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Last of a handful of Chicano novels that I had acuired at some point in the past It s a novel written that I had acuired at some point in the past It s a novel written a Chicano writer FOR ChicanosMexican migrants in the 1920 s and 1930 s It warns against coming to the United States vividly painting the TRUE experiences a migrant would have coming to the US Hard labor little pay dishonest people both American and Mexican and temptations abound for those planning to head to the US and this novel attempts to prevent people from doing that in a humorous fashionObviously there is a Don uixote influence to the novel it features a series of adventures with the titular sorry just wanted to use that word Don Chipote along with his faithful dog Skinenbones and friend Policarpo each ends in mishap of some sort One can tell the type of audience it is for based on the type of humor there are fart jokes throughout the novel that would probably make the blue collar worker laugh harder than it might the literary set that the novelist may have come fromThe translation of the novel is interesting as well it has only been published in its original Spanish and I believe this as well it has only been published in its original Spanish and I believe this a first time translator There are is much phrasing and use of language that seem consistent with the time periodor maybe a little later I m reminded of the old Looney Tunes cartoon where the animation matches exactly what the narrator is saying cats and dogs coming down from the sky when it s raining cats and dogs The way the Chicano characters speak may also seem to be a choice by the translator it s akin to what any poorly educated person of any ethnicity might sound likeAgain I was surprised how interesting this book was reading the introduction one realizes how important this one single book could be to our understanding of Chicano culture during the 1920 s and 1930 s and what it really meant and MEANS to be a migrant worker coming to a foreign country in search of a better life but only finding those who live off one s hard work and naivety. Where he is assured one can sweep up gold dust from the streets and suck the nectar from the tree of life The author's earthy satire is faithfully rendered by translator Ethriam Cash Brammer; edited and introduced by NicolAA s Kanellos. Me encant me hizo re r mucho I don t necessarily mind a book that tells about its characters bowel movements than their souls and motivations And I It seems to me judging by the ratings and comments that this book is NOT an easy one to appreciate for those strongly identifying themselves with today s American culture and it s point of perspective The book might be recommended for Chicano Study courses but there isn t a lot in there that owes itself to what you can consider today the Mexican American diaspora at allThe adventures of Don Chipotle is 100% Mexican If

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really want to tune into Daniel Venegas intention and perspective you have to understand that If you haven t read Mexican literature or really understand the Mexican way of criticizing with irony but dignity you ll miss this book BIG timeThis is not a book to entertain nor to make fun of any particular group or social class This Book Is A Cry Of Indignation At The Situation Venegas is a cry of indignation at the situation Venegas both in Mexico at the time and in the US pertaining to the Mexican immigrant under the generic circumstances he describesThe book is NOT vulgar If you think so you got it wrong This book is honest coarsely honest But life is coarse especially with those who live through circumstances such as the ones the characters go throughAnd further the author does not direct the book towards an ignorant or unintelligent readership If we mean ignorant for lack of education well whoever was the person reading it then could not be illiterate Second the style of narrative he uses seemingly from an informal and unsophisticated narrator only camouflages his poignant and humane not political criticism In Mexican literature it s Pito Perez in Mexican films it s Cantinflas But In the US a happy happy place regardless of situation or circumstances Venegas manner of expressing his frustration and criticism is certainly NOT welcomed by today s everything is great standards What is truly unfair is to judge Fiction LatinoLatina Studies Daniel Venegas's novel first published in Los Angeles in 1928 and long lost to the public portrays with wit tempered by empathy the harsher aspects of America during the fabled Jazz Age With bawdy humor and. ,

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Nd comment on a book that puts the reader in the place of a struggling immigrant community in a harsher and abusive times that we live in and downgrading it on the basis of one s 2011 Ipod Mac Net American comfort just because it insults one s sensibilities Perhaps the basis of one s 2011 Ipod Mac Net American comfort just because it insults one s sensibilities Perhaps s that his criticism comes in too raw and direct for some to stomachI m sure Venegas El Malcriado reaaaaally enjoys this The most interesting aspect of reading this book was to see how little things have changed in 80 years for illegal migration from Mexico to the US How long will it take to begin to improve things Admito ue me gust esta novela por razones m s bien extraliterarias pues rumbo al final se vuelve repetitivo el discurso digestivo tambi n el final olvida por completo a uno de los personajes principales Sin embargo creo ue su valor est en ser de las primeras obras en retratar el conflicto de la migraci n sin eufemismos adem s de describir a Ciudad Ju rez como la ciudad maldita entre otros divertimentos menores La presente rese a se present en una de mis clases de maestr aLas aventuras de Don Chipote es una novela ue narra la historia de Don Chipote y su familia en busca de una vida mejor despu s de creerse las mentiras del compadre Pitacio uien acababa de regresar de Estados Unidos ue se las daba de gran conocedor y ue supuestamente hab a amasado dinero y cultura por aprender ingl s A lo largo de la trama ue describe todas las dificultades ue el hombre tuvo ue pasar junto con su perro Sufrelambre y el amigo ue hace en las aventuras Policarpo muestra c mo hay una a oranza hacia la familia mas no de la vida en M xico "en c mo fue un poco la this "c mo fue un poco la This was for my Chicano Lit class and it was a very interesting read to learn about the struggles that Mexican migrant workers faced coming to the US It parodies Cervantes Don uixote and carries a light fun tone throughout the story but there are obvious undertones of frustration and anger throughout the book This was the. Razor sharp insight THE ADVENTURES OF DON CHIPOTE relates the hapless journey of the poor rural farmer Don Chipote de JesAAs MarAAa DomAAnguez who naively leaves behind his wife and children in Mexico to seek riches in the United States. The Adventures of Don Chipote or When Parrots Breast Feed Recovering the Us Hispanic Literary Heritage