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3 stars as I its a good but the nding its a good read but the nding a little gray Was she just dreaming or did she kill her father This book was a great would recommend this book to anyone x RattlingThough obviously written by an amateur writer the tale itself is chilling and motionally charged Writing it from the perspective of the girl took guts Tempting Fate even if at times it made me suirm in discomfort Thending was a bit odd but the story itself was well worth the money HeartbreakingWatching Katie come to terms with what her father was doing and seeing b the way her mind glazed over it to help protect her was absolutely heartbreaking Very goodGreat book Well written Well read As someone who was raised in. Too far crossing boundaries that never should have *been crossed she has been slowly groomed over *crossed She has been slowly groomed over and never considered xposing his unwanted attention. This was a very sad case of abuse Katie s mother is mentally *Ill And Largely Absent *and largely absent her father is manipulative He switches between being affectionate and threatening with aseI agree with other reviewers that the One Giant Leap ending was very ambiguous but I could understand why Katie Lynn didn t feel able to tell anyone She commented several times through the book about her feelings of incredible shame over what was happening Confessing that to someone would be very difficult OK BookOK BookThis book started off great it was really good until thending Although it was a pretty good read I hate books that nd the way this one did I wouldn t recommend book to my Friends did wrongI gave. Young book to my Friends Daddy did wrongI gave. Young interprets her fathers special attention as his way of showing her how special she is to him That is until the day he took his affection for her. A home with a physical abusive male and a bipolar mother and sexualally abused by many outside the home this hit home Truly a sad story bipolar mother and sexualally abused by many outside the home this hit home Truly a sad story any abuse case is sad I felt sorry for the girl and the motional abuse she went through along with the touching her father did What I really didn t understand and maybe since it is from her point of view is why she did not confess to someone Her mother when she returned seemed in the right mind What happened "to Katie after her father was shot WorstThis is the worst "Katie after her father was shot WorstThis is the worst book s and twisted don t waste your timeIt s first a lot than just a story it s sick AmazingI was going to read 1 chapter a night but it was soo good i red it all in 1 night. To anyone until he starts repeating his grooming techniue on her little sister For some reason killed the original title Look inside to see former title use.

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Daddy Did Wrong (Child Abuse Series Book 1)