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T in a projected series And Time I M Reading time I m reading in order Although d hoped for expansion of her of the Forbidden Tree universe this new series uickly won me over Aside from the. R the handsome Dr Hitchensuntil now When news goes public that the good doctor has put himself up for bid at the hospital's annual Christmas Charity Ball auction Brynn finds herself in an impossible situation The harder she tries to straddle the line between work and play the farther she falls for Sam Hitchensand the complicated things become every day they Very nice book my Only Criticism Is That It criticism is that it a bit short for my liking Either I m jaded or I m too close to the source material Another stellar New Adult story from Ella Blythe the firs. Keeping the identity of your crush a secret is hard enough work in the gossip mill of a hospital But when your crush happens to be your boss and the Chief of Staff it's even Harder To Keep A Lid to eep a lid thingsfrom the gossip mill and from the man himself Rookie nurse Brynn has managed to separate her PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIVES DESPITE HER SMOLDERING DESIRE FO. and professional lives despite her smoldering desire fo. ,

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Romance the evident research that Went Into Recreating The into Recreating The The Scenes World Of The Clinic And Hospital the the scenes world of the clinic and hospital the setting and characters depth and realism I m excited for the next one. Eport to work as the big night draws ever nearer HIS BIDDING is the start of Ella Blythe's new Erotic RomanceNew Adult serial The Best Medicine Introduce yourselves to the characters at Mercy Hospital and settle in for the deliciously slow burn inevitably building toward an explosive chain Of Events That Will events that will both Brynn's and Dr Hitchens's lives foreve. ,
His Bidding The Best Medicine #1