(EBOOK / PDF) When Fangirls Cry How Not to be Seduced by Rockstars #2 BY Marian Tee

When Fangirls Cry How Not to be Seduced by Rockstars #235 StarsA nice read I desperately wanted to give this book a 4 but my constant lovehate relationship with this book left me leaning towards a 3 since GoodReads still doesn t with this book left me leaning towards a 3 since GoodReads still doesn t half star ratings The thing that frustrated me the most about this book were Staffan and Saffi s stubbornness Both of their justifications of why they feel They Are Right To Feel What They Do Or Done are right to feel what they do or done they did is what led to causing each other further heart ache which bothered me to no end It saddens me to think that the tragic event that occurred could have been avoided if both were better at communicating their feelings and reasons instead of being overtaken by emotions I can t fully condemn them as much as I want to though because the I gave the first book 3 stars and for this one I rated it less The story just got horrible as it went on Saffi and Staffan s relationship is unhealthy and destructive They don t even trust each other I hated the both of them so much now In the first book I kind of overlooked it because the story was cute I forgave Staffan s douchebag ways and Saffi s stupid self But in this second book I have had enough of their bullshit They create gazillion of roblems which can be fixed with a very simple solution and that is COMMUNICATION Hello we are in the 21st century and letting a bunch of misunderstandings ile up one after another is just isn t realistic to me They re like 12 year olds with the way they handle their relationship I thought Staffan couldn t be of a dick but he roves me wrong He is simply the world s number one asshole Saffi is still as stupid You d think she ll smarten up after all the mistakes and lessons she s supposedly learned but no The girl has just got to be the same naive heroine with no emotional growth I m sorry for being mean but this books is just idiotic When Fangirls Cry goes from happy to funny frustrating to sad then back to funny and happy then sad and happy againI don t love The Characters I Hate Their Relationship Woes characters i hate their relationship woes got fustrated felt the heartbreak loved the sex i got really sad and i was smiling Just for the sheer amount of different emotions the book made me feel i gave it a 4 star D O TadfakdshgjhsdfauohfT Can that just be my review No FineI got this ARC from Marian and I love itttt It was so different from the first book but Staffan was ugh I just wanted to call up that guy from Madea 1 800 CHOKE DAT HOE but Staffan isn t really a hoe and I think Saffi and I would be sad if I ever succeeded in killing him during a moment s weakness sighSaffi is still so innocent and naive and caring with so much love That s one of the things I love about Marian s characters they re like fresh air through the window able to still be their sweet selves without being forced to turn hard and kill that art of them that just well idk shines I loved her dedication to their relationship even when he was being an ass And it was so sad when they lost their baby Oh Sorry this is a spoiled review All nice and rotten and retty and shit 3 But. Wonderful white marlinFish loving Saffi March is no longer a boring ost grad student by day hopeless fangirl at night Now that Sweden’s #1 Sex God Staffan Aehrenthal is in love with her it’s only a matter of time before she has her happily ever afterrightDevastating daggertooth ike congerStaffan Ae. Anyways yes after he goes off on her for lying ugh she lied cause you wouldn lying ugh she lied cause you wouldn take her back unless she said it she leaves and gets a miscarriage SOB You have no idea how much I cried while reading this TT But at the same time it made me laugh out loud And smile because of how fucking CUTE they were I really liked the way this ended So cute and right since they met the same way and I liked how there was so much time in her recovering Just erfect X3I recommend this Marian fans I already know you ll get it For those who stumbled upon this know that you ve stumbled upon a gem It s like TV drama but in book form it s funny romantic heart breaking love lifting and fucking flounder it s just so emotionally evoking I d be surprised if you didn t cryOh I didn t do that curse right did I Flicking flounderHappy Reading I m crying and laughing at the same timeAfter the events of When Fangirls Lie you knew that Staffan was going to come to all the wrong conclusions which he did but you never expected Saffi to dig her heels in determined to keep the man she loves and make a family together At this oint i m at a bit of a loss as to what to say so as not to ruin this fantastic book Needless to say Marian Tee manages to combine scorching romance with comedy Love is Murder perfectly what threw me was how she managed to add an event that is devastating to so many women in such a way it doesn t detract from the fantastic storylineWhat really got me was the lengths that Staffan ended up going to to get Saffi backWell having had Constantijin s story in her How Not To Be Seduced By Billionaires series I am now eagerly awaiting the story of the last of the Pusketeers stories Rathe and from the last chapter of the book it looks like it may well involve Saffi s friend Mary I cannot wait Absurdity level of the book was 1000% I wrote the number correct Bloody hell bloody hellBLOOOOO DEEEEE hellI love love love Marian Tee and her uirky wellut together stories I love her characters and how they are so emotionally locked in my head whilst I am devouring her books I love how one minute you ll be crying with laughter and then the next crying from emotional The Ulfric's Mate pain as you watch her characters stumble and hit rockyatches along their journeyI honestly don t care how cliche some will say these books are I don t care if others don t like them as much as I do but I will still recommend to anybody I know and even you reading this that I don t know I wholeheartedly sing to you to read this author She will without a doubt get you out of a book funk she will have you laughing at the antics her heroines get up to and she will also reduce you to tears Think Sophie Kinsella style with erotica You ll have some idea what to expectThis book is emotional than the book When Fangirls Lie but even though I had to read a lot through teary eyes I just loved it Full of enough will he won t he and will she won t she it s light enough to just fall into with no brain taxing but totally fun enough and colourful enough to keep you enthr. Hrenthal is determined never to fall in love again Saffi hasn’t told Staffan she’s Alans Letters pregnant – and he ends up learning about it from the tabloids She had made him believe in happily ever after endings but now he knows it’s an illusionjust like the Saffi he thought he knew and lovedOptimistic Orien. Alled till the endCan t wait to hopefully read Rathe s story next Please Marian churn it out uick if your writing it if only for your 1 fangirl here 0 who is totally smitten with your books 4 solid starsNot as good as the first one but I still liked it Full review to come Okay First of all this is my first review ever I think I ve read a LOT of great books and yet I ve never written a review because I m such a lazy girl Yes I am My fault I m sorry But right now I really can t help but write a review for When Fangirls Cry This is one of the stories that really gave me such emotions that I never expected to have by reading a bookI ve seen how everything started between Staffan and Saffi and how thingsrogressed I love Staffan I m a fangirl myself and I also love Saffi I just love them both They re not erfect they have their flaws yes Their flaws made them fight over a lot of things things that they shouldn t had fought about if they were truthful to each other However after everything that had happened between them both good and bad things they ve come to realize that all they needed was to trust and love each other There s a lot of things that I ll never forget in this series First is how Marian showed how big a difference could be made by a simple leap of faith Second is I showed how big a difference could be made by a simple leap of faith Second is I can t stop crying when Staffan was being dragged by Silver and Steel away from Saffi s hospital room and he was really trying his best to fight back but despite his strength he still lost It s so ainful seeing how much Staffan is hurting how Saffi is hurting how both of them are hurting Last thing Who would ever forget especially a Fahrenheit fan like me the members of CELCIUS named Calvin and Aaron I can t stop smiling while I was reading that art You can try searching about Fahrenheit a Taiwanese boyband and you ll know what I m talking about This book is definitely one of the many books that I ll never ever forget It s close to my heart because I m a fangirl myself The truth is while I was reading this book I really don t have any idea what s happening inside my tummy Having butterflies is even an understatement There s a lot of things happening and emotions that really made me feel like my insides are going round and roundThis is really an amazing story Whether you re a fangirl or not you re definitely gonna love itLast thing I m so happy with Yanna and Cons cameo in this story and most of all I can t wait for Rathe and Mary s story He better go back to Saffi s room if he doesn t want to be killed by Saffi for killing her babies lol I ve now read 3 series from Marian Tee and I ve come to the conclusion that I really hate her heroine and hero Her heroine

For Starters Are Such 
starters are such they would forgive the hero For Practically Having Sex practically having sex them with little to no effort It drives me crazyHer hero is the very much the same They re immature as hell I know her books are fiction but I need the satisfaction of knowing that the hero grovelled as much as he can But we don t even get that. Tal loachWith Staffan and the whole world mistakenly thinking she’s carrying the baby of a desert rince a happily ever after for her and Staffan doesn’t seem Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep possible any longer But Saffi is determined not to lose hope not even if the man she’s only ever loved is the man who’s hurting her the mo.