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Ause society often hears about the adoptive child s uest to find their birth parents but rarely does the adoptive parents get to share their feelings I liked how the both keep interjecting the other sex For example it Travis says he Fin interjects with a she pronoun Bridget and Mac make a cameo in this book I like the updates I was hoping that Bridget was pregnant too What I Did Not Like What Did Not WorkI did not like the whole I ust wanted a family my whole life but I settled for being a powerful publisher It was not believable I m not a fan of Travis cowboyhome spun language With the internet and satellite television we are all sounding and alike I don t think Travis would speak like this Too over the top for me uestionsWhy did Patrick start the competition Maeve tries to get him to say why at JESSIE S WEDDING BUT HE DOESN T I MADE s wedding but he doesn t I made assumption that Fin has only had sex twice I think she does but not really sure This book really needed to be longer It was one of the shortest books in the series I did however LOVE the fact that Fin finally got a whole HEA. In the concrete canyons of Manhattan not the foothills of the Rockies Still Travis was determined to be a father to his not the foothills of the Rockies Still Travis was determined to be a father to his And he always got What He Want. he want. ,
Development in Adolescence Секреты и сокровища
Ould ve only rated it 25 STARS IT WAS THE TYPICAL FARE was The Typical Silhouette I typical Silhouette I the symmetry sex twice and gets knocked up both times This book finally explains the anger Fin has toward Patrick and the loneliness she has in the earlier books I thought Travis was a cool dude He eats food he does not like and drinks coffee that sucks A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas just to be with Fin I noticed in chapter 2 he leans against the doorab like Tag did in Taking Care of Business book 2 in this series I liked how her being pregnant is discussed early in the book Fin thinks she is chapter one and it is confirmed in chapter 3 I liked the view into Fin and Shane s relationship He shows up at her apartment when she takes the day off because he is worried Even while they are competing against each other he still cares for her I like that fact that Travis was in love with his wife but has healed from that loss and is ready for love again I think this is realistic The driving lesson was too funny I liked that Travis shared his reaction to Jessie wanting to find her birth mother I thought that was great bec. But Fin would need the next nine months to figure out what to do about the faraway fatherTravis had never forgotten that nightor FinolaHe knew her life was. Loved this book I loved Travis and Finola They were absolutely perfect for one another Ojala Finola se hubiese enfrentado antes a su padre pero dudo ue lo hubiera logrado de no haber conocido a Travis Me hubiera gustado ue muchas cosas fueran diferentes hubiera logrado de no haber conocido a Travis Me hubiera gustado ue muchas cosas fueran diferentes se mas de Fin y Jessie del bebeEs raro lo de ella y Travis pero tan hermoso y naturalAl final ella no buscaba dirigir a todos sino formar una familia Man i istorija niekuo nei siskyr nuo imt kit Greita aistra paskui daug dram ir galiausiai viskas baigiasi kaip ir tur t Nei veik ai nei romantin serotin s scenos neu kabino i autor yra para iusi iek tiek geresni knyg i asmeni kai pavadin iau pras iausiu iki iol skaitytu os k riniu note to self avoid this book This was different for the series but I enjoyed it This family has come full circle They love each other deeply They are competitive caring there for each other Of all the Elliott s Fin was the most driven and the most hurt by Patrick I was so happy she found happiness with Travis And Her Children What I her children What I WorkedWhile this book was fine I After one night with rich sexy rancher Travis Clayton fashion magazine executive Finola Elliott discovered she was pregnant The baby was a welcome surprise. ,