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Too deep for me I Guess Good Thing It Was Good thing it was In truth this is simply not the book for me I had bought it thinking it a very slim volume of fiction and then was pleasantly surprised that it was a collection of poems organized narratively around an apocalypse event Fantastic And while there are some really thoughtful lines and the narrative as it stretches On Engages. Poetry Stitching engages. Poetry Stitching a post apocalyptic history from the scraps of fairy tales war memorials hunting songs and disparate scholarship Jessica Bozek's THE TALES traces the violence that humans inflict upon one another As the central narrative of the Lone Survivor becomes reve.

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The TalesInaccessible This is kind of like two stars for ME I JUST DIDN T GET IT I M I ust didn t get it I m messages on the undersides of leaves so that when the others come up out of the ground they ll know what to do Effective and surreal Jessica Bozek s collection conveys both the irony and the urgency of our pre post apocalyptic mentality via a fictitious catastrophe and its repercussions. The remnants of destroyed art and architecture an annihilated nation is brought into reality and the Lone Survivor's story is simultaneously documented and invalidated becoming a memorial that will disintegrate over time gray and fray as most of gray and fray as most of dead did not have a chance And challenges and provokes for me I prefer my poetry to feel like a punch to the gut short and swift and absolutely breathtaking and my fictional narratives to make metaphor an engagement from chapter to chapter or poem to poem and neither are what this book is aboutIt is something that didn t hit for me that I could nevertheless appreciate and enjoy For me it was ust. Aled through the mouths of various perspectives Bozek investigates the language that victims and perpetrators alike use to make sense of and attempt to forget the aftermath of violence From ordinary objects family photographs sweaters That Unravel Old Batteries And unravel old batteries and to.
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