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Skylar Robbins The Mystery of Shadow HillsCh There were many things that Skylar had to deal with including living at her aunt s house with a bullying cousin while her parents went her aunt s house with a bullying cousin while her parents went Europe for 2 weeks being separated from her best friend attending summer school at a different school addressing her fear of horses and learning about Wiccan culture There was also plenty of spookiness from weird noises in the attic possible demonic cult ituals in the hills near her aunt s house unauthorized midnight excursions on the beach and Wiccan The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity rituals I found it all very fascinating I am an adult a lifelong Happy Hollister and Nancy DrewHardy Boys fan and I know that I would have loved toead this series when I was young I love No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History reading these books now The story isich in details and Skylar learns how to make new friends deal with bullies and overcome her fears I Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 really liked how Skylar made friends with people from diverse backgrounds including those of a different ethnicity She becomes friendly with a hearing impaired student and begins learning American Sign Language so that she can communicate better with him The storyline is complex enough that I think it will keep kids interested and intrigued until the end Skylar RobbinsThe Mystery of Shadow Hills by Carrie Cross is an all new Nancy Drew type detective story Skylar loves investigating and her grandfather taught her true detective skills Theeader is transported into Skylar s memories and daydreams She s stuck for eight weeks at her grouchy cousin s old Malibu mansion while her parents travel abroad Skylar attends summer school while she s in Malibu but she only has to go to an art class The descriptions of the art assignments make me want to take the class too Skylar makes friends and learns new things I enjoyed the mysterious happenings because they were a bit spooky I like the fact that the author s writing allows the eader to be spooked along with Skylar even though she s a very practical person Very FUN MIDDLE SCHOOL READ 5 STARS LOVED IT CAN middle school ead 5 stars Loved it Can wait for the next one The main L. Munatius Plancus reason on why I was excited to start Skylar Robbins was due to the fact that Carrie the author used to live in my hometown But as I got deeper into the book I was intrigued Iead it within a few days and didn t want to put it down I was ight there with Skylar even if that meant I too got tricked I Just love Skylar She is smart curious and determined to be just like her grandfather the detective What a great little mystery she wandered into while her parents were away While staying with her not so close her parents were away While staying with her not so close nice cousin she found herself mixing with people and things that were than she bar. Friend Kat who claims to be a witch ecognizes magical elements throughout the garden and declares it the perfect place to perform spells“We are going to grow gems”“Grow what” There was no way I heard her ightKat’s eyes gleamed “Gems You know ubies emeralds sapphires Gems”Ignoring the ising tide they sneak down to the beach at midnight and search three caves for magic seeds to plant in the abandoned garden Practical Skylar didn’t believe in magic Until their spells begin to .
My name is Ellie and I just turned 13 so I felt like I had a lot in common with Skylar which made this eally fun to Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe read I opened this book thinking it would be just a mystery but I got suckedight into it and soon found it was so much I was super surprised when the story turned to witchcraft that was all so cool and interesting I loved the magic secret garden and the cousin drama too Heck there were even horses what s not to love this story had it all This was a great book and I look forward to The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi reading in the series DisappointingObviously I m in the minority here but I had to make myself keepeading throughout most of the book The writing style was fine but I didn t eally feel there was any mystery None I m honestly still not sure what the mystery is supposed to be after finishing the book So the book isn t the mystery it claims to be so what is it It s a book about bullying and witchcraft Spoiler she learns its all been a slight of hand or has it the author plants seeds of doubt but all things Wicca

definitely the focus of the spells what plants symbolize how to protect against evil how to make someone weak sacrifices pentagrams Ouija boards it s all here Not saying that the author did or didn t get things ight in any of this how would I know but she certainly provides enough material to interest kids and get them dabbling in it even if for fun Something I can definitely not support and believe is dangerous Additionally there were a few times when the drama was a little much for me the he s cutes and the love potions and the maybe I ll attract his attention in my bikinis These girls are 12 13 Puh leeze And including the bit about putting on my new bra than once and lamenting over how small it is and how flat chested you are most than once and lamenting over how small it is and how flat chested you are most did not need to be included We Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction re talking pre adolescententering adolescent What do you expect Besides even if theest of the story was fine I wouldn t ecommend the book to guys based on that alone Why can t characters just throw on THEIR CLOTHES BEFORE RUNNING OUT THE clothes before unning out the like they used toThe book does get 2 stars because at least it was Octavio's Journey readable The tenses and voice were consistent I didn t catch editing mistakes And there is a story even if it s not what is claimed If the next book doesn t talk a lot about witchcraft I may pick it up but that s highly doubtful given the bad taste in my mouth from thisead I actually Philosophy in Social Work read the 2nd book the Mystery of the Hidden Jewels before Iead this one so it was interesting because I already knew some things about Skylar from the future However I also enjoyed this book very mu. Thirteen year old sleuth Skylar Robbins plans to become a private detective like her grandfather Stuck at her bullying cousin Gwendolyn’s Malibu estate for the summer Skylar brings her fingerprinting kit portable spy tools and her journal for taking notes in secret code She had no idea how dangerous the next eight weeks would prove to beAs soon as Skylar gets to Malibu mysterious things begin to happen She discovers a hidden garden behind a usted gate in Gwendolyn’s huge back yard Her new. .
Gained for SJylar handled herself with scientific easoning and maybe a little fear It was a eally fun mystery I love the way that It was a eally fun mystery I love the way that Cross writes It is intelligent and positive with all the complexities of being a teen I can t wait for my granddaughters each the age to appreciate these books Keep them coming Carrie REVIEWED FOR BIT N BOOK PROMOTERSGoodreads Website Thirteen year old Skylar s been collecting items for her detective kit and plans to be just like her grandfather What she didn t plan on was staying at her annoying cousin s mansion in Shadow Hills for eight weeks while her parents tour Europe The Hills and the attic are off limits and that s just got to mean adventure or even escape from Malibu But by the end of this tale Skylar won t be the only person needing to get awaySkylar has a nice convincing voice as the first person narrator of this tween mystery Teens in her summer art class include the hearing impaired boy with a happy outgoing attitude the genius artist the skateboarder the wannabe Wiccan and and they make a fine group But outside school Sky is soon puzzling over a Ouija board with her new best friend She practices the arts of magical distraction on the grass of a secret garden but who Can She Trust And trust and she find a way to be true to herselfA pleasing blend of careful detective work fanciful itual s beauty and tense excitement makes this a cool tween adventure as Skyler grows up conuers her fears solves a mystery and learns wise lessons in friendship and how to live with bullies Shadow Hills keep their mystery hidden Bipedal, By Pedal: Confidential Mad Libs right to the end but this summer is one toemember as is the book and there s even the chance to develop your own detective kit at the end Don t let those magic tricksters fool youDisclosure I was given a free ecopy of this novel and I offer my honest if somewhat belated eview The Mystery of Shadow Hills by Carrie Cross is the absolute perfect book for kids and teens It is the first in a series which is a good thing since once you follow would be private eye 13 year old Skylar Robbins around Malibu as she unlocks the mystery of Shadow Hills you will want to be her side kick foreverSkylar has decided she is just like her grandfather and needs to be a private eye She carries her detective kit everywhere it has a finger print kit inside It s a good thing she takes it to her cousin s house when she has to live there for the summer while her parents are in Europe While dealing with her bullying cousin and missing her parents she uncovers a secret garden a maybe witch caves with magical seeds and learns about friendship. OrkSkylar Robbins The Mystery of Shadow Hills has been a #1 Best Seller in Children’s Detective ebooks Children’s Fantasy Supernatural Mystery ebooks Children’s Sword Sorcery Fantasy ebooks and Children’s ebooks Mystery DetectivesSpies This book is the ecipient of the 5 Star Reader's Favorite Award and seal5 stars Spellbinding Review by GemTones on November 15 2014 Fans of Nancy Drew and Harry Potter alike will love this fast paced blend of detective action mystery witchcraft and magic. .