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He mazeIn the murky water Of The Auarium Furtive Shadows the auarium furtive shadows an undulation whose vague existence dissolves of ts own accord and afterward Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon its uestionable whether there had been anything to begin with But the dark patch reappears and makes two or three circles El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! in broad daylight soon coming back to melt behind a curtain of algae deepn the protoplasmic depths A last eddy uickly dying to melt behind a curtain of algae deep Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana in the protoplasmic depths A last eddy uickly dying makes the mass tremble for a second Again everythings calm Until suddenly a new form emerges and presses ts dream face against the glassThat s our consciousness and this A Mistaken Match is our world We are sure that we know everything about the world we liven but we re just wandering the labyrinths of our own misconceptions Nightmare NoirThe noir mood Lodz is familiar to anyone who has read one of the Inspector Maigret novels of Georges Simenon The bleary eyed proprietor of a small barn a French provincial town gets up at dawn to take the chairs from off the tables and wipe their stained marble tops he s almost sleep walking Eventually the waiter arrives excitedly carrying the morning paper There has been a murder n the very next streetOr has there There seems to be some discrepancy as to the victim s name Daniel Dupont a reclusive professor or Albert Dupont a shipping merchant Also some doubt as to whether the was killed or merely wounded And what has become of the body Wallas the stranger who arrived the previous night to rent a room may have something to do with The Diminished it but he has gone out before dawn We see him wandering through the townn the early hours heading down endless grey streets from the docks to the city center but taking for ever to get there From time to time n the book he will go nto a shop to buy an eraser but can never find the one he wants Time and space seem entirely fluid characters morph from one nto another the only thing tying the story down s an obsessive cataloguing of small detail As I read this Claimed by a Cowboy in French I will give all uotations bothn the originals and my own translations open whichever version you want French view spoiler L escalier se compose de vingt et un marches de bois plus tout en bas une marche de pierre blanche sensiblement plus large ue les autres et dont l extr mit libre arrondie porte une colonne de cuivre aux ornamentations compliu es termin e en guise de pomme par une t te de fou coiff e du bonnet trois clochettes Plus haut la rampe massive et vernie est support e par des barreaux de bois tourn e l g rement ventrus la base Une bande de mouette grise avec deux raises grenat sur les bords recouvre l escalier et se prolonge dans le vestibule jusu la porte d entr e hide spoiler I began reading this book three years ago read about 75% of Discipline it then I had to putt aside when I started grad school I recently picked Claim the Night (The Claiming it up again and started from the beginning once I m pretty sure that this was the best way to read this book Its a time and thought consuming read and you will benefit by re reading parts or all of Claimed by Desire it Read repeat read repeat This books a bumbling comedic novel layered n a dark mysterious tone As I came to the end of the book I laughed at loud as I realized what was unfolding Includes on of the best descriptions of a tomato I have read I think this would make a really great dark comedy movie. Arcourir trois ou uatre mètres vingt uatre heures « en trop » Les Gommes premier roman d'Alain Robbe Grillet 1922 2008 a été publié aux Éditions de Minuit en 1953 et a reçu le prix Fénéon en 1954 Il est comme La Jalousie l'un des livres emblématiues du Nouveau Rom.

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Les GommesNotes Twenty four hours Accidental Bodyguard in 256 pages 56 pages per hour Over description for purposes of derealisation or defamiliarization a techniue out of Russian Formalism Much movement of characters through physical space the streets of an unnamed provincial city beset by canals and drawbridges a derelictnn etc focusing on externals Even nterior monologues focus on the external world Virtually no ntrospection Mehr als das into thendividual lives of the characters their preferences or peccadilloes Even for the victim Professor Daniel Dupont most detail given s about how to achieve his murder There s little curiosity about his work which never gets specific than political work though two texts are mentioned one on economic cycles and another on phenomenology two texts are mentioned one on economic cycles and another on phenomenology s also a mention of anarchists The novel has elements of the police procedural Abby and the Bachelor Cop it might also be calledn part a murderers procedural Published Eye to Eye in 1953 some ofts obvious models would probably have been Georges Simenon Agatha Christie Boris Vian etc Reminds me Accidentally Expecting in some ways too of Joseph Conrad s The Secret Agent Probably because of the anarchists thoughn that earlier novel 1907 they tend to promote terror by bombing things The mode of terror here s death by gunshot The diction s moderately freighted This Herzrivalen is no light airy read by any means Moreovert s utterly humorless The book must contain twenty points of view each with ts own uniue perspective on events rigorously thought out Streets of the unnamed town are labyrinthine Wallas the newbie detective Alaskan Nights is often lost A shrewdly thought out work that grips the reader consistently The post modernist bits don t getn the way Mostly a very dense thriller reuiring close reading An unusual rewarding read Nine murders n nine days one by one every evening at seven thirty Sounds like a typical plot for a lurid pulpy thriller nstead what you get s a mindbender of postmodern writing that turns conventional tropes of detective fiction upside down becomes at times too smart for ts own goodPart thrilling part annoying the book explores a murder that view spoiler was never committed hide spoiler The only time I was ever smart was reading this book n grad school I cracked t and the rest of my class thought I Was Nuts Then Good Ol nuts Then good ol Dillard said Even Harold Bloom didn t get Always Look Twice it at first I ve since gone back to being dumb THE ERASING OF VALUEI finished this bookn March of 1972 during the beginning of the final spring thaw I still remember walking through the puddled misty grey streets of our sleepy Ontario university town musing deeplyFor All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night its streets like the U2 song says now seemed to be nameless and endless for that was part and parcel of the greyly monotonous magic spell that Alain Robbe Grillet had by then wovennto the fabric of my mindA pathetic fallacy Any Man Of Mine indeed on the part of my dozingmaginationIt was after Beckett my first encounter with postmodernism And I enjoyed Annalee And The Lawman it for as one one year now remained till graduation I needed every escape I could find from my heavy course loadBut theres grave danger The Apollonides Mistress Scandal in certain escapesAnd Robbe Grillet s road doesndeed wind forever nto nowhere with plenty of sharp alarming revelations appearing suddenly nto the field of vision of the protagonist a S ret cop only to disappear n even. Il s'agit d'un événement précis concret essentiel la mort d'un homme C'est un événement à caractère policier c'est à dire u'il y a un assassin un détective une victime En un sens leurs rôles sont même respectés l'assassin tire sur la victime le détective résout. Deeper Les Gommes The erasers Alain Robbe GrilletAlain Robbe Grillet s Anticipation internationally hailed as the chief spokesman for the noveau roman and one of the great novelists of the 20th century The Erasers his first novel reads like a detective story buts primarily concerned with weaving and then probing a complete mixture of fact and fantasy The narrative spans the twenty four hour period following a series of eight murders n eight days presumably the work of a terrorist group After the ninth murder the nvestigation s turned over to a police agent who may n fact be the assassin Both an engrossing mystery and a sinister deconstruction of reality The Erasers ntrigues and unnerves with eual force as t pull us along to Annie and the Outlaw its ominous conclusion 2003 1379 336 9649285210 20 1389 344 9786005847291 1951 1960 Robbe Grilletsn t known for his storytelling prowess but THE ERASERS offers an ANNIE AND THE PRINCE intricately plotted and satisfyingnversion of the traditional detective narrative Every clue false lead and theory builds throughout the final chapter generating an unusual sense of suspense culminating The Single Dad's Redemption in the elegant revelation of the final pages There s also his trademark use of repetitions detailed descriptions submerged psychology and objects which standn for emotion his style appears here basically fully formed In the shifting perspectives and overlaid version of the Oedipus myth you can also spot the A Christmas Affair influence of Joyce albeitn a hardboiled register A remarkable debut novel 45 stars I am certain that a novelist s someone who attributes a different reality value to the characters and events of his story than to those of real life A novelist s someone who confuses his own life with that of his characters Alain Robbe Grillet The Erasers The Apple Orchard is one of the most convoluted complex knotty novels a reader could possibly encounter a novel that can be approached from multiple perspectives and on multiple levels everything f The Eraserss a mystery but When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son its nowhere near any hardboiled detective storiesThe structure of The Erasers s a structure of labyrinth the characters constantly roam the labyrinths of streets and they ncessantly rove IN THE LABYRINTHS OF THEIR THOUGHTSUSUALLY THIS LANDSCAPE HAS the labyrinths of their thoughtsUsually this landscape has relief and looks rather unattractive but this morning the grayish yellow sky of snowy days gives t unaccustomed dimensions Certain outlines are emphasized others are blurred here and there distances open out unsuspected masses appear the whole view s organized nto a series of planes silhouetted against one another so that the depth suddenly lluminated seems to lose ts natural look and perhaps ts reality the depth suddenly lluminated seems to lose ts natural look and perhaps ts reality f this over exactitude were possible only Ensimmäinen maailmansota in a painting Distances are so affected that they become virtually unrecognizable withoutt being possible to say n just what way they are transformed extended or telescoped or both at once unless they have acuired a new uality that has to do with geometry Sometimes this happens to lost cities petrified by some cataclysm for centuries or only for a few seconds before their collapse a wink of hesitation between life and what already bears another name after before eternityIncertitude and uncertainty the characters keep roaming the labyrinths of the crime versions until they get lost n La uestion la victime meurt Mais les relations ui les lient ne sont pas aussi simples u'une fois le dernier chapitre terminé Car le livre est justement le récit des vingt uatre heures ui s'écoulent entre ce coup de pistolet et cette mort le temps ue la balle a mis pour