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T is trying to persuade trick coerce blackmail xtort and worse Kendar to give him the majykScandal is a cat that came through a rat hole like dimensional portal In this universe Scandal can talk has the intelligence of a person and is aware of the human culture of hisour Earth With Scandal s help Kendar scapes one attempt on his life and leaves the schoolKendar runs into sticky situations makes friends goes from the frying pan into the fire gets a respite or two One of the friends says maybe he s not an idiot that the teachers were ncouraging him to fail to xtract tuition From there on Kendar feels self worthWhen I fail to xtract tuition From there on Kendar feels self worthWhen I a kid I loved The Three Stooges this has the same vibe The lovable nitwits getting by on luck than smarts It has going for it because it s one story and gives Kendar and his friends room to grow Saying that I ve got to say I ve kind of outgrown The Three Stooges Good looking forward to reading the next in the series Zoltan was predictably vil Kendar was than a little naive if not stupid Mother Toadbreath was a wonderful character Grym the cute faced Barbarian was an interesting sidekick and Scandal the talking cat was as loyal and wise like wisecracking and a delight Another Friesner hit Rereading this first read it 20 years ago If you like dialogue with a smart ass cat this book is for you Lots of fun doesn t dialogue with a smart ass cat this book is for you Lots of fun doesn t itself too seriously Fantasy or Humor Humor or Fantasy Majyk by Accident is both On the planet Orbix Kendar Gangle is known as the worst student at Thendor s Academy of High Wizardry But when he hooks up with a talking arth cat Kendar Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) ends up with majyk than he knows what to do with Literally Esther Friesner has a great way with words Try Majyk by Hook or by Crook and Spilt Heirs too Just a touch of plod in what is mostly a romp306. Y ofnemies including a jealous wizard named Zoltan Fiendlord a baby faced barbarian a diminutive demon and It's amazing what a little Majyk can ,

Kind of reminds me a little bit of the XANTH SERIES BY PIERS ANTHONY THIS IS A REREAD series by Piers Anthony This is a reread me I Piers Anthony This is a reread for me I don ven know how many times have read it since purchasing it at least 10 years ago It is funny with an anti hero who as he moves through discovery and gains knowledge switches to be a hero with all the perks a hero should have but responsibility tooOverall I would recommend this for anyone who wants a good book they can read over and over review of Esther Friesner s Majyk By Accident by tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE April 24 2016 As I typically do I alternate between reading a serious bk at least one that s for fun so that I can take a break from the labor intensiveness that goes into the serious review writing The serious bk read at the same time as this one was Marco Deseriis s Improper Names Collective Pseudonyms from the Luddites to Anonymous I consider the serious reviews to be the important ones but I might very well njoy things like this Make of that what you will I don t generally read fantasy wch is what I reckon this is given that I prefer science fiction s prophetic yes scientific nature Still this had a good sense of humor sometimes that s all I ask for It starts off w this SO THERE YOU ARE YOU WORTHLESS RATWHACKER Velma Chiefcook s heavy hand fell on my shoulder like a sack of potatoes The great hall of Thengor s Academy of High Wizardry Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time echoed with her harsh voice the huge chandelier overhead swaying the timid fire sprites inside their separate glass cells flickering with fear Even the tall brass bound doors guarding the mighty Master Thengpr s apartments shuddered on their hinges p 1 I reckon this children at the school of magic trope is a well worn path but this was published in 1993 that s 4 yrs before thextremely popular Harry Potter series so maybe. Do you believe in MajykKendar Gangle's the worst student magician on the world of Orbix He's a flop at mastering Majyk the stuff that puts spunk in. Esther Friesner s sitting around wondering why SHE isn t rich instead of J K Rowling As those of you who ve been around know the word magic is usually used to mean stage magic the word magick is usually used to Mean Ceremonial Magick Long Ago I Proposed ceremonial magick Long ago I proposed abbreviate the latter to just magik see my letter under the heeading Sound Thinking on p 14 of Kaos issue 10 London 1987 or 1988 In this bk another variation appears Majyk Tolly breathed He stared at the golden cloud above Master Thengor s bed and his beady blue One Wild Weekend eyes began to shine with greed It s the stuff that puts the spunk in our spells thenergy in our nchantments the charge in our charms the can do in our cantrips Without it we wizards are nothing We could wag our wands until the unicorns come home but if we didn t have a little Majyk we wouldn t be able to turn snakes into snacks or cats into catsup p 11 2 of the main characters are a cat who s come
thru into a 
into a wizard s alternate universe the student Cat s are a mythical creature in the student s world The cat speaks in 20th century American slang I don t want to learn how to use it I said I just want to get it all back together get it off my back and get on with my life Okay don t have a cow the cat said So we get the rest of the Majyk together for you if that s what floats I love love love love love this book Jolly good fun Looking for Kendar has been at wizard school for six years during which time he s learned pretty much nothing about wizardry Master Thengor is dying he s hoarded majyk and may be about ready to divvy up some of that majyk from his deathbed In a slapstick scene it comes to Kendar He can t control it people aren t happy that he got it and a couple of the masters attempt to take it away Unsuccessfully Now he has a nemesis tha. Spells until he chases an Earth cat called Scandal into a Majyk cloud Now Kendar has the biggest supply of Majyk on Orbix and an ven bigger suppl. Majyk By Accident