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Glect and lack of resources Twin Shaw "was expecting to devote his life to the church but when his brother fails to return home "expecting to devote his life to the church but when his brother fails to return home birds his father s sword and sets off for Lamont landThe story develops from this point on and while I won t go into further plot detail I will say that I felt the characters were well developed and the romance s were not rushed I appreciated that the author did not resort to using descriptions of sexual encounters to further the story There was a brief description of a sexual encounter near the end of thestory but it was not graphic in natureI was able to figure out who was behind the attacks fairly early on so would deduct half a star for that but overall this was one of the best romances I have read in a while45 stars He gets over his internal torment about being a monk and duty etc pretty uickly when he sees the heroine So that s maybe a bit shallow than it should be But a really fun read good action and intrigue and of course romance and sexy characters The hero is supposedly about to become a monk et when he meets the heroine he constantly kisses her to shut her up I hate that clich. Re were few men she could trust Yet there was something in the eyes of Shaw Campbell that spoke of a man of peace A man who something in the eyes of Shaw Campbell that spoke of a man of peace A man who all too easily capture her troubled hea.

Shattered Heart
H dry and the plot didnt follow through as well as the author may have wanted Not horrible though I didn t like Sutton I didn t like Clive view spoilerI knew knew it was him hide spoiler Another Highland love story This book made me want to read the rest of the series Having read several romance novels recently that were way erotica than plot this book was like a breath of fresh air Set in Scotland in the time of Robert the Bruce twin brothers Sutton and Shaw are born in the middle of a battle and although seen initially as being an evil omenthe enemy are scared off by their birth and their father is named the new leader of the clan Move ahead to when the twins are adults and left in charge at home "WHILE THEIR OLDER BROTHER THE LAIRD IS OFF TO "their older brother the Laird is off to Someone is attacking local people stealing horses and sheep They suspect that Upton Lamont their father s one time friend turned enemy might be behind the attacks but when Sutton sets off to confront him he is attacked and wounded to the point where he is not expected to live He is saved by Lamont s two daughters who bring him back to a home that is suffering from ne. Merritt Lamont a female firebrand who would defend her family's honor to the deathand readily take Shaw with herIn these vengeful times of clan warfare Merritt knew the. Strong likeable charactersWhen Shaw s identical twin brother goes missing Shaw who is viewed as the scholar in the family determines to rescue him Storming the Lamont fortress is easier than he anticipated and when he discovers that his brother Sutton isn t a prisoner but is being cared for by Merritt and Sabrina after they found him injured he determines to help the two ladies save their family and the fiery Merritt uickly wins his heart Great seriesI thoroughly enjoyed this series All of the books were interesting and the plots had many surprises One of the books had A LISTING OF HIGHLANDER BOOKS WHEN listing of Highlander books when THEY BE AVAILABLE AS ELECTRONIC "they be available as electronic Exciting adventurous action packed and pretty hot for a romance novel I d definitely recommend this book It s about adult male twins who find themselves in enemy territory being tended to by the daughters of their family s sworn foe Great plot heart warming family scenarios and of course gut clenching romantic anticipation Sometimes a light hearted romance is just the thing for a summer afternoonTwo twin brothers and two sisters in a rollicking romance Typical romance thoug. The Campbells and Lamonts were enemies swornFor the sake of his twin Shaw Campbell would storm the gates of Hell Yet his brother was not in the hands of the devil but of. .

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