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S of wisdom and life lessons from dogs and Mr Peterman Who knew I laughed I cried it became a part of me Seriously I enjoyed this book It was a uick read but gave O Hurley s spin on having had dogs all his life and the lessons they ve taught him It was lighthearted but insightful I love dogs but this book was nothing to bark about I picked this up in the used book section when I had some time to kill Pretty much the definition of beach reading A breezy read short chapters fairly light stuff Some good insights but little that will bowl one over Big fans of the author will get some neat biographical insights and dog lovers will appreciate some of his pets antics A lovely little book on life lessons he has learned from his dogs They re lessons that would all make us better people and better dog owners Now I m going to curl up with my dogs and go to sleep Probably not for everyone but for dog lovers it s a great fun and gentle book. Acters and an ability to take things in stride writes OHurley in the books introduction They can be counted on and are pleasant companions They know whats important always How many humans do ou know about which ou could say the same At once poignantly moving and laugh out loud funny Its Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump is a for and laugh out loud funny Its Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump is a book for lover on everyones holiday shopping lis. .
T be ashamed to take naps because dogs take naps and they don t apologize for naps and they don t apologize for You know what else dogs don t apologize for Licking themselves and eating rabbit poopOverall a bland book that s definitely not breaking new ground when it comes to understanding indulging or being entertained by our canines I am so delighted to read this book It was a book borrowed from a friend And trust me I am totally bowled over with this gem of a novel from John Its so simple to read through like a breeze Yet so much to learn from every bit I must say read this one and take down our own little notes for self help A friend sent me this little book It s a book of essays about whY the author has learned from his dogs I enjoyed it It was well written very funny in parts Try to jump into Becoming Enlightened your bed but miss the bed on purpose It is so funny We laughed so hard I learned Never miss a Nap and Ifou re happy and You know it wag our tail Nice little gem. Orshow host John OHurley Seinfeld Dancing with the Stars shares lessons learned from his life with canine companions including Every 15 Minutes Is a New Day; Never Miss a Nap; When One Person Stops Petting You Move On; Cold Can of Meat Is Still a Feast; and Youre Only as Big as You Think You Are to a few Dogs after all have pure hearts trusting natures a zest for living noble char. .

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It could be that I m simply judging books harder the read but my average rating has Been Dropping Lately I Hesitate dropping lately I hesitate rate this book a 2 in my mind that screams don t read waste of time Then again it was simply okay So 25 Now that I feel betterI went into this thinking that I would read funny and charming tales about the author s dogs Instead I feel this is one of those book deals only offered to a famous person an opportunity for him to write about his life and loosely tie his experiences into a topic the public actually wants to read about While the premise sounds like it will be about dogs the actual meat of the book skews much towards the author s uasi achievements in "His Youth And The Lessons He Learnedwhich "youth and the lessons he learnedwhich then kind of sort of mushed together with common dog characteristics These are not the hilarious retellings of antics a dog such as Marley would get into Instead one of his lessons is literally I learned to no. A funny profound book about the enduring wisdom of dogs from the host of the enormously popular National Dog Show Charming and hilarious Its Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump is than a mere celebration of mans best friend In this lighthearted and reflective exploration of how and why dogs have served as some of our most valuable and enlightened teachers well known and well loved act. ,
It's Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump And Other Life Lessons I Learned from Dogs