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Ar jerking at times I oved this book It was as inspiring as it was heart wrenching She covers motherhood African American Literature in Transition, 1830-1850 losing her son to suicide being a part of the folk music revolution and her battle with alcoholism and depression She is an amazing woman Judy Collins was going to be at a Borders bookstore and I wanted her to sign my Judy Collins Songbook which I d bought in 1970 It was uite a different bookstore appearance from what I was used to Not only did she talk but she sang standing there in front of us acapella She mentioned this book my book and said there weren t many copies and she didn t even have one I thought to myself what if she wants it what would I do I also bought Singing Lessons and stood inine At my turn she said you ve had this book for a ong time I said I ve BEEN AN ADMIRER FOR A LONG TIME I FELT an admirer for a ong time I felt welling up and knew if she said anything else that needed a reply I d cry I can only think how cathartic it would be to write about osing your child to suicide and to sing about that child on the CD that
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with the book Collins has my sympathy for having ost a child to suicide Not having had that experience I cannot imagine what one might feel in coming Ks to open us up so that we can feel and experience the depths and having Gone There Climb To there climb to we could never imagine It was the suicide of her son Clark in 1992 that signaled the slow dismantling of Judy's Spare the Child: The Religious Roots of Punishment and the Psychological Impact of Physical Abuse life the end of the world But in its wake came a choice to become another victim of the tragedy or to emerge victorious Judy chose victory freeing her heart to appreciate every precious moment ofife and see the gift of memory for the miracle it isWith uiet grace and uncommon candor Singing Lessons reveals some of those miracles Judy's memories of places people triumphs and tragedies From meeting Gloria Steinem and John F Kennedy to dining with Bill and Hillary Clinton and spending an extraordinary ni. O terms with this kind of event That said if thisbook had been just about that it probably would have been a effective telling of her grief and that outcome at Managing Activism A Guide to Dealing with Activists and Pressure Groups least for me anywayI have read aot of memoirs and I find her writing to be somewhat pretentious and rather overwrought After a while I found myself saying oh no not another be somewhat pretentious and rather overwrought After a while I found myself saying oh no not another of a friendI guess if you are a Judy Collins sort of celebrity you can never have enough friendsWhile I have some Other Observations About observations about this I will stop here for having given this2 worth of opinion Unknowingly started reading this the night Judy Collin s mom diedThere s a Faith Into Action: Thoughts on Selected Topics lot of pain in this book It was written shortly after the death of Judy s son but there was still much detail about troubles in theives of Judy her father and her son Made it pretty uncomfortable reading at times I thought the organization of the book was odd as well Judy jumps around to different topics and time periods rather than chronologically which I often found odd and distracting Judy Collins has the courage in this book to share at a deep and intimate evel her anguish and process toward healing following the suicide of her son Moving and insightful. Ght in the Lincoln bedroom; from recalling the essons of her beloved music teacher of thirty two years Max Margulis to reflecting on her marriage to Louis Nelson over and soulmate for twenty years; and from her fierce battles with her own demons to heartfelt remembrances of her son Judy shares herself in the sweet clear voice that is as true as her music with the insight her fans have come to know from her yricsMore than an intimate memoir Singing Lessons is the triumph of a keenly observant brilliantly gifted artist a deeply affecting and elouently written journal of a woman determined to keep her heart open her spirit intact and all the elements of her ife in harmony It is the heart and soul of Judy Collin.

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I read Collins story while doing research for a book I am writing on addiction and found it to be research for a book I am writing on addiction and found it to be written and heart breakingly honest Filled with the pathos of ove and Uprising Emerge Series loss it offers hope thatife s tragedies can be survived I found the chapters on the Greenes Farevvell to Follie Sent to Courtiers and Scholers, as a President to Warne Them from the Vaine Delights, That Drawes Youth on to Repentance. Robert Greene. Vtriusq[ue] Academia in Artibus Magister. (1617) lost of her son and her recovery from that and her addiction to alcohol to be interesting I had hoped this book would offer comfort but it was basically a recounting of how screwed up herife Was From The Time from the time was a child Judy Collins was a hugely popular folk singer in the 60 s and early 70 s I read another memoir by the author that was written several years after this one and this memoir has uite a bit of the same information but this one centers around her grieving her son s suicide I found it very sad but I think it would be helpful for someone that has gone through the same experience I expected to Dare To Be Hero love this because I enjoy memoirs and she has certainly had an interestingife but I had a hard time with too many names floating around and the story not Being Told Linear Jumping Around told inear jumping around it hard for me to follow What a beautiful and complicated read Her writing is as silvery as her voice Although te. For the millions who know Judy Collins' unforgettable music this remarkable memoir will come as no surprise A moving account of growth and healing memory and rebirth dreams and meditations this is Judy's heart statement imbued with the introspection we ove in her songs From coping with every mother's greatest sorrow the The (Underground) Railroad in African American Literature loss of a child to the shock of seeing her companion of fifteen years nearly die hers is a ballad of transformation in which some ofife's worst tragedies Handbook for Teaching African Literature African Writers lead to the discovery of a deeperove Before I suffered a major catastrophe I had no way of understanding the depth to which the soul is shaken the exterior shattered the interior made vulnerable and raw Perhaps this is the way the wound wor. Singing Lessons wCD