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Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 3 kI was hoping for actual facts but the book was mostly assumptions based on a few personal accounts from people whonew the Lincolns before they went to Washington I love that Abraham Lincoln was an animal lover but it almost takes a backseat to the story of Abe the lawyer and politician It s hard to mess up a book about a beloved President and his dog This was a nice historical account of Fido and his life with the Lincoln family We all now how Lincoln s life tragically ended and it s eually sad to note that his dog met a similar fate An interesting read for those who are fans of our 16th President This is an easy read with many interesting facts about life in the Lincoln USI plan on reading the "Other Books From Algeo That I Haven "books from Algeo that I haven yet read Abraham Lincoln has always been one of my favorite presidents There s a lot of reasons that I like him He was a reader He seemed to have a great sense of humor He was very smart He seems like he had some really fantastic life experiences and it s hard to get around that whole presidential career In Abe and Fido I found a new reason to love our 16th president Apparently he was a huge animal lover as am I In this book we learn about his history with animals This book includes a whole lot as well If you re looking for a light historical read this may be a great pick for youI was attracted to this book by the idea of learning something about Abraham Lincoln s life that I didn t really now about before I loved that he was an animal lover and wanted to now about that aspect of his life This book includes a lot about many other famous people who loved animals I love HISTORY BOOKS THAT ARE OFF THE books that are off the path and this but definitely fits that billThe writing of the book is pretty good It s clear that the author did a lot of research There is a lot of information on Abraham Lincoln and his animals particularly his yeller dog Fido as suggested by the title During Abraham Lincoln s time Fido was so famous that after Lincoln was assassinated people ran around trying to grab pieces of Fido s hair as a souvenir The book also includes a lot of other information about other people and their animals While it s interesting some of the information simply seems to be thrown in there so parts of the book feel like a list of interesting facts I the book feel like a list of interesting facts I the facts but the way that the book was organized made it a little bit disjointed Overall I really enjoyed this book It is always fantastic to learn something new about a famous per. In early 1861 as he prepared to leave his home in Springfield Illinois to move into the White House Abraham Lincoln faced many momentous tasks but none he dreaded than telling his two youngest sons Willie and Tad that the family’s beloved pet dog Fido would not be accompanying them to Washington Lincoln was afraid the skittish dog couldn’t endure th. Son who I ve already read a ton "about i enjoyed author algeo s book harry "I enjoyed author Algeo s book Harry s Excellent Adventure so decided to read this book It was not as good as the Truman book about a post presidential road trip with Bess I think because there was less of a story In this book Algeo provides facts and anecdotes about Lincoln s dog Fido who the family had in Springfield but were forced to leave behind when Lincoln became president and they moved to Washington Not a great deal is nown about Fido so the book is fleshed out with anecdotes about Lincoln s other pets he had a pet pig as a child his love of animals other presidential pets Caroline Kennedy was given a puppy from one of the space dogs by Khrushchev and treatment of pets during the late 1800s most dogs were considered curs and it was a mark of middle class status to La sculpture sur pierre : Art et techniques keep a dog in the house The book also has many other anecdotes about Lincoln and Algeo infers that Lincoln s love of animals is ineeping with his compassionate nature and concerns about slavery The book is well researched and written I had higher expectations for this book It felt like a chore to read because most of it was based on assumptions rather than facts about the dog As it was 150 years ago it s difficult to now the facts which is understandable But the author also digressed from the topic several times and gave information about Lincoln s political career which I found to be one of the interesting parts of the book The information about Fido would have been much better if it was condensed and in a President s Pets compilation book instead I love dogs and I have read this author s interesting book about Harry Truman s excellent "adventure so I ind of new I d like this book too The book is fairly short but has "so I ind of Blue Is for Nightmares knew I d like this book too The book is fairly short but has of details I didn tnow about Lincoln Not enough is really nown about his beloved dog Fido to fill a whole book so the author has included a look at life in Springfield Illinois when the Lincoln family lived there some brief insight into Lincoln s political campaigns and into his family life and stories of other animals in Lincoln s life The focus is on the years Fido was alive that is from 1855 1866 which were eventful years in this nation s history There are uite a few old photos of places people and animals discussed in the text The book is a uick breezy read and I have to admit I shed a few tears at Fido s demise I won t ruin the ending but will just say that his death was as violent as his master s The book. E long rail journey so he decided to leave the mutt behind with friends in Springfield Fido had been by Lincoln’s side as the prairie lawyer rose from obscurity to the presidency sometimes carrying bundles of letters from the post office in his mouth as he and his master walked the streets of the state capital Abe Fido tells the story of two friends. Abe and Fido