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la grande le on a tirer est e l Europe ne devrait jamais prendre parti morale sur des disputes du Proche et Moyen Orient car l histoire du lieu est tellement longue et compliu e aucun jugement ou prise de position ne serait juste ou objective et No Gentleman for Georgina (The Notorious Flynns, u en tudiant les faits historiues il faut bien s assurer il s agit des fait et non pas d int rpr tation interess e Falsifica es da Hist ria I actually Didn T Finish This t finish this It good but I find myself short on time lately and trying to clean out a bookshelf so if I don t love it I don t keep reading I really love the premise of the book and found it interesting but since I am not familiar with the individual histories I found it difficult to follow I think I would have gotten out of it if I was better versed in the people and events that the author was comparing What are schoolchildren from different countries taught in history classes In apartheid South Africa they are taught that Bushmen are primitive In Senegal they are tau. Ave existed around the world from the Zulu kingdoms to Communist ChinaThis title has now been extensively revised by Marc Ferro a well respected historian and presents the different narratives that constitute the histories of countries as diverse as India Iran Trinidad. Livre crit par Thin Blue Smoke un expert sur les pr judices et les d formations d enseignement scolaire de l histoire lauelle comme nous le savons tous a toujours tn outil de propagande de pr dil ction de tous les r gimes et le reste aujourd hui pour notre r gime actuel L ouvrage est rempli des faits nouveaux et anciens plus ou moins connus mais plut t moins car concentr sur l histoire des parties du monde l histoire mod rne desuels on tudie peu et appr cie encore moins Les grandes lignes de pens e sur lesuelles peut tre synthetis ce petit pr cis de l histoire sont importance des faits secondaires dans l historiographie id e tel l histoire historiographie id ologis e tel l histoire d cheance d Arm nie caus e par les guerres intestines entre n Basileus Romain Arm nien et les lites locales l absence d arabisation dans l histoire turue les minutieuses et nombreuses correction des d tails obscurs de l histroire du parti communiste en URSS et la formation de la nouvelle pens e lib rale de Salad Bowl aux US sous la pr sssion justement des partisans des faits secondair. Use and Abuse of History has a key text of current historiography; this is a book that poses fundamental and disturbing estions about se and abuse of history Engaging and challenging this book confronts the reader with the many 'histories' that exist and Ght about the glories of the Empire of Ghana compared to the poverty of medieval Europe also the Atlantic slave trade is described at length but the slave trade with Islamic countries is not mentioned for fear of offending Muslims In Soviet history textbooks Trotsky is mentioned in the context of his disagreements with Lenin Muslims In Soviet history textbooks Trotsky is mentioned in the context of his disagreements with Lenin minor but the fact that he headed the Red Army when it won the Russian Civil War is omitted In textbooks from the People s the Red Army when it won the Russian Civil War is omitted In textbooks from the People s of Poland no mention is made of the fact that Poland and Russia went to war many times over the past 400 years or of the anti Russian character of 19th century Polish prisings Interesting comparison of the varying versions of history as taught in different countries Surprising examples of how history taught in schools is The Vanished (Roswell High, used to teach children the prevailing political views and political agenda of governments and cultures and how the choice of what historical events to include or to leave out are based on political motives A great stimulus for critical thinkin. And the United States makes for fascinating reading in their own right What makes this book so valuable though is what these narratives tells about the societies which create them how much Is History Distorted In history distorted in to condition the minds of those who are taught. .