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Nce the woman Reluctantly stepping back Ash is adamant that should Selena need him he will be there for her so when something starts haunting her there s no way Ash will not be by her side Selena realises that she needs help as s no way Ash will not be by her side Selena realises that she needs help as is stalking her seems to be gaining power but putting Ash in danger is the last thing she wants but maybe just maybe they are stronger together and it s high time they found outFirst off I wish to state that I love this authors work and have read several of both her shifter and her Fae books Unfortunately I had not read the previous book in this series Throne of Oak and I feel my njoyment was marred somewhat by that There are an awful lot of characters to get straight in the readers head and particularly initially there is a lot of references to Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society events from previous books which I feel might irk some readers who don tnjoy reprising old story lines *I Hasten To Add That As The Book Got Underway *hasten to add that as the book got underway became far njoyable and the romance angle progressed uite nicely but simply because of all the assorted and diverse characters it felt a little stilted to me Much as I adore the uber protective hero Ash and I thought Selena was a very stubborn and brave heroine I just did not connect with this series as much as I have with others from the author Nevertheless it was an interesting storyline and I m uite taken by the vampire Parker who definitely has potential as a leading man but unfortunately not my favourite book by this author I would happily though urge readers to check out her Grey Court series as they are simply a fabulous read and I think it s fair to say that if it s a series then it s far better to read in order This does work as a standalone but for this reader only just. Maggie's grove can tame it aloneTerrified xhausted and out of options Selena turns to Ash for help The nemy needs two things to feed Selena's powers yes but also it needs her fear And if there's a magic that can save her it lies with Ash with his touch and with their bond84000 words.

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LOVED IT I love this series I didn t njoy this as much as the previous 2 Maybe the story was a bit too confusing for too long and I couldn t follow along as well Still want to read Greer s story though And I hope that s the last we see of the demon If you re the type of person like myself who reads the wikipedia Black Heart, Red Ruby entries for horror movies instead of seeing them and then still has nightmares anyway then brace yourself and maybe don t read this right before bedtime because there is freaky ghostdemonexorcism bullshit all up in this book It was good but it definitely was not a relaxing and calming read I did really like Ash and Serena together and I thought they made a compatible pair I absolutely adore Dana Marie Bell and this series has been one of my favorites but something felt a bit off about this one Still a good book by a great author but not what I ve come toxpect from her books Possessions Shadows Demons Oh MyDana Marie Bell has once again provided an amazing story In a town where being paranormal is the norm you meet a spunky witch doctor and the dryad that knows he should be her mate When the doctors powers go on the fritz and a demon takes possession this story is hard to put down The amazing characters in the group make you wish that you *live in Maggies s Grove I m on to the next book Selena the witch doctor has found *in Maggies s Grove I m on to the next book Selena the witch doctor has found mate Ash the dryad but before they can claim ach other they have to get rid of the demon possessing Selena class="459615c508cec772e66317f0928f293d" style="color: #006666; 17px;">*Will They Get Rid Of * they get rid of Dana Marie Bell is my go to author I love her imagination and I know her weird and twisted mind will cook up something amazing with kick ass characters hot sex and hysterical dialogue so it pains me to give one of her books such a bad rating. Overprotective dryad Ashton Ward is pissed off His mate Selena has been tortured by humans who hunt supernaturals and she's flat out refusing to let him near her as she heals Her magic is so compromised that just being near her puts him in danger but he's sure he can help ase her pain. I wish I could say *That I Enjoyed This Book *I New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood enjoyed this book much as all her others but alas it s not to be This book started off great I wasnjoying the story and really loved Ash but after a while this book just started to drag I didn t love Selena and I think that s what made this book so frustrating for me I felt like the Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey excitement of the story got lost in this annoying character who keeps whining and I felt likeveryone lse had to do things for her In fact I njoyed reading about the side characters so much I love Greer and can t wait to read his story and as always Parker was amazing I m sad that I didn t like this book but I love this series it s actually my favourite from DMB so I ll definitely be reading the next one I njoyed this the third story of the series It was better than the second Selena the witch doctor is haunted by a demon Lots of action Lots of strings being gathered to
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the suspense of who the traitor Loved the wedding This is book three in this series that charts the lives of all those magical folks who live in and around Maggie s Grove and this time the plot is set firmly around the DryadAsh and the woman he wants to call mate Selena All does not run smoothly though as Selena has only recently been rescued from vicious kidnappers who poisoned her and ven now her magical powers are most definitely on the fritz Selena is than just a witch she is a healer but her powers are so out of whack that any spell she casts seems to go horribly wrong Ash does not want to watch his potential mate suffer but the stubborn Selena refuses to involve him and insists he returns home to the GroveAsh may not want to leave Selena at all but realises if he is to claim her as his mate he must first convi. If she'll just let himTo keep Ash safe witch doctor Selena Giannone wants to handle the fallout from her nightmare alone But she might be dealing with than the agonizing loss of her powers something's haunting her house so badly the land itself is afraid A demon so powerful nothing in. ,
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Of Shadows and Ash Maggies Grove #3