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E sweetness of their success These are stories of you of me and of veryone around us who has had a middle class upbringing and French Daguerreotypes each story reflects that deep rooted drive toxcel These aspirations often From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read extract a cost and Disha portrays them in anndearingly humane manner which speaks a lot about the genuine intent of the author Books written by management graduates have been much in vogue of the genuine intent of the author Books written by management graduates have been much in vogue of In India but of the many being written there would be few which manage to strike a chord with the audience and Disha s wonderful book on the travails of young couples pursuing the MBA dream surely scores highly in this aspect Lovely dreams and uniue situations Having gone through a similar course myself I found the story of the pregnant lady absolutely unbelievable but such is life It throws up such stories which make you sit back and wonder and the fact that Disha has managed to stay true to these situations in her depiction makes this book such a sweet read I congratulate Disha on the sheer ffort it must have taken to collate and weave these stories while undergoing PGPEX and am sure that this book would act as an inspiration for many others who are at the crossroads of deciding A different approach to book would act as an inspiration for many others who are at the crossroads of deciding A different approach to tellingInstead of telling a story with melodramas innuendos and paras of needless xpressions the author straightaway takes Doris Salcedo every story to what they had been originally meant for to give a real life insight into the challenges faced when you have to choose between your career and family The author has been able to successfully bring out the small nuances of feelings and difficulties that would have been practically faced by the characters through her writings which has helped give a realistic flavour to the book The book offers a variety of contexts and different challenges no story has a plot that has been a repeat of anarlier one hence I am sure many will be able to relate to some story or the other In short it is a refreshing read and the fact that the book isn t a big fat one full off needless characters and sub plots makes it Twelve Days of Pleasure evenasy to njoy Full review here book is absolutely wonderful and is literally ual to its weight in gold a very light book btw if you are a prospective applicant to a xecutive MBA program It is not a Novel It is not a Fiction It is not a book with made up characters or is not a Fiction It is not a book with made up characters or It is the untold story of many of the brave and courageous couples who have dared to dream big and who have made a important decision about career and family The book takes you around the IIMC campus and shows you a sneak preview of the 16 couples lives who have made a brave decision to venture into something that very few people would. Spend an unusual honeymoon These are just a few stories from this colorfulcollection set against the backdrop of life on campus andaspirations for an MBA degree The book is a ride through different shades of life and xperiences Whether you are single or married this book is an absolute must read for anyone who wishes to take an unconventional decision in li. My Beloved's MBA Plans

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Very nicely written It doesn t feel like the fist book of author Best part is that stories are real hence people can asily connect with it It is not only for MBA aspirants but for all those people who dare to think beyond society norms My Beloved s MBA plans As from today s scenario life is getting
*busier and complicated *
and complicated But there are many ways to change this scenario and make life simple The book My beloved s MBA plans is about achieving dreams and handle difficult situations which can change one s life This book is full of xperiences power struggles and decision making The way author describes unbelievable but real life stories of lovers and dreamers who proved the power of willingness dedication and sincerity towards their dreams As said by author a must read for those who wishes to take an unconventional decision in life which is very true This book is a continuous way of motivation and inspiration to accept challenges in good spirit Every new story in this book leaves a strong message of love care and Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild emotions This book teaches us to remainnthusiastic and optimistic throughout life no matter how hard obstructions are there towards your destiny I recommend this short and beautiful book for those people who want to know the power of willingness to achieve their dreams and remain happy Honestly my perception about happy couples and marriages is a bit blur I hardly have seen happy couples and perfect relationships which has a huge impact on my thought process But the book was like a different world where real life couple stories are highlighted where they support ach other and fulfill their dreams The book narrates around sixteen uniue stories of couples who despite odds stuck together and lived their dreams For me it was surreal and at the same time it gave me me it was surreal and at the same time it gave me It is a lovely reading the stories of real life couples who helped their better half fulfill the MBA Dream ven if it meant afew adjustments and sacrifices on their part Also it was fun reading some masaledar some not very masaledar some serious some fun stories of couples which made it an Electromyography for Experimentalists entertaining affairFull review The book is very well written Each story has brought out a different scenario about the problems that one might face in higher studies after getting married when most people just feel loaded with responsibilities and it feels impossible to pursue your dreams Your book will go a long way inncouraging others in similar situations to Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 embark on their own journey The best thing about this book is it talks about the impact of a single decision on the life of an individual which uite resembles the actual life of a human being These small stories are written bea. My Beloved’s MBA Plans is a collection ofngaging stories with a common thread running through all of them – How much are you willing to give to fulfil your MBA dream Would you be willing to give up a cushy job and start from scratch you be willing to stay apart from your spouse you be willing to uproot your family from a well settled lifeRead on to disc. Utifully and talk about the people who take some decisions because of the circumstances wherein things look so weird initially but later on as the time passes things get settled down in an amazing way that it initiates adorable moments in the life of individuals No one can imagine that one year spent in the collage can make drastic changes in your life but trust me that is what is complexity of the life is and this is something what is the one the best things this book has Only a person who has mpathy can understand these things Because You Got To you got to the moments in order to describe it It gave a new ray of life to one of the characters where in things were gloomy initially then later on it became the best decision of her life Human motions are so complicated that you cannot describe it just by writing but trust me the way it is written in the book it nables you to you feel the same what the character is going through which is amazing It is a collection of heart warming love stories where people had to go beyond conventions to be with their belovedAt first one feels that all of them would be or less similar but once you start reading it you get so ngrossed in Wicked Loving Lies each story that you actually tempt to start the new one asap A definite page turner this book reflects the author sxcellence storytelling skills and her innovative approach to present her thoughts Another captivating feature here is that these are not simple stories but are told in an interview format Disha throughout talks about TRUE love and that too in simple heart touching language After reading so many love stories revolving around college people this one was definitely a fresh breath of air Disha seems to be a mature author who knows what real love is much beyond just being together I loved reading very bit of it and would surely recommend it to those who feel that they cannot relate to modern day love stories Usually when You think of indian writers most of the people think that not worth of purchasing the Book without ven having a look over not worth of purchasing the Book without ven having a look over me i too dont read anything apart from Sci fi but when i got this book and the for the very single page i turned i fell totally in itLots of motivation and life inspiring material for the young minds in Indiait really gives u a throttle to move on to achieve something big which u dream of Coz Nothing Great happens if u hold backa book worth reading for allgo for it guys The one aspect of this book which almost immediately arrests worth reading for allgo for it guys The one aspect of this book which almost immediately arrests attention of the reader is the inherent simplicity This simplicity is reflected in Disha s language in the motions of her characters in the pain of the sacrifices that they have had to make and in th. Over how Vivek’s MBA course turns out to be uite an adventurous journey with his wife Divya and their two kids For Arpita it is a second chance at love Payal and Nitin make the campus their home while Geet faces a tragic loss Join Suraj and Priya as they break away from the family business to carve out a path for themselves and discover how Rahul and Dimple.