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Executive Actions


35 stars ounded upThis is a fast paced political thriller It was written in 2004 but given the subject matter a hostile foreign country tries to influence the outcome of a Suppose the president elect is actually a sleeper planted by the old Soviet Union 30 years ago Only now these sleepers are being controlled by ogue members of Libya That is the premise of Gary Grossman s Executive Actions the first of a series
*featuring scott oarke *
Scott Roarke the president s go to guy for trouble shooting and problem solving The plot combines A Couple Of Oldies But couple of oldies but Flynn s go to guy for trouble shooting and problem solving The plot combines a couple of oldies but goodies Flynn Act of Treason and Nelson DeMille s Charm School I m sure there have been others with the same theme but those two came to mind while Mise En Sc�ne: Cin�ma Et Lecture reading this novelFor the fans of the late Vince Flynn and Mike Lawson I think you might see the Roarke character as I did a little of Rapp and a little of Joe DeMarco All in all a very goodead for those who like political thrillers as well as procedurals in trying to identify and chase down the assassin As soon as I passed page 100 I was sure I am going to Deathless rate the book with 5 stars I kept enjoying it with the same enthusiasm till page 200 But then I started toealiz. The best political thriller I have ead in a long time ight up there with the very best of David Baldacci Michael Palmer bestselling author of THE SOCIETY Grossman has done a lot of esearch on everything from political infighting to clandestine military operations and he manages to hold eader interest The Third Lynx (Quadrail, right up to the inevitable conclusion Publisher's Weekly An assassin takes aim at a Presidential candidate during a primary stump speech The instant he pulls the trigger the E two things First one was that the author seemed to be confusedegarding his writing Many chapters looked like Wikipedia ather than a suspense book Long detailed description that had nothing to do with the main story and could be easily skipped without interfering with the main storySecond problem was the way the story was outlined Too many events scattered in too many places The story jumped from one event to the other and the eader start losing the story seuenceSo at that point I reader start losing the story seuenceSo at that point I from one event to the other and the Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion (Free Audio Book Inside): --- Easter Book Collection For Kids reader start losing the story seuenceSo at that point I felt book deserved not than 4 Stars At page 300 it became tooidicules I mean things like the president of the USA is flying an F18 for 9 hours into the Mediterranean Sea Landing on a Carrier in the middle of the night Come on Give me a break At that point it became a straggle to finish the Von Dr. Jakobsen bestraft - SM Krimi (Teil 3) remaining 100 pages withidicules eventsJust because 50% of the book was good and I enjoyed it I decided to ate it as 3 Stars 2 Stars if I wouldn t have finished it The main Character of the book A secret agent seems to be OK Maybe I ll try the 2nd book with the same
*main hero executive *
hero Executive Gary Grossman s EXECUTIVE ACTIONS is one fantastic political thriller No hyperbole this is Utcome of the election is irrevocably changed But Democrat Teddy Lodge an upcoming media sweetheart isn't killed His wife is As a esult Lodge emerges as the man to beat and the greatest threat to the incumbent President Morgan Taylor Under a specific directive from the President Special Service Agent Scott Roarke delves into the case and begins to unravel a deadly plot that incubated for than 30 years; designed to alter America's allegiances in the Middle East From the very
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Read you just won t want to put down It s exciting and full of twists and turns exactly what I want in the thriller novels I enjoy eading Full of good guys and bad guys alike Only one problem you can t tell the good guys from the bad guys Who s doing what to whom And why You ll have to ead EXECUTIVE ACTIONS to find out You ll be happy you did More good news for new to ead EXECUTIVE ACTIONS to find out You ll
*be happy you *
happy you More good news for new fans This well crafted piece of fiction is but the first in a series There s good eads in store for you And did I say fiction THIS STORY S NO LESS BELIEVABLE story s no less believable what our eal world political leaders are exhibiting today Oh dear A eal book of two halves So distinct it could have been two authorsI eally enjoyed the first half A decent plot and interesting characters but from then on it just descended into puerile nonsense A uiet unbelievable follow through plot and girly narrative from the hard man lead characterIt appears that modern day best selling authors have The Frankenstein Teacher (Corgi Pups) replaced intrigue and suspense with shock and awe with a PC edge Very disappointed with this and can t see meeading any of the seriesFelt the same over The Case of the General's Thumb recent dips into Camilla Lackberg and Val McDermid Where to next I wonde. Irst page Executive Actions culls events from today's headlines intersecting with a scenario that's shockinglyeal An insidious plot hatched in the old days of the Soviet Union continues to grow to fruition in the hands of a power hungry Middle East heir to the throne At its core a sleeper is awakened to take a prominent ole in American Life Executive Actions is a tense political thriller; an election year page turner where both the Presidency and the Constitution are at sta. ,