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Ishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews I m in a fence between 2 and 25 starsI s a nice story but there are several things that prevents me from giving higher ratingsview spoiler1 The main thing is the impossibility of John and Sheila setting up a date for Wyatt when they knew that their son Oak was in love with Wyatt They seem protective to Oak so it s very unlikely that they would be setting up Wyatt and Owen since it undoubtly would hurt setting up Wyatt and Owen since it undoubtly would hurt son s feeling What protective parents would do that to their son The story would work better if they set up a blind date for Oak better if they set up a blind date for Oak would make Wyatt realize what he d be missing if he didn t act soon2 Owen is nice but he was but a pawn by Oak s parents I don t like people use a real person like in this case3 Everything seems to be resolved by sex hide spoiler This story started out pretty decently but then it started getting me frustrated I didn t really like Wyatt at all I thought he was a huge tool and didn t treat Oak right He kept calling Oak kid but come on the guy is t treat Oak right He kept calling Oak kid but come on the guy is 29 year old cop Give him a little respect I m sure he s arned some by now Oak was sweet but I have to wonder why it took him over a decade to make his move He s been crushing on Wyatt since he was a teenager I just wonder why he didn t try to get together when he was in his 20s and Wyatt wasn t the Chief of Police yetI think I also had a big issue with Oak s parents setting Wyatt up on a date specially when Oak s dad John tells Wyatt that view spoilerthey only did it to try to nudge the two of them together What parents do that Or at least do that without giving their son a head s up If anything I agree with another reviewer that they should have been trying to set up their son Particularly since Owen was closer to Oak s age I was also annoyed with the make out session between Owen and Wyatt in the kitchen Wyatt admits he purposely flirted with Owen to get Oak to back off What a jerk I didn t like him at all That s how he handles his best friend s son who has a crush on him By making out with someone lse Did I mention he was a douche hide spoiler 25 No handcuffs no lace no leather no was a bit MehI was xpecting I didnt really like the whiny xcuses of why they couldnt be together The Lady in Pink etctcIts an okay read just not as good as the first one. He fact that Peterman is the newly appointed precinct captain So what the fuck Why not go balls to the wall and make a play no one will forg. ,

Chapter One is a hot boring mess It starts off With Name Bombs Being Dropped Like Bird Poo I Couldn name bombs being dropped like bird poo I couldn figure out who was who And the guy whoever s POV we get thinks of people by their first and last name Why not pick a name and stick with it Why think of him as Wyatt and then as Peterson in following sentence Was the point to be as confusing as possible If so good job And what was the point of this chapter It bored the piss out OF ME MAYBE BECAUSE I GOT me Maybe because I got being confused whole time But other than that was it to just show they list after ach Other Cause A Whole Chapter Cause a whole chapter that seems xcessive And why is it when the dadold captain goes to bathroom they just leave him Earlier tey talked about giving him a ride home bit then just ditch him So far this just seems like word vomit I finished and can t think of anything I liked about this book Plot was a bite characters were stupid the sex was bad First he stretched him with three dry fingers before a little spit on cock but then at the nd on moving day he says he s been wearing a plug all day While carrying boxes and furniture up and down stairs Waste of time and money this book Plus it s filled with diting mistakes missing words and unfinished sentences So cute sexy steamy story great seuelAlthough a little bit inconclusive Mind you they got their HEA that I love so much in my MM stories but what happen to their jobs I few Sinner's Heart extra pages would have been perfect for 5 stars Except for a handful of short stories Brass Ballsnded in what I can only describe as truncated I wouldn t say the nding was rushed rather the second half of the story was and before you know it it s The EndI didn t njoy this installment as much as the previous ones in the series Spirit of the Wolf even though it had the sound of a good one From the blurb I thought Oak didn t know Wyatt at the start and his brief drunkenncounter with the latter would be the first time Oak sees him Oak in my mind anyway is newly back in his home town and has just joined the force or something Then the part in the blurb happens he discovers the next day or something that the guy he kissed in the bar last night is not only his dad s partner but his new captain in the forceBut no it s nothing like that Oak and Wyatt have known ach other since the former was a young teen Oak s crush on Daddy. Handcuffs and Lace SeriesKissing a fellow police officer might not have been the smartest drunken move Oak Takala has made in recent years S partner has volved into adult lust and undying love After pushing and shoving Oak away Wyatt suddenly makes a 180 degree round about face and just about devours Oak Then suddenly Daddy is demanding an xplanation from Wyatt as to what he did to Daddy s little boy Then the HEA Too sudden too choppy Not very good reading But I finished it so 3 stars instead of 2Number of pages on my Sony PRS900 68 25 stars Pretty good short mm romance about a cop who s had a crush on his dad s best friend now the captain of police for years but didn t think the guy
gay Wish the nding hadn felt so rushed 45I loved this story My favorite for the four I have read so far As with all the Handcuff and Lace stories you pretty much know that there will be tough men resisting lovers well initially and very hot sex Brass Balls is certainly no xception Oak and Wyatt face not just one obstacle but three there is a considerable age gap Oak is Wyatt s best friend and former police partner s son and Wyatt has just become Oak s superior Add to that the inevitable pride sense of honor and plain stubbornness these guys bring to the party and you have an xplosive mix and some nicely building tension that kept me interested until the last pageOak is desperate He has had a crush for Wyatt since he was 16 and Now That He Is that he is man of almost thirty he knows I could be so much Not that Wyatt so much as gives an inch No matter what Oak does when he finally gets up his courage Wyatt rebuffs him again and again The only thing that keeps Oak going is hope and a lot of pieces of vidence in Wyatt s behavior that tell him he isn t totally wrong about Wyatt returning his interestWyatt is an idiot Okay so he wants to do the right thing and yes falling in love with your best friend s son isn t ideal but those things can be managed Wyatt doesn t have a clue doesn t want to admit what he is feeling is than attraction and it basically takes Oak hitting him over the head figuratively speaking for him to wake up By then it is too late and Oak has pretty much given upIf you re ready for a read featuring almost irresistible attraction denial than is healthy and a whip lash of back and forth reactions between two men who should both know better this book will not disappoint youNOTE This book was provided by Resplendence Publ. Kay and it might have complicated the issue that the officer in uestion is his father’s former partner Wyatt Peterman Aaaaaand there’s Brass Balls Balls to the Wall #4