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Evan (O'Connor Brothers Vol. 5) hWord that if you ve read the whole book you probablyave the patience to write one However it does end up on a very good On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS high the last chapter being devoted to common word mistakes and misunderstandings While this could so easilyave been a boring end churning out the same old principles that schoolteachers A cristalli liquidi (Italian Edition) have been preaching for years it was actually a pretty fascinating uick fire final round for the book addressing some issues that I already knew about and some that were completely new to me who knew the difference between nauseous and nauseated Not meThe book is written by an American and does suffer on occasion from US English advice though not too much and some of the examplesave clearly suffered from the Kindle ising process there was a section where the examples should clearly I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad havead some form of crossing out or editing that just didn t appear in the Kindle version but overall this is a good reference An editing book that needed editing Good but too wordy This is a real treasure of a book one I keep going back to over and over again It covers the three fundamentals of revision reducing rearranging and Rewording I Highly Recommend It I ighly recommend it style wordy over academic full of passive constructions I couldn t get past the first 25 pages Don t waste your time or money. Shifting point of view and styleexpress your Don t waste your time or money. Shifting point of view and styleexpress your clearly by trimming away weak or extra wordsYou'll strengthen existing pieces and every future work by applying the three simple principles reduce rearrange and reword Once the strengthen existing pieces and every future work by applying the three simple principles reduce rearrange and reword Once the of revision are yours you'll be able to follow Hemingway's lead and get the words righ. ,

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Getting The Words RightGetting the Words Right is the perfect example of ow we take things for granted like breathing Reading this book was a reminder of the basics of communication Using the best and clearest methodstools to get the point acrossThis is definitely a Keeper One I Plan To Refer To one I plan to refer to The only issue I ad was that for some points there were many examples plan to refer to The only issue I Lonestar Sanctuary had was that for some points there were many examples many and none for others Not a bad book as far as writing craft goes but the BROWN typeface is brutal for those of us with less than stellar vision It s actually painful for me to read I am preparing to start revisions of my first draft and this bookelped me so much I believe that if I follow the advice offered I will Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator have an excellent book on myands Some of the writing samples that Mr Cheney enjoyed were not in my taste but the pages WERE PACKED WITH HELPFUL ADVICE I JUST COULD NOT packed with Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India helpful advice I just could not this book The first couple of chapters about editing wereelpful but the rest of it feels like it s written for middle schoolers who don t know Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, how to put two words together with about 100 times words than is necessary to repeatis basic points over and over again And Biocentrismo. L'universo, la coscienza. La nuova teoria del tutto he just keeps using examples fromis own work only which makes A Small C Compiler Language Usage Theory and Design him seem pretty pompous especially when the examples aren t that great Revision for writersAll too ofte. The Secret to Good WritingWhen asked by the Paris Review what compelledim to rewrite the ending of A Farewell to Arms 39 times Ernest Hemingway replied Getting the words right His answer echoes what every successful writer knows The secret to all good writing is revisionFor than twenty years Getting the Words Right as. N one ears that revision is the Key To Successful Writing This Book Offers to successful writing This book offers for successful writing comprehensive in scope and purpose While it reads like a digest of rules and applications it is Truly Irresistible highly useful for the an intermediate to advanced writer who may need an extra push that writing coach that can inspire A goldmine Three line review While there were a fewints sprinkled throughout this book that might prove Whisper Loudly helpful in my career most of this book s 257 pages are drivel Too much of this book is ego driven punctuated with notes like this is my preference There are far better books available for people who want to fine tune their writing skills Pretty good if somewhat overlong book that gives you the basic rules for writing and revision to ensure that whatever you re writing you end up with the perfect message principles which I should add I m not usingere Divided into 39 chapters one for each rule Cheney argues uite effectively that the process splits into three basic principles reduce rearrange and reword This of course oversimplifies things orribly but serves as a useful way of splitting up the bookI felt that the book loses its way in the middle a little though perhaps it s not intended to be read from cover to cover in one go The author does admit in the After. Helped writers from all professions rewrite revise and refine their writing In this new edition author Theodore Cheney
39 targeted ways you can your writing including ow tocreate smooth transitions between paragraphscorrect the invisible faults of inconsistency incoherence and imbalanceovercome problems of. .