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Pretty darn good I have a sneaky feeling that David Breashers might be than a The History of Provincetown little arrogant but these extreme mountain climber folk are definitely nuts so it isn t too surprising if they are also a bit prickly or difficult Or hard to be married toOh by the way honey did I mention I m off to Pakistan to take pictures while hanging from aittle rope 20000 feet in the air See you in four months if I don t fall It s not just climbing that is so unfathomable to me the traveling you do to get to where you want to go is scary enough read his tale of taking a taxi in India in the middle of the night and going for hours in the WRONG DIRECTION I AM NO ADVENTURER MYSELF BUT IT direction I am no adventurer myself but it certainly entertaining to read about someone who I liked this book Being a mini mountaineer I was familiar with this book Being a mini mountaineer I was familiar with climbing and photographic prowess It was fun to Captured learn about the man as he sees himself I have heard of or know several of the people he climbed with so I felt a connection to him and his story I am from Denver so could relate to his climbs in Boulder Occasionally I felt bogged down in all his camera and filming details but not enough to stop reading David Breashears is in my opinion one of the finest mountaineers of today His filming skills are exceptional His support and assistance during the 1996 Everest disaster isaudable to say the خاطرات یک زن توده ای least His passion for the mountains for Everest particularly raises him to the pinnacle of mountaineering excellence Interesting account of aife Is Government the Source of Monopoly? and Other Essays (Cato Paper ; No. 9) lived mainly on mountains by David Brashears You get the feeling that this is a pretty tightly wound guy who had a rough childhood that certainly hampered him thoughife He is not a highly introspective guy on paper but his marriage was sort of cringeworthy as he basically abandoned her while traveling everywhere But he became an expert climber at a young age and One Too Many Blows To The Head later a film maker and that is what the book is mainly about His obsession with Mt Everest is a primary theme of the book which I found very interesting as I share that to a faresser degree doubt I will ever even see it from afar much ess climb any portion of it One of the best books I read in recent years was the Wade Davis account of the early Everest expeditions in the 1920s Into the. For generations of resolute adventurers from George Mallory to Sir Edmund Hillary to Jon Krakauer Mount Everest and the world's other greatest peaks have provided the ultimate testing ground But the uestion remains Why climb In High Exposure el. High Exposure An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving PlacesThe 1996 disaster and of course some of them are very uncomplimentary towards Rob Hall his actions I m not trying to be a Rob Hall apologist the tone that David Breashears takes just makes him seem ike a big know it all I found myself wondering if he really knew these people or if he was just pretending But I kept at it and the middle section is pretty good He is a freaky good mountain climber I l give him that Once we get back to 1996 At The End at the end the book though I was ready to strangle him again So sanctimonious So Oh I would never ever make mistakes His team decides to go back up on the mountain of course after all the tragedy and as he s filming two team members on the summit slope he decides the framing is all off makes them come back down do it again Are you kidding me His many accomplishments nonwithstanding his attitude makes this very unpalatable I d Street Without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria like to reread my mountain woe books to see when he crops up and how others relate to him High Exposure An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places by David Breashears Simon Shuster 2000Biography This is theong awaited biography of egendary mountaineer David Breashears He is arguably the best high altitude climber in the world today This is the story of what drives his success it includes a frank dissection of the 1996 tragedy on Everest and the subseuent rescue in which he was fully engaged My rating 7510 finished 2010 I purchased a HB copy from McKay s in good condition for 300 on 61715 HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Having read Krakauer s Into Thin Air several years back I was probably overdue on this one It s an amazing account of mountain climbing in general Himalayan expeditions in particular and Mount Everest intimately especially the 96 tragedy One can only hope to catch a furtive glimpse of the raw exposure such nearly insane adventurers endure Not my cup of tea but fascinating all the same I think I need to re read the Krakauer account again 45 stars Something about a book can get under your skin and you just really enjoy it I iked how each section was another chunk of Breashears ife and his experiences You really saw the natural evolution of him going from rock climber to cinematographer to director Reinforces tha. F knowledge Danger comes he argues when ambition blinds reason The stories this world class climber and great adventurer tells will surprise you from discussions of competitiveness on the heights to a frank description of the 1996 Everest trage.

Summary High Exposure An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places

Slience That was simply superb as it followed the If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India legendary George Mallory before he disappeared on the mountain in 1924 Brashears book discusses some of that and one of his early trips to Tibet was to follow the route of Mallory that was fascinating He also has an excellent first hand account of Tibet in the early 1990s under increasing Chinese authority and repression which is sort of terrifying But this book culminates in the horrific events on Everest in May 1996 made famous by John Krakauer in his book Into Thin Air I had no idea when I picked this up though it isikely mentioned in Krakauer s book that Brashears and his team were there at the same time making an IMAX film on Everest which apparently became the most successful IMAX documentary ever So this provides another perspective from a real professional of that calamity He actually helped Beck Weathers who was Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects left to die twice down part of the mountain and his description that man s incredible fortitude is a real highlight Overall an excellent book OK this book is not as rip roaring as Krakauer s Into Thin Air and yet it s an excellent insight into what makes a mountaineer tick I was moved by Breashear s account of the Everest 96 disaster and found his rendering of the survival of Beck Weathers perhaps even moving than the account in Krakauer s masterful tome Similarly moving was his account of the recovery of the camera containing theast picture of mountaineer Bruce Herrod staring into the ens in triumph on the summit of Everest soon to collapse and die with the very camera in his pocket The image strikes me as similar in spirit to that of Chris McCandless in front of the bus in Krakauer s Into the WildBreashears ife story is fascinating and one sometimes wishes that despite th I m a sucker for mountaineering books I would never climb Everest I The Tomb of Iuchiban like a valley aot than I ike mountains I would never climb Everest I ike a valley a Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) lot than Iike mountains I always bored above the treeline But I m so glad others want to get to the top His passion destroyed a remarkable marriageother then that he has Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow lived his dream Goodness this guy is an jerk The book opens in 1996 as the tragedy of that year is beginning to unfold As I read I found myself thinking Wow this dude is awfully smug I ve read aot of books about. Ite mountaineer and acclaimed Everest filmmaker David Breashears answers with an intimate and captivating ook at his ife For Breashears climbing has never been a uestion of risk taking Rather it is the pursuit of excellence and a uest for sel.