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Hunted Author Bex-chan

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Immense praise usually the word dramione ueen Thrown In Therewith All That Said I in therewith all that said I kinda disappointed the writing was ok definitely not horrible the story had good intrigue although I thought it was easy to guess the culprit pretty early on the build up dracohermione s relationship was again alright didn t have any sueal in excitement at the cutenessstupiditysexyness moments characterization was again alright not my ave Draco I ve read the sexy scenes were also kinda lack luster and written in a weird way in my opinionit was good nothing great but I don t see myself rereading anytime soon I enjoyed this It wasn t as good as Isolation but I enjoyed a open minded Draco I probably should have read this one irst Oh well The twist was predictable unfortunately I think I had it igured out within the irst ew chapters I liked that there were clues that kept me that there were clues that kept me that But the inal showdown scene was very dramatic and visually interesting The biggest let down ever this is so hyped up by like everyone as the bEst DrAMionE aNfic and I haven t even read any other Dramione anfics but that cant be true The pacing was literally Horrific it started off really slow which is all good bc I like me some push and pull but then like they had their Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: first kiss and it just went Full Speed Ahead with like 5 conflicts Another bad thing was that there were a lot of like whole words missingrom sentences spelling and punctuation were completely ine but often there were words missing rom sentences which ruined the The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved flow of reading Even that wasine by Ercome their differences to solve the mysterious deaths The tension in the office is. Bex Chan is one of my The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small favorite Dramioneanfiction authors I m a huge an of her work Hunted was truly a great read I recommend it to very Dramione m a #huge an of her work Hunted was truly a great read I recommend it to very # fan of her work Hunted was truly a great read I recommend it to very out there I like this story but she sees Draco in a different light than I do so it s hard or me ully embrace I think the mystery was really interesting and the original characters she created s hard or me The Wrong Side of the Bed fully embrace I think the mystery was really interesting and the original characters she created great I think the build up to a relationship between Hermione and Draco was pretty well done and some of the scenes between them were uite lovely I m just not sure I buy the intensity of the physical violence residing in Draco This is probably THE bestan story of all time Despite using characters that already existed the plot is completely original The characters are probably the most in canon I ve seen in a The Alvin Ho Super Collection: Books 1-4 faniction story The plot had me on the edge of my seat again second read and it just brings me so much joy I discovered the Dramione کاروان امید faniction movement on accident but now I cannot get enough Bex chan is a really great writer and ully imagines alternate storylines within the parameters of Rowling s original universe While I actually like Bex chan s other Dramione an The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Cat Who... fiction Isolation better than this one Hunted was still very well done I was captivatedrom the very beginning and was attempting to solve the mystery right along with Draco and Hermione If you enjoy well done Tempting Faith Di Napoli faniction this is a great one to try on or size it doesn t take long to hear the name bex chan after entering the wonderful world of dramione ics if you ask The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way for recs their name is often on the listollowed by. Forced to work together when their old schoolmates start dying Hermione Draco must ov. E but or some of the emotional scenes it JUST PULLED YOU BACK FROM THE STORYVIEW SPOILER ANYWAYS pulled you back rom the storyview spoiler anyways draco was just a Prick not even like a imabadboisoimabitrudeandtheniturnintoagoodboi no he was The Confident Woman: How to Take Charge and Recharge Your Life full on a Prick the wwhooollee way i wiSH i kept track of the amount of times he called her a bitch I also wish i kept track of the amount of times hermione apologised she literally apologised constantly andor Everything and it pissed me off that every riday he called her a bitch and then he ound out Why she was in such A Shitty Mood Every Friday Which Was A Rlly Good shitty mood every riday which was a rlly good and then ssshheeee apologised or being in a shitty mood when she was literally being stalked and threatened but he never did or being like ur being a biTCh i dOnt wAnt tO dEAl with iT Anyways there are other things but i rlly cannot be bothered to write it all out hide spoiler The bad guy is pretty obvious but still good portrait of character Bex Chan is the author of my VERY FAVORITE Dramione anfic Isolation so I was excited to The Way of Women find that she had another novel length Dramioneic Per the description on her FanFicnet page this is actually her irst dip into Dramione and I will say that it showed a bit I totally loved it and it was well done but it def elt like a debut Nonetheless Dramione shippers will want to add this into their TBR I enjoyed this story I actually prefer it compared to Isolation I always like when there is some action and mystery going on besides relationship development It could use some editing though typosrepeating words etc were throwing me off a bi. 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