge shock for Katrina We find out something about her that I never saw coming The rest turned out to a wonderful ending The Perfect Imposter is fantastic book combining romance with contatnt suspense 55Thanks to Netgalley for a copy Struggling modiste Katrina Sinclair lets herself be talked into switching places with her childhood friend Julia Dupont the Marchioness of Lanarkshire at Lady Marshall s house party in the country Katrina needs the money Julia s patronage could bring and she is indebted to Julia s father for saving her from charges of murdering her husband so she gives in to the emotional blackmail and takes Julia s place for the week Meanwhile Leo Kincade Julia s former fiance has been tasked with tracking a jewel thief rud to be planning to steal a tiara from one of Lady Marshall s guests and sell it to aid Napoleon Leo knows immediately that Julia is not The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins uite herself and things get even trickier for Katrina when Julia s husband arrivesnexpectedly as does Katrina s vengeful brother in lawThis book has so much potential I really wanted to like it and I did at first However I was reading a galley copy badly in need of one round of editing The occasional typos were distracting ie produce instead of product etc but distracting was the overuse of particular words Note to Ms Soliman if you are going to Twisted (LOST, use a distinctive word like somnolent for example do notse it than once or twice and definitely not within a few pages of each other The se of the word rumbled was even troublesome for me In context it meant to expose as a fraud and yet every single time I read it my brain substituted the word tumbled and I had to back p and re read the section to clarify that Soliman was not talking I had to back Pirate Barbarian up and re read the section to clarify that Soliman was not talking any form of sexual encounter I m sure it was exciting tose what I assume to be a historically accurate slang term but I was yanked out of the story each and every time which is irritating Use it once and clearly and then pull out your thesaurus and get creative from there on out pleaseAs for the story itself the premise was interesting who was stealing jewels and why was Julia so desperate to sneak away without her husband s knowledge The trouble I had with it was 1 The plot holes were huge Really No one is going to notice a society lady has been replaced by her dressmaker Not even her HUSBAND friends or former lover 2 The characters behavior and motivations felt inconsistent It s one thing to have multi dimensional characters it s another to make them lurch from one personality trait to another3 The end was confusing Did I miss something Why were all these minor characters suddenly appearing apparently in on the sting How does it make sense that Julia her father showed A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing up at the last second 4 One of the Big Secrets wasite obvious to me from the very earliest pages of the book and I wasn t sure if I was supposed to have figured it out then or notFor readers advisors historical setting and story would be my best guess at appeal factors for this one But I would suggest Mary Balogh Mary Jo Putney Julia Soap Making Bible uinn or Eloisa James instead Review written for wwwbooks n kissescomHonestly I am not even sure what I liked about this book but I seemed to have wanted to finish it The premise has a lot of potential but I was so confused tonderstand how a woman can take theplace of another woman and no one notice the change not even those closest to her ex lover husband etc Katrina spends so much time worrying she will get found out that it is distracting Julia is just obnoxious and selfish I found it hard to read the pages. E party They look enough alike for the ruse to workuntil Julia's handsome former fiancé arrivesLeo Kincade has been tasked with catching a traitor who steals from house parties to fund Napoleon's armies Three women are suspected including Julia But when Leo intercepts her at the party he fi. A pretty good story about a dress maker tricked into posing as her friend for several days They look enough alike to pass as eachother with acceptiion to 3 minor details Katrina poses as Julia Leo Julia s former fiance figures it out but doesn t tell her Leo is trying to catch a Jewel thief as well Katrinas dead husbands brother is trying to make her his and turn a Jewel thief as well Katrinas dead husbands brother is trying to make her his and turn into a prostitute All 3 stories are interwoven make it a read you may not be able to put down It s a full length novel but a fast read I read it all in one day I enjoyed it although the only flaw I Ever since the death of her brutish husband Katrina has been trying to make something of her talents as a modiste She finally feels like she ll have a real chance at success when her friend Julia offers to become her patroness After all Julia married in to wealth and nobility and if anyone can endear Katrina to society it s herBut her childhood friend is going to make her jump through hoops to get the exposure she promised Katrina must take Julia s place at a house party she promised Katrina must take Julia s place at a house party doesn t want to attend You see Katrina and Julia look a lot alike and in the right circumstances few could tell them apart Katrina doesn t want to give in to Julia s demands but Katrina owes an old debt to Julia s father That coupled with the chance to show off her dresses convinces her to finally acuiesceAt the same time Leo is tasked by the government to find the person behind a string of jewelery heists among the Tewasnya Dewa Iblis Awan Api (Long Hu Men The Next Level 01) upper crust The very house party that Katrina is attending is expected to be the setting for the next theft And for a variety of reasons Julia is on the short list of suspects The fact that the two of them share a romantic history only complicates mattersSo the story basically follows Katrina s attempts to fool Julia s peers at this week long affair as the obstacles in her path grow exponentially Somehow Leo is the only one who sees through her schemes from the get go and he must wrestle with his attraction to her as his suspicions lead him to believe her to be part of the jewel theft schemeIt took a really long time to get to the romance which made me want to skim ahead at times Katrina is a good person but she is so downtrodden it s hard to enjoy She putsp with so much and forgives so easily it bothers me I appreciate her allegiance to Julia s dad but frankly I couldn t fathom why she did not walk out when things started falling apart And later when it s revealed all that has been hidden from her she takes it in so much stride that bothered me tooThere were good moments between Katrina and Leo but frankly there weren t enough of them and it took too long to get there I also thought the ending was a little abrupt and after all she went through I would have liked to see Katrina bask a little in her richly deserved HEA I wouldn t have minded a swift kick in the butt for Julia eitherIt was ok but the execution didn t Red Now and Laters uite livep to the promise of the premise 3 stars ARC provided by NetGalley I enjoyed the stories going on in this book Easy to follow and I thought Katrina was very brave to pose as her friend Julia Leo s a sexy hunk who is smart and can think Chance Encounter uick Some parts were predictable but well written I would love to read about Julia s future and find out how Katrina s relationship fares I LOVED this book It is a brilliant suspenseful shocking romance that takes so many twists and turns your head will spin The story is that Katrina Sinclair a modiste is cajoled by her friend Julia to masuerading as her in anpcoming house party As is that isn t complicated enough Julia s ex fiance shows NodeMCU ESP8266 Communication Methods and Protocols : Programming with Arduino IDE up at the party looking for a potential jewel thiefand Julia is one of the suspects Add an insane brother in law of Katrina s jerk of a dead husband and you have The Perfect ImposterKatrina was a great character to read about She s in a sticky situation alwaysnder the threat that she will be found out but she manages to keep herself together and take every challenge thrown at her She hasn t had an easy life especially since she was married but she s doing her best to get it together as a modiste with Julia s patronage Her strength is admirable and she feels very real in her reactions to her situationLeo was a swoon worthy love interest He s very clever and a total sweetie to Katrina He figures out himself that Julia is actually Katrina and then works to help her. Struggling to escape her past and make ends meet as a modiste Katrina Sinclair hopes the daring new wardrobe she's designed for her childhood friend Julia now a marchioness will attract the business she desperately needs But Julia's help comes at a price Katrina must take her place at a hous.

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