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So this book "WAS REALLY INFORMATIVE IN THE BEGINNING "really informative in the beginning just what lightkeeper duties entail but really I digress was the motto for this book While I really did learn a lot from the first few chapters and came to the realization that I did not in fact want to be a lighthouse eeper the author really went off point and on crazy TANGENTS AT TIMES AS I GOT FURTHER INTO THE at times As I got further into the I also started noticing copy editor mistakes spelling errors and un capitalized sentences and the like as if it was a rush job While I appreciate the different theories put forth to explain the men s disappearance giant waves murderous intent outright supernatural occurrences the author really digressed into obscure accounts of some of these things and it just started to sound rambling The uh sources were intriguing but not always applicable so it s like research was done but not particularly well aimed I managed to finish which really says something given my propensity to abandon the boring this year but this wasn t a great book Despite the low rating it wasn t that a bad book I went through waves of bordem and interest Skipping pages of waffle but also eating up the good parts especially theories and reports I first heard the story of the missing lighthouse The Writing Workshop keepers of Eilean Mor on the podcast ASTONISHING LEGENDS Three men alone on this island simply vanished in December of 1900 No signs of a struggle or of foul play just the silence of sudden and unexplained absence The story seemed compelling at first I suppose because the mind naturally wanders to wild explanations for these men s disappearance however it appears that most who have studied this case accept that the men were most likely swept from the island by one or a series of rogue waves Tra Much of this book wasn t even about the Lighthouse Tragedy Lots of crackpot theories and digressions and ultimately not very mysterious Seems pretty obvious the ocean was the culprit Not nearly as interesting as his book about Dylatov Pass Perhaps because the incident happened so long ago This gets 1 Star because I didn t like it Others may It s a good look at what being a lighthouseeeper entailed before the advent of electrified and computerized lighthouses But the blurb promised a creepy story a la the shining This wasn t that This was instead a regurgitat. What really happened to the mysteriously vanished lighthouse Agricultural Engineering keepers of the Flannan Isles a true story evocative of The ShiningOn December 26 1900 the vessel Hesperus arrived at Eilean Mor in the remote Outer Hebrides with relief lighthouse men and fresh provisions Staffed by threeeepers the lighthouse had been in operation for a year but no light had been seen from Eilean Mor for 10 days Upon arrival the superintendent Robert Mui. The Lighthouse

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Ion of silly t The write up on this book sounds intriguing A Mystery But The Book But the book not deliver on that The book meanders all over the place starting with a description of the life and work of the lighthouse Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse keepers the UK bureaucratic structure and the building of lighthouses etc Myths about the Eilean Mor misspelled in the write up above as Elian More lighthouse are mentioned but not explained It takes far too long to get to the actual occurrence on Eilean Mor which the author fictionalizes at first three men disappear Iept waiting for a payoff what actually happened to the men but no one nows The book ends with a chapter on various murders and madness in lighthouses AROUND THE WORLD I WOULD HAVE the world I would have a chapter about all of these occurrences including Eilean Mor rather than an incohesive 200 page narrative of history poetry letters that isn t about a mystery However as tangled as the narrative is I did learn about lighthouses and their eepers which is a subject that interests me A thorough examination of the disappearance of the three lighthouse An Alien Heat keepers at Eileen Mor in the Outer Hebrides in 1900 this book is divided into several partsThe first and longest part looks at the life of lighthouseeepers and the history of the NLBThe next section covers the missing men and reconstructs a possible scenario for the day they went missingThe author then looks at the immediate aftermath of the disappearance including provisions made for the eepers familiesThe chapters discuss various theories both probable and unlikely scenariosAlthough I bought this in the hopes of reading something on the eerie side by far the most Interesting Part Of The part of the was the chapter on the history of the NLB and the realities of being a lighthouse eeper I found this part extremely fascinating and if you have ever had any interest in this topic this would be a great book to readThe book bogged down for me when the author got into the Giant Wave theory This seems like the most likely cause of the disappearance and he states the case well but we then are given details about giant waves than might seem absolutely necessary Normally I enjoy following an author off onto little tangents but for some reason this part didn t hold my attention and I never really regained my focus throughout the rest of the. Rhead found the lighthouse to be completely deserted and a subseuent search of the surrounding island failed to show any sign of what happened to the eepers The last entry in the lighthouse logbook had been made on December 15 and contained a number of strange and distressing entries that offered clues as to the mental state of the men One was reported to have been crying while another had become very uiet When it was revealed that. BookSadly the supernatural explanations which I have to give the author credit for exploring in a decent amount of detail just seem silly Is this how normal people feel when they read about the stuff I love I don t want to live in that worldAll in all a great historical look at lighthouses but disappointing if you come to it in search of a chilling supernatural mystery Terrible poorly written and structured long passages which I found less than relevant numerous factual mistakes and no real grip on The Core Of The core of the mystery Avoid I have been meaning to read this ever since I read about it in Peter May s Coffin Road I had no nowledge of the incident prior to May s book but it intrigued me to find out For those who don t now in 1900 three lighthouse men disappeared off the face of the earth whilst working at the Eliean Mor lighthouse and a number of myths have grown up around this incident There disappearance was only noticed when a ship sailing past noticed no light but it was some days later before it was reported to the appropriate authorityA support vessel was dispatched and no trace of the men was found Everything in the lighthouse was in order although only two of the men had worn the appropriate clothing to go out in a severe storm The other had left his coat behind They ept a log and
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did not seem be any issues at allInterestingly there was absolutely no police involvement in this investigation and it was left to the Superintendent of the Northern Lighthouse Board to do the necessaryThe author gives a great insight into the working conditions of lighthouse workers and the conditions they faced and the sort of weather conditions that would have been faced in the Flannan Isles He also goes on to talk about the boredom and psychological conditions that the men would have encounteredAll in all this was enjoyable even though the author cannot tell us exactly what happened but no one can A shade too dry and repetitive I understand background information on how lighthouses were ran day to day is understand background information on how lighthouses were ran day to day is likewise the weather conditions but the entire first half of the book consists of this rather dry information repeated several different ways whilst the actual theories as to what happened take up a little over a uarter of the book and seems to be somewhat cursor. The men's oilskin coats were missing and the clock in the lighthouse had stopped inevitable theories surrounding the eepers' fates were soon put forward These included a giant wave washing them away murder and suicide by the men themselves and esoteric explanations as Eilean Mor was believed to have mystical properties This book explores this mysterious and chilling story in depth for the first time and reveals a shocking conclusio. .