(PDF) [Time Trapped Time Snatchers #2]

C seuel It s a shame that this is goodbye to Caleb Abby Razor Dmitri Phoebe and Nassim for good but I m glad they all had a happy ending Another Sunburst Award YA read so no rating or review This is a very well developed seuel to Time Snatchers The book goes in depth on Caleb s rivalry with Frank and how he wishes to escape from Timeless Treasures If Caleb thought he would live happily ever after with Zach he was sorely mistaken Now Uncle has taken back Caleb and is force to take on his old job again of being a time snatcher However now he is reuired to train new recruits while Timeless Treasures continuously expands Now that Frank is Caleb s new boss and his rookies drive him crazy the stakes are higher than ever Not to mention that Frank may be planning so diabolically wicked that he will have to may be planning so diabolically wicked that he will have to stopped under any circumstances If Caleb fails to stop Uncle and Frank he is risking serious punishment I recommend this book to people fascinated in time travel PARENTS GET THIS SERIES FOR YOUR KIDS LIKE RIGHT NOW Like I don t now how to gush about this without completely fangirlingor apparently without letting my valley girl ness come outOkay first off I am an adult officially now which means that I haven t been a teenager for a couple of years but I still read officially now which means that I haven t been a teenager for a couple of years but I still read books It s my guilty pleasure along with YA and I devour MG YA and thrillers like the world is about to end so I now when I say that I ve read some really horrible MG that basically reads like they re talking down to idsRichard Ungar doesn t In fact he takes a complicated concept like time travel and manage to write it in such a clear and concise way that there s no way that A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, kids would ever get confused about the mechanics of time travel in this series I ve read A LOT of books where time travelling goes from a high concept idea into the downfall of the book but not hereSeriously you can tell that he did a ton of research to get the authenticity of the time and location theids travel to correct and you really feel as though you can see it in your mind In fact I felt as though the future felt a little lacking in description compared to the pastThe characters ARE WELL WRITTEN TOO EVEN THOUGH well written too Even though MC is a boy the girls can still find a great role model in Abby We ve also got a ridiculously smart boy who saves them over and over again proving that heroics aren t about brute strength but about using your talents and also Razor our delinuent who manages to grow on you by the end of the bookAll in all I feel like this series have a potential to become the next ARTEMIS FOWL sans faeries and other paranormal beings It s one of those stories that are so well written that your The Shadow Reader kids won t be able to put it down. Es out it's because Frank doesn't plan oneeping them around very long or eeping them aliveStakes are high for all of the time snatchers If only Caleb can convince the new ones to stop having fun with the technology and use it to save their own liv. .
I loved the first book in this series and I really enjoyed the seuel It was well written

"well thought out "
thought out a strong upper middle grade read I thoroughly enjoyed this series The main characters are 13 and 10 but you wouldn t now it from their dialogue they sound much older In this book Frank is trying to take over Timeless Treasures from Uncle and Caleb and his recruits need to find a way to escape Great time travel and historical facts I had not read the first book in this series so was concerned That I Would Be I would be by this one Luckily this book doesn t reuire you to have read the first one to understand it I really enjoy a book that can be read either as a stand alone or as one is a series After reading this one I do wish I had read the first one though I really enjoyed this one and now I would like the first one as wellThe characters are fun and uirky No matter how serious the situations would seem there was always something to make you smile My favorite character was Razor There was never a dull moment with Razor aroundThere is enough science fiction to eep any nerd like myself entertained enough history for any history lover as well as enough action to The Power Of A Choice keep the story moving along You nevernew what was around the next corner and that is always fun for me to readI recommend this book to anyone that enjoys books involving time travel fun characters a little drama and a few laughs I look forward to reading by this author This is written for middle grade readers but is entertaining enough for many adultsDisclosure I received a free copy of the ebook for reviewing purposes Regardless all opinions are my own I was not reuired to leave a positive review SM This is truly an amazing book No matter how many times I have read this I couldn t stop wanting to read it all over again Any person who has a love for history science fiction and adventure is sure to adore this Compliments to Richard Ungar for the creation of such a splendid book I received a copy of this book for an honest reviewThis is the second book in the Time Snatchers series and although I didn t read the first book yet I really enjoyed it Time Trapped is written for young adults and is easy to follow as well is written for young adults and is easy to follow as well full of action There is freuent time travel and some of the events are based on actual times in history such as Houdini s escape from a crate in the East RiverThe characters are great Caleb who is telling the story is full of self doubt but he always ends up doing what is right His new recruits Razor and Dmitri are uniue and frustrating Caleb is much patitent with them than I could ever be They sure do make his life and the book interestingI definitely recommend Time Trapped and The high octane seuel to Time SnatchersCaleb thought he'd escaped Uncle's clutches and could have a normal life in 1968 but no such luck After being forcibly returned to Timeless Treasures and his old job of stealing valuable objects from the past he. M putting the first book in the Time Snatchers series on my TBR list Does he have a medical condition he asks me nodding towards Razor and without skipping a beat I say PaininassosisI say it real fast so that it sounds like a true condition Who nows maybe in some country of the world it s a real disease Ah it s good to be back in 2061 New Beijing I read Time Snatchers a few months ago and really liked it so when I saw the seuel on the shelf it was a no brainerThis books starts back with our good friend Caleb Caleb is living his life with his adoptive parents Diane and Jim along with his adoptive brother Zach He has no recollection of his past before coming to live with them On his first day of school he gets assigned a locker next to a beautiful girl named Abbie At this point all of us readers are screaming at Caleb that this is Abbie that his memory was wiped and time traveling is a thing and all the whatnot we learned from Book 1 But of course Caleb can t hear usThen Frank decides to show up takes Caleb back to Timeless Treasures and Uncle does some brain surgery to return Caleb s memories And now we re back here again Time fog time freeze mind patches And I watched it begin againI felt the introduction to the story felt a bit rushed I would ve liked to see a few days into Caleb s new life a bit rushed I would ve liked to see a few days into Caleb s new life considering how hard he fought to get it But I guess the author was eager to get Caleb back with the othersFrank is pretty much in charge now though it s clear Uncle still has some authority All the veteran time snatchers are given the task to snatch one child to train to become a time snatcher Caleb who can t bring himself to steal an innocent id s life tricksbribes a girl named Razor With a name like steal an innocent id s life tricksbribes a girl named Razor With a name like what could you expectI didn t like Dmitri and Razor at first mostly because of how annoying they were Caleb for the life of him couldn t get them to follow instructions But eventually the two started to grow on me and their story ending was awesome Dmitri waited pretty much is whole life to help them again Like WowI found Abby and Caleb s relationship alright It didn t affect the book too much and it was nice seeing them working together and trusting each otherI really liked the historic events that were put in this story My favorite one was the Houdini scene I saw how the act was done as soon as the woman was mentioned
"but it was "
it was fun watching it unravel I had no idea how the wallet stealing heist has happened and that was also uite cleverIt was great seeing how the events from Book 1 were cross referenced in Book 2 I missed Nassim a lot who cares about Luca and I liked how even if he wasn t in the story he still played a pretty big roleOverall fantasti. Learns that things have gotten even sinister Training the new idnapped recruits doesn't seem very important to Frank Uncle's evil lackey even though a few of these ids have amazing theiving skills and genius for new technology But then Caleb figur. Time Trapped Time Snatchers #2