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Other than repeatedly referring to things as out of the scope of the book and not offering a further reading section this was actually a pretty solid blogging book Instead of focusing on monetizing the blog and ad revenue there was a lot focus on the content of the post and the writing style my favourite section being on the Top 50 Grammar and Usage mistakes which taught me a couple of things which is something I ve been looking for Both John and Charlie have had extremely lucrative blogging careers with Gizmodo and others and it was impressive to get careers with Gizmodo and others and it was impressive to get down to earth and helpful advice from blogging legends Whereas some of the other blogging books I ve read have seemed to want to eep the secrets under wraps this was a very transparent and open book and I feel as though I ve learnt a lot from it because of that This book was amazing I would never ever write a blog likes theirs but they definitely now what they are talking about Lots of helpful suggestions that I can adapt to create a reasonable blog for me I may not make a hundred gazillion page views in five minutes but I think I can create a decent blog with their help Concise authoritative instructions from authors who are clearly at the top of their game The first blogging book I read it informed without overwhelming using a friendly not authoritative writing style I ve reread the book multiple times and will incorporate this writing style into my blogWhite and Biggs suggest blogging multiples times a day 10 20 to get readers Not me It takes me hours to get one post out and it could put off followers I unsubscribe when I get too many emails from a company But it Worked For Them Working On for them working on Mashable and CrunchGearBloggers take small stories and magnify them with resea I love the book The one book that teaches me blogginglink I wanted to find out some general tips and advice about which blogging platform to use and how to go about doing some basic blogging Bloggers Boot Camp is the first book on blogging I ve read and it covered all this and a lot It includes a whole array of advice on things technical and how to go about writing the content of a blog It is Also Aimed At People Who aimed at people who to go into blogging to make a living or earn some money from it I skimmed some of this latter part but it all looks like good adviceThere s also some interesting personal stories from the authors which help to add to the general. Anyone can build a blog It’s uite easy The difficult part is eeping it relevant technically sound and popular Bloggers Boot Camp shows you how to blog for success It teaches you how to find a niche find your uniue voice and how to hold a conversation with an audience It provides information on all the right tools. Bloggers Boot Camp

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On the topicHow to Write a Blog PostHeadlines should entertain and give a good sense of what post is aboutTypes of headlines Ask uestion The secret to Include numbers if it s unusual never before done a ey fact or a breakthrough Weird or unusual Amazing Finally when writing about something people have been waiting for Lists eg Top X Shock outrageous controversial use sparingly RumorCapitalize first letter of each word in headline unless it s an article or coordinating conjunction and but or not forIn first sentence or at most second plainly tell readers topic of post giving a good reason why they SHOULD CAREFEEL FREE TO OCCASIONALLY WRITE OFF TOPIC POSTS careFeel free to occasionally write off topic posts can entertain regular readers and attract new audiencesTypes of posts Short post Review Feature an in depth article about a specific subject or news item posts bring pageviews but features bring readers List Infographic Commentary Polluiz Caption adding your caption to one or photos or videos Interview How toBuilding Traffic Making Money and Measuring SuccessMonetization Google AdSense Affiliate sales eg Google Commission Junction Ad networks eg Federated Media Chitika Personal ad sales Merchandising clothes bags etc Donate button Indirect monetization freelance writing book deals speaking engagements consultingEthics Problems and How to Solve ThemIn most cases you re obligated to send review units back and company that provided unit usually pays shipping both waysFTC Revised Endorsement Guides say affiliation must be disclosed in writing if you stray from just the facts reporting to sharing your say affiliation must be disclosed in writing if you stray from just the facts reporting to sharing your You should say if you used a review unitBuilding an EmpireIf you hire bloggers don t pay per post which encourages low uality post Play a flat monthly fee This was a very good book that I highly recommend It is not meant to be a bible for blogging but I was able to take some really good information from it I like how they stated to try and blog 1000 words a day minimum Although I a am not uite there yet as I still struggle to find things to blog about I am definitely getting there averaging a little less than 200 words than their recommended threshold They give a brief but brilliant introduction to the Inverted Pyramid Style of news writing which was also very helpful for me in having a layout to follow for stories in my blog I am glad that I used this book to help me get started with my blog Cafe Con LechehttpbitlyZBRDKX. Ion’s manuscript They understand and now how social media can make or break a blog Microblogging is a new trend brought on by the wide utilization of social media To that same end networking with other bloggers and content creators on the web is another form of building one’s blog and one’s reputation as a write. Interest of the bookI found it to be written in an easy to follow format without having to be a technical wizard to understand it I think this is probably a good general book for most people Though With Extra Details For Those Who with extra details for those who to take things further So I can recommend it for those purposes A good book useful for all Blue Guide kinds of bloggers Particularly for those interested in building a big corporate blog from Gizmodo to Huffington Post This means the direction the book progresses toward is to build a multiple person blog for breaking news Also good for those who see themselves as less diaryeepers and writers Nifty It gets right down to business with a serious bootcamp layout The chapters are fun relevant and start your blog from scratch Page one gets you right down into the mud By the end you ll feel like Arnold with an empire Highly recommended for newbs and as a refresher skinny old folksYes this Arnold Decent blogging advice from experienced bloggers they ve worked for Mashable Gizmodo and CrunchGear The book was published in 2012 so a lot of the advice is dated particularly about technical aspectsI read this to improve my skills for my blog about personal cybersecurity and online privacy Defending DigitalNotesTarget PracticeAlways Be Posting Try to post at least 1000 words per day in one or postsHello WorldYour bio Who you are you What you do Why that s important Why you are uniuely ualified to write about your topic Good to have a mix of mirth and cold hard facts Workeducational experience list of pertinent jobsdegrees Play experience list of pertinent hobbies Location history something to give you character and encourage local news to pick up your story Notable facts pertinent things no one nows about youWhat to Write About10 uestions to ask before posting1 Is it new Ensure what you think is a new really is2 Is there something fascinating and different about it3 Does anybody really care about this4 Is there something hilarious uirky or unbelievable about it5 have you had a unbelievable about it5 Have you had a experience with it6 Is there a good graphic or photo available7 Is everybody else in the world covering it You should cover major stories even when everyone else is but skip minor stories that everyone else is covering if you have nothing to add8 Is it a world s first9 Is it a hot topic of considerable controversy that will lure comments from readers10 Do you have a uniue opinion or spin. For the blog and it offers best ways to promote your blog and content for maximum success and a profitable life Though rules in creating compelling content haven’t really changed ways in which the world blogs has since the last edition The authors have learned a lot about social media since writing the previous edit.
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