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Traditional Chinese Stories Themes and VariationsTended period of time in Chinese history The stories in each section exemplify that certain popular theme but also provide keen insight into certain ualities are or have "also provide keen insight into certain ualities that are or have valued by the Chinese people Another great aspect of. Ul and vital expression of the Chinese spirit Spanning the ormer Han dynasty 206
BC AD 8 To The 
AD 8 to the Republican years these 61 selected stories represent the ive major orms of Chinese iction pi chi ch'uan ch'i pien wen hua pen and kung an With tables listing each sel. I love this book of stories It is possibly the "Best Collection Of Traditional And "collection of traditional and Chinese literature The book is separated into sections The title of each section is a theme that has been popular either or or an ex. For centuries "The Chinese Referred To "Chinese to iction as hsiao shuo etymologically meaning roadside gossip or small talk and held it in low regard compared to classical poetry and drama Not until the 20th century was the Chinese story internationally recognized as a beautif. These stories is that the interactions of the characters and their relationships with each other are often both recognizable in and relatable to everyday life I recommend this "book to anyone who enjoys stories or has "an interest in china. ection in its " interest in China. Ection in its chronological "to anyone who enjoys stories or has an interest in CHINA. ECTION IN ITS PROPER Ection in its proper and with extensive notes explaining difficult allusions and the placement of each story in the development of Chinese literature this collection provides an excellent text or students of comparative literature and Chinese ictio.