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President D Este is a biographer a military historian and a retired Lt in the US Army He is best known for his Colonel in US Army He is best known for his acclaimed biography Patton A Genius for War Excellent in many respects D Este s biography of Eisenhower is regrettably not comprehensive Its scope extends from Ike s birth only through mid 1945 the end of WWII in Europe and therefore misses not only his two term presidency but also his service as Army Chief of Staff and NATO Supreme CommanderThe fifty five years of Eisenhower s life which D Este does cover are handled with considerable skill from both a literary and analytical perspective And his treatment of these years is extremely thorough with 705 pages of text and than 100 pages of end notesThe first half of the biography p through his move to Europe in 1942 is Great to get to know a romanticized hero his dark periods insecurities development career path character and childhood With awesome hindsight the author often discusses single events from different perspectives based on how the key players noted it in their own diary it were different times but it were epic times D Este delivered a very good account of Eisenhower s life and career تاريخ جهنم up to the end VE Day It does not go past 1945 and into his years as president That doesn t in any way diminish his effort He gives sufficient coverage of his childhood time at West Point and his marriage to Mamie World War II of course constitutes the bulk of the book My only criticism is that a major theme of the book is that too much is made of the dislike between the American and British generals It seems that the focus at times is to playp the arguments disagreements and jealousies between them This tone Apple Pie Homicide - A Cozy Mystery usually spills over to disdain for Eisenhower and it comes from all directions In fact sometimes the reader is left with feeling that nobody really thought Ike was a capable commander at all All this maybe true but the other side of the coin which isn t conveyed at all by the author is that there was a tremendous amount of collaborative effort between the two allies that emanated from great mutual respect between Roosevelt and Churchill The reader is left with wondering how anything ever got accomplished because nobody agreed on anything A good thorough and impartial biography of Eisenhower The book focuses on his career as a soldier and military leader and thus ends immediately following the signing of the armistice in Europe I m tempted to say that as a biography this book isn t as good as D Este s definitive work on Patton But I m not sure it would be a fair comparison Patton was such a mercurial figure both grandly heroic and tragic It seems easier to reach conclusions about himBy contrast the centralestion about Eisenhower is subtle Was Eisenhower a man with no combat experience and very little troop experience good enough military tactician and leader to deserve his place as supreme allied commander Or was he a very talented staffer whose primary skill was the military political oversight of the allied war effort which might have been exactly what the Allies neededD este suggests that the record shows that Eisenhower was as he described himself the chairman of the war effort who perhaps had a higher opinion of his strategic leadership than he should have But D Este never begins to answer the 2am Thoughts uestion of whether Eisenhower s military short comings prolonged the war in Europe and resulting in the needless deaths of soldiers on all sides Granted that this is a huge andltimately The Winds of Winter unanswerableestion but the answer seems central to evaluating Eisenhower s WWII leadershipOne of the interesting aspects of this book is that we see traits here that later play out in Eisenhower s political career Notably Eisenhower s Comece por você unwillingness to personally challenge and relieve Lloyd Frendenall after the disaster at Kasserine Pass his relief of Terry Allen the effective butnpolished commander of the big red one and his discomfort working with generals who were not part of his personal cliue Together these points suggest a man who was not as secure in his command authority as he should have been or as he might have been if he d had time in lesser command positions When one looks at Eisenhower the politician one clearly sees these traits come out again in Eisenhower s multiple failures to confront Senator Joe McCarthy and in the selection and handling of his vice president Richard Nixon Though in places it seemed rushed and the book definitely needed a better editor once again D Este shows his skills as a biographer and his knowledge and nderstanding of the western front during WWII Overall this is a worthwhile read Carlo DEste is a wonderful World War II Biographer and this book is just another fine example of that I would encourage anyone with an interest in Dwight Eisenhower to read this Carlo D Este s Eisenhower is nothing less than a tour de force It reminded me of reading the first volume of Edmond Morris s masterful TR trilogy The only downside is that D Este s ends rather abruptly with Ike
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Nazi Germany s surrender May 1945 and he has not written a seuel so you will have to look elsewhere to learn about Ike s presidency and the fate of the. Nhower chronicles the nlikely dramatic rise of the supreme Allied commander Beginning with the lasting effect of Eisenhower's impoverished youth bestselling biographer Carlo D'Este follows his subject through West Point and a sometimes troubled marriage; toil nder MacArthur in the Philippines during the 1930s; the inner sanctums of the War Department; the general's painful North African apprenticeship; and finally the dramatic events leading to the Allied victory in May 1945 Ex. ,
Well Done This is the most comprehensive and even handed history of one of the greatest periods of the 20th Century A human icing description of the man and his immediate staff D Este does a fantastic job not only capturing Eisenhower the man but also in presenting and analyzing the Western Allies struggle against the Axis and each other in World War II I admit to only reading the 350 odd pages after the Torch landings in Africa but they left we wanting to read by D Este and that s high praise indeed Eisenhower A soldier s Life was my first introduction to Carlo D Este and he didn t disappoint although I would say that he is likely not my favorite author that still is no discredit to his ability His writing flowed well and felt like a story and he really brought Ike s life alive The book itself covers between Ike s birth and youth all the way to the end of World War 2 which to me is a rather strange layout and it does not appear that he will be making a book about Eisenhowers later years in a seuel so it was kind of awkward in that sense It also strikes me as odd that there isn t written on him although I suppose there isn t nearly as much to write given Ike s military career was relatively boring so to speak and calm as he D Este writes an exhaustive biography of Eisenhower p to the end of the European theater of WWII in May 1945 Clearly he spent many years working on this massive tome Exuisite detail is evident throughout the book starting with the background of Eisenhower s father David continuing through Eisenhower s youth and his often contentious relationships with his several brothers on through his years at West Point then his glacially slow rise in the Army that culminates with him becoming General of the Army and Allied Supreme Commander The Notes section itself almost serves as supplementary readingD Este is especially good at debunking the myriad myths that have sprung Dont Read Poetry up around Eisenhower from alleged fights in high school all the way to his supposed affair with Kay Summersby On the latter D Este provides a fairly solid case to substantiate his assertion that while we can never with 100% accuracy know the truth it would be really hard to believe that an affair had indeed occurred That Eisenhower was guilty of poor judgment in the matter is beyondestion I enjoyed D Este s chronicle of Eisenhower s professional frustrations over the course of his first 25 years in the Army not seeing combat in WWI being reprimanded for his views on the importance of tank training being chosen at certain locations because he was a good football coach his boiling anger at being branded a staff officer who has no combat experience when he just wanted to command troops his toiling Everyday Life in Early Soviet Russia under Douglas MacArthur s massive ego and finally when he achieves theltimate recognition by General George Marshall and FDR his Constant Attempts To Keep The attempts to keep the together D Este s depictions of Eisenhower s relationships with all of the relevant players in WWII combine to provide an excellent character study of Eisenhower Despite the many mistakes that he made and there were a plethora of them somehow he managed to hold everything together and come out victorious I seriously estion how many people could realistically have accomplished what he did and did it so admirably D Este while certainly admiring of Eisenhower #s deft handling of many gigantic egos Churchill Patton MacArthur Bradley Montgomery #deft handling of many *gigantic egos Churchill Patton MacArthur Bradley Montgomery Gaulle FDR provides a *egos Churchill Patton MacArthur Bradley Montgomery Gaulle FDR provides a portrait of Eisenhower in relation to his family He always put his family a distinct second place to his career While not necessarily treating his wife Mamie poorly he was not husband of the year either His relationship with his son John was strained and difficult with Eisenhower either nwilling or incapable of expressing his true feelings to his son Eisenhower had this same problem on a professional basis with Patton Visual Group Theory (MAA Classroom Resource Materials) unable to compliment and acknowledge accomplishments Eisenhower refused to fly back to Kansas to attend his father s funeral this prior to Eisenhower being named a commander in Europe He could have went back he chose not to for reasons only he knew Originally I was going to rate this book three stars because of the following I am interested in Eisenhower s presidential years than his military years and this biography contains none of that time period I read it to gain a better insight into him as a person the book abruptly ends with the surrender of Germany D Este does not discuss the difficulties Eisenhower faced in troop reduction in Europe not does he discuss his later time as Chief of Staff and then commander of NATO along with theick ending we get no sense of how Eisenhower really felt at the end and what his feelings were on finally being able to return to the US and I would have liked to have seen D Este discuss briefly Eisenhower s post war relationships with the people that he worked so closely with throughout the war Despite those things D Este deserves better than three stars simply because he invested so much into this book and he made it eminently readable Eisenhower A Soldier s Life by Carlo D Este was published in 2002 and remains one of the most freuently read books on the thirty fourth. From the bestselling author of Patton A Genius for War comes a compelling new account of the transformation of General Dwight D Eisenhower from apprehensive soldier to one of our greatest heros In the weeks leading p to D Day Dwight D Eisenhower seethed with nervous energy He had not expected his military career to bring him to this moment The son of pacifists Ike graduated from high school likely to teach history than to make it Casting new light on this profound evolution Eise.
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Fascinating people around him However reading this only child brings many rewards including a niue perspective on Ike s life deep insights into World War II scrupulous objectivity and fascinating details missing from shorter biographiesI opted for the long version of Ike s life for several reasons I don t remember ever discussing politics with my maternal grandparents so imagine my surprise when I opened a box of pins I inherited and the only ones of a political nature declared I like Ike I was also interested in Ike s family background because it is similar to my own Like Ike s father both of my grandfathers ancestors immigrated to America from southern Germany in the mid 1700s and settled in Pennsylvania before moving West in the 1800s Eisenhower the original spelling was Eisenhauer which means ironcutter is the second of three German Americans to become president Sadly the other two Hoover Huber and Trump Drumpf are two of the worst presidents America has ever hadI was also curious as to how someone raised by pacifist Mennonite parents could become as one of his five brothers put it a professional killer Reading Eisenhower I learned of a second great irony Ike s father still spoke German in my family it died out one or two generations earlier which made Ike s visceral hatred of his ancestral homeland all the fascinating The Brits were very much aware of Ike s origins calling the area near one of his homes in London Eisenhower Platz Ike s childhood was much like Harry Truman s Both were the sons of poor Midwestern farmers who tried and failed to go into business Neither family could afford to send their bright and hard working sons to college so Ike chose West Point Ironically Truman was in combat in World War I while Ike was never even sent possibly due to a bad knee Not only did Ike never see combat he never led troops into action his troop commands were brief and stateside I had no idea you could still become a general much less a four star generalD Este is the first professional soldier turned presidential historian that I have read so he provides a niue perspective and window on Ike s military career I have given lectures at American military bases around the world but I had no idea what it was like to live on one not to mention attend a service academy or advanced training programThe second half of D Este s 700 pages of main text focuses on Ike s role in World War II Having published several books on the European theater and a biography of Patton D Este is ideally suited to telling this story It is heavy on battles but D Este is adept at intertwining the military engagements with Ike s personal life including his roller coaster marriage with Mamie Dowd frigid relationship with his father and only surviving son emotional entanglement with his Irish driver Kay Summersby there is no evidence of a physical relationship never ending clashes with his prima donna generals and the antics of one very cute little black ScottieI came away being less impressed with Ike than I thought I would be No doubt Ike had great ability charisma and commitment He faced brutally difficult decisions like D Day and daunting alliance management issues For starters Churchill Was An Irresistible Force That an irresistible force that an immovable object like Ike De Gaulle was even vexing I think my disappointment is because D Este does not shy away from discussing Ike s personal shortcomings like a raging temper or numerous military failures Our heroes are indeed all too human At one point Ike meets with George Marshall wondering if he still has a job only to find out he is getting another star This would not be the first or last example D Este cites of a general being promoted for failure Like Morris s TR trilogy this is a two bookmark book as many of the footnotes are fascinating A plea to publishers Why can t you put them on the actual page where they appear rather than as endnotes D Este does not se obscure words like Morris but his Dexter Sinister use of military terminology and acronyms sure would benefit from a couple of explanatory pages at the outsetick Which has soldiers a brigade or a regiment A collection of short bios would also be a huge help One final nit pick There are a number of minor errors including the first map which mixes Diary of a Worm up Morocco and Algeria In many ways D Este s tome is the perfect followp to French s FDR and McCullough s Truman World War II looks completely different from the perspective of a war fighter than a president I also had no idea of the complexities involved in managing the alliance with the Brits Ike spent much time with Churchill than FDR and Truman combined They each had a handfull of meetings Ike and Winnie met weekly for a year and at least every few weeks for two years Marshall a high school bears his name a few miles from my house also comes across very differently as Ike s boss than as one of FDR and Truman s most trusted advisors On the other hand Douglas MacArthur comes across just as badly as he did in Truman I think I will give away my
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of American Caesar So comes next I plan to read Ambrose s Eisenhower for the period 1945 1960 and then Newton s Eisenhower The White House Years Sometimes you gotta make your own trilog. Posing for the first time numerous myths that have surrounded the war hero and his family such as his romance with his wartime driver Kay Summersby D'Este also probes Eisenhower's famous clashes with his American peers and the British chiefs of staff as well as his relations with legendary figures including Winston Churchill and George S Patton Unlike other biographies of the general Eisenhower captures Ike's true character from his youth to the pinnacle of his career and afterwa.