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Matti is a regular teen in 60s Pajala up in the extreme north of Sweden where they think of themselves as Finns and speak Finnish by preference These the extreme north of Sweden where they think of themselves as Finns and speak Finnish by preference These uys who know how to hold their liuor laugh at temperatures that o down to are uys who know how to hold their liuor laugh at temperatures that Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question go down to below zero handle aun an axe or a snowmobile build a house butcher a reindeer and treat women the way they really want to be treated Though it s true Matti has also discovered rock n roll Maybe that makes him knapsu ay but he doesn t care A real Finn can take care he doesn t care A real Finn can take care himself if anyone s dumb enough to call him knapsuHe also turns out to be a natural writer his voice is sort of like Huck Finn crossed with a Viking saga Out of consideration to the uys further south he s been kind enough to write his book in Swedish which at least is a half respectable language I understand that there s an English translation too though I m not sure I can recommend it Here s what Matti thinks of English Engelska detta spr k med alldeles f r svagt tuggmotst nd f r h rda finska k ftar s sladdrigt att bara flickor kunde f femmor i det denna snigelaktiga rotv lska dallrande och Just pure brilliance I distinctly remember starting this book I was on a plane home from Japan finally from our sudden month in the UK They had just turned the lights out after meals and drinks so that people could sleep It was about 12am at night Japanese time so 1am Aussie time I was already feeling self conscious as my light was on but Lexx and my brother were on either side of me Lexx had taken a sleeping tablet and my brother still hadn t ot the hang of sleeping on planes And I was desperately trying not to piss myself laughing at this bookThis book isn t really a book of short stories but it kind of is It s probably better described as a collection of vignettes of the author s childhood How many of them are true God knows He probably doesn t know entirely himself This is what is the most ripping part of this book It tells stories of his childhood Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson growing up on the far northern border of Sweden and Finland above the Arctic Circle where they speak their own language which isn t uiet Swedish but not uite Finnish and considered a bastard kind of area by both Finland and Sweden With all this in the background he tells you these stories as absolute truths that just sort ofet carried away on a child s imagination until they are fantastical in nature and far too big to be true But you can imagine little Mikael swearing black and blue that s exactly what happenedThis element diminishes slightly as he Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture gets older and the fantastic almost magical realism of the book settles back into a measured reality But was it is replaced by is a humour and a heartbreaking assessment of the reality of the town that only teenagers can reallyiveT. Growing up in a small town in the northernmost corner of Sweden can be hard for a boy and. ,

Populärmusik från VittulaIf you already know you re Edge of Venomverse going to read this book stop nowseriously why ruin itok hereoesthe scene where Niila s abusive father Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) gets his ass kicked then while convalescing finds heaven while walking the landscape in the cracks of the ceiling was one of the mostbelievable portrayals of a religious experience that I have read in a long time Ever So beautiful And the rest of the chapter is amazing as well It s almost biblical in it s archetypal weight To me this chapter is the beating heart of the book Not funny like the rest but the lynchpin the keystone of a magnificent humble novel On the link of literature to madness Excerpt from a lecture delivered in the sauna by Dad he explicates the facts of life for 14 year old Mattie so his son will know how to be a manThen Dad startedoing through a list of all the family idiots I d already met some of them one was in the psychia Popular Music from Vittula is an ingenious blend of memoir folklore magical realism and talented story telling Who knew rowing up in the Arctic Circle would be so enchanting I thought it would be too frigid to do anything but shiver But Niemi forms a beautiful landscape where men half a step away from Vikings raise kids who listen to The Beatles The modern age uite literally steam rolls into an edge of the world village where citizens are treading the waters between the religions and myths of their ancestors and the consumerism of the modern age Modern marvels meets old world is not however what makes this book so captivating Instead it s the subtleties of being young that Niemi portrays so perfectly The nuances of rade school hierarchies the machismo of the adolescent male the intricate blends of fantasy and reality that compound to of fantasy and reality that compound to the world that all little kids live in Niemi calls them up perfectly without an air of adult pandering He doesn t look back and think we were so silly then if anything he pays homage to the often vicious forces at work in the world of children and how tricky it is to move from the stage of innocence into the thrilling taboo busting realm of adolescence The narrator in this self deprecating Swedish coming of age story does a Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine great job at capturing a child s view of things Author Mikael Niemi keeps the readeruessing at time as to the reliability of the narrator as he winds his way through the story of the friendship of two boys their families and eventually their band The story reminded me of A Christmas Story with its wry depiction of working class families in a snowy climate The chapter in which two families engage in a drinking contest followed by a sauna contest is one of the all time reat depictions of stubbornness and stoicism The story bogged down for me when the boys reach puberty Call me a stereoty. E of weddings sauna contests the thrill of a first kiss and of finally hearing the Beatles. .

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Hat s the thing that sucks you in really It s the brutal Honesty Of This Book of this book it s him telling you a story at 5 or 15 or 25 You believe his complete sincerity In a world that undervalues honestly so much this is a very rare iftFor reviews visit Best Finnish book everWell OK I haven t read any othersBut this is what I imagine my childhood may have been like if my father had never left FinlandSome of the most endearin rowing up as a huckleberry FinnGrowing up anyplace isn t smooth it isn t describable exactly If you search your memories later trying to ASK WHY YOU DID SOMETHING YOU CAN T FOR why you did something you can t for lif 25I started this novel because it was recommended on a Russian book podcast that I really enjoy promising a funny coming of age story set in the middle of nowhere in Sweden translated beautifully into Russian I will lie if I say any of this is untrue It is indeed a coming of age story set in the middle of nowhere in Sweden It is indeed funny It is indeed translated astonishingly well into Russian using simultaneously poetic and crude language there were uite some words that I don t think I ve ever seen written even somewhere on neglected buildings and I ve seen uite a lot of various words written in such places I assume this was how the original text was constructed as well but I applaud the translator in any case it doesn t at all read as translated fiction only the foreign sounding names are iving away its national originThe novel is presented as a collection of vignettes exploring coming of age of a boy and his friends in a place that is both part of the modern world and set apart from it where drinking is the hobby of most of its male and often female inhabitants where ender roles ARE STUCK IN MIDDLE AGES BUT stuck in middle ages but women are nonetheless strong and powerful in their own way the way they have always been in villages at least in this part of the world There is a feeling that the action could have easily been transported to the middle of nowhere in Russia barely losing a reference Then there is this sense of the clash of cultures not just modernity and tradition but also actual cultures the setting is a Finnish enclave in Sweden which probably has in common with the Soviet Union than the rest of Sweden Life is rough and hopeless but like everywhere it oes on regardlessI had a hard time reading this novel despite its many merits or maybe precisely because of them Even though I myself have been mostly living in a bubble of educated intelligent liberally minded and internationall This one has it all Humanity humour up the wazoo insight high emotional stakes Island Girls (and Boys) great use of language it must be amazing in the Swedish but oh wellmagic and morals Anyone whorew up in an isolated place will relate to this Spoiler alert. Matti's adolescence is no exception Wrap up warm and join the community of Pajala in a tal.