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Historical value Willard and Rebecca Bean moved into the Smith farmhouse and Ran The Farm As the farm as self supporting enterprise At first the townspeople of Palmyra would not even sell them groceries and they and their children faced persecution and hatred But their constant friendliness refusal to take offense and gifts to the community gradually broke down barriers and led to the acuisition of the Martin Harris and David Whitmer farms and the whole of the Hill Cumorah Their five year mission stretched to 25 years before they were finally called mission stretched to 25 years before they were finally called to Salt Lake CityThe author uses these events to tell the Bean s story but also uses this book to testify of the truth of the gospel the restoration and all that the gospel has meant to so many who heard it during this time And of course all of that is true alsoThe reduction of one star is only because this is not a professional author and the story is unskilled and guileless I feel a little guilty giving it four stars but honesty compels me to say that the wording and style are a bit awkward in places and an editor would have been useful But don t let that detract from your enjoyment of this piece of history I didn t now any of these events before I read this little book It s really worth your while Although the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints was established in Palmyra New York in 1830 it was only a few years later that the persecution for the members of the church was so great they had to abandon their lives there Many years later in 1915 the president of the LDS church Joseph F Smith felt it was time for them to return He called Willard and Rebecca Bean A Newly Married a newly married on a mission to live in Palmyra at the old Smith farm and give the church a presence there From the very first moments of their time there they encountered fierce opposition and harsh treatment but Willard s experience as a prize fighter along with his jolly no nonsense attitude along with Rebecca s unflinching indness eventually softened the hearts of many And as they lived there they watched ma. Ad come for the Church to again have a presence there He called Willard and Rebecca Bean to return to Palmyra As a former prizefighter Willard had the temperament to withstand the unkind words and harsh treatment they received from their neighbors while Rebecca s ind demeanor served to create friends out of former enemies As the couple s initial. ,

Ny miracles take place such as the purchasing of the Hill Cumorah A wonderfully told true story and it really made me love this amazing couple told true story and it really made me love this amazing couple their bravery as they raised their family in Palmyra and fulfilled their mission On a fall 2010 trip to Palmyra NY to visit family I bought this book about the 24 year mission of Willard and Rebecca Bean to I really enjoyed learning about the family in this book their experiences and their interaction with the people of Palmyra It was very interesting To Learn How The learn how The of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints acuired the Hill Cumorah I always love hearing others testimonies and how they lived The story of Willard and Rebecca Bean a young couple called to serve a mission in Palmyra NY in 1915 Back then there was still much hostility toward Mormons in that area He was a boxer and not afraid of anyone or anything She was a great cook and hostess Over the next 24 years they slowly but surely made friends and helped turn the tide of anger while living on the old Joseph Smith homestead They were also instrumental in the church s purchase of the Hill CumorahI actually just bought this book I enjoyed it so much I m hoping to get our book club to read it This is a great story based on true events The writing itself was a little fluffy so I suppose that halted me from giving it a higher rating That said I felt inspired by the life and mission of this good couple They did amazing things for the cause of their religion Wonderful examples to those of us who share that same faith today A very easy read A biography in novel form of Willard and Rebecca Bean They were called on a 5 year mission to re establish the church presence in Palmyra and 24 years later were released In that time they went from the hated and lonely mormons To Beloved Friends Of The Entire Community beloved friends of the entire community dad recommended the book to me and as his dad was a boxer I think he felt a inship to Bro Bean I felt it was inspiring to now of anyone who could magnify their calling to the degree that they did for as long as they did. Five year calling stretched on for many years they were instrumental in many ey events such as the acuisition of the Hill Cumorah and other prominent sites Most importantly their sacrifices and faithfulness opened the way for thousands of Saints to visit Palmyra in later years and partake of the Spirit of the Lord that is there This is their stor.

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A Lion and A LambMormon story The true story of Willard and Rebecca Bean who as newlyweds were called to serve a mission in Palmyra NY Willard was a former prize fighter and had the strength wisdom and tenacity to withstand all of the antagonists in Palmyra when he and his wife first moved thereTheir 5 year mission ended up lasting 25 years They lived in the Smith Family home They raised their children Through their indness and by small miracles they were able to become part of a community who initially despised them They were also instrumental in helping to acuire initially despised them They were also instrumental in helping to acuire purchase of the Hill Cumorah the Whitmer farm and other historic church sitesThe author used primary resources and exact dialogue as much as possible to tell this story This is not just a re telling of the events of the Bean s mission in Palmyra from 1915 to 1939 it is a story of love Their love for each other and their love for their Savior Hatred is a powerful darkness This is a story of how they were able to overcome so much hate through the power of love This is the story of Willard and Rebecca Bean s 24 year mission to return the LDS church to its roots in western New York It s not a traditionally written history book It is much loosely told and lovingly told I found the Beans fascinating and I think I might have come away from the book loving them almost as much as their grandson the author I found this story so uplifting their experiences exceptional If a person goes into it looking for a strict coldly researched unbiased retelling of historical events this will be an eyebrow lifter However if you let yourself just sit back and enjoy a family history tale this is a true find I hope someday to meet Willard Bean and shake his hand It s hard to now how many stars to give some books This one tells the truth and all by itself that should probably give it five stars It is a history of the authors grandparents who were missionaries sent to open the doors of Palmyra so the church could establish a presence there again and perhaps acuire some of the properties of. A Return to Palmyra In 1830 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints was established in Palmyra New York But within a few short years persecution had driven the Saints away from the Church’s birthplace For many decades northwestern New York was a hostile place for a Mormon However in 1915 President Joseph F Smith felt impressed the time ,