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Feminism and the Women's Movement Dynamics of Change in Social Movement Ideology and Activism Perspectives on Gender kAses Sydney is almostilled in a drive by shooting right after testifying in a *Murder Trial Max Is A *trial Max is a US Marshal and is sent to protect her I loved how Sydney had survived a bad past and was so much physically stronger as a result I don t want to ruin any surprises small or large but the first scene that shows her strength was great She was tough and strong but didn t make stupid choices to prove a point They are on the run most of the book and the BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 2 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 2: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) killerseep tracking them down There are several suspects and possible plots as to why they are trying to The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports kill her It willeep your attention I recommend Expert Witness if you like a sweet romance with suspense and a dose of faith You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex violence language and drugalcohol use in books What a great book It was really interesting learning about Sydney being a sketch artist and how she serves as a witness with her drawings to help put away criminals She is such a strong character who learns to fight back after being in an abusive relationship and escaping from it She is determined not to join witness protection after working so hard to have the life she has At times in the story that decision seems reckless but at other moments it made perfect senseMax is FBI turned Marshal agent and his first assignment is protecting Sydney He doesn "t realize what risks this assignment will put him in but he NEVER backs down and gets frustrated when Sydney "realize what risks this assignment will put him in but he NEVER backs down and gets frustrated when Sydney on helping setting the bad guys up to be caught It was also sweet that Sydney has learned to depend on her faith to get her through stress and traumatic moments in her life while Max grew up going to church but turned his back on God after a sour experience Yet as hard hearted as Max has made himself Sydney s faith inspires him and affects him deeper than the danger they are in together Dylan does a stand up job of getting the reader not only to care about Sydney and Max but also the minor characters in the story You can tangibly feel the tension as Max desperately tries to figure out who the bad guys are and how they are all connected One of my favorite scenes is when Sydney faces her abusive ex boyfriend in the story and THIS time she is NOT the victim Even so she only fights back to protect herself and not for revenge which made me like her even There s also one scene where Sydney has to testify in court and loved how it was writtenThis is Dylan s second book and I do hope there will be MANY Thanks to the author for the review copy Expert Witness is *a great choice for fans of romantic suspense It is full of interesting characters lots of action *great choice for fans of romantic suspense It is full of interesting characters lots of action a sweet romanceI really liked learning about the back stories for both Sydney and Max The traumatic past that Sydney had to overcome molded her into a very different person than she used to be and opened her up to learning about God Max was just the opposite He allowed his past to turn him away from God and he became closed off emotionally Seeing these two characters connecting while trying to stay alive The Arcav Princes Captive (Arcav Alien Invasion, kept the story moving along at a nice paceExpert Witness is full of side characters who willeep you guessing It is hard to Southern Women at the Seven Sister Colleges Feminist Values and Social Activism 1875 1915 know who can be trusted As one thing after another seems to go wrong for Sydney and Max finding honorable people to help them is a must but is easier said than doneI enjoyed reading this exciting suspense novel and look forward to many from this authorI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewYou can read this review on my blog at. Is determined to finish her testimony and put ailler away With potential suspects coming from all corners Sydney will have to trust Max with her deepest secrets and her li. .

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Expert WitnessNon stop action ept me reading to find out what would happen next Max and Sydney had to move uickly to find out what would happen next Max and Sydney had to move uickly stay ahead of the various assassins sent after her The Christian element was strong with Sydney not shy about sharing her reliance on God although I felt that Max s uick about face with his spirituality didn t uite fit his characterThe romance definitely took a back seat to the plot with several twists and turns leading to an exciting climax but the attraction and admiration between Max and Sydney simmers throughout the book Highly recommend to fans of Christian suspenseThank you to the *Author For A Copy Of *for a copy of book in exchange for my honest review First of all I would like to thank the author for giving me a copy of this fantastic book to read and reviewSydney Berry is a forensic artist who is to testify in a murder trial She is determined to testify and put a iller away but when she is almost Agricultural Innovation in the Early Islamic World killed in a drive by shooting everything changes Since her testimony is so important she is being protected by US Marshal Max Preston After the shooting and another attempt on her life Max basicallyidnaps Sydney hiding her away and not even telling his boss about it He is determined to DYA (1933-1939) (Libros sobre el Opus Dei) keep her safe but doesn tnow who he can trust after suspecting a leak in the police departmentThe character development was excellent allowing me to really get to Big Book of AA All 12 Steps Understand and Complete One Step At A Time in Recovery with Alcoholics Anonymous 12 of 12 Books know and understand this pair I liked that Sydney was a strong determined woman who wasn t scared off just because someone was trying toill her Max s dedication to protect her and his skills to get the job done just made me love himI loved this book and didn t want to put it down Unfortunately my work frowns upon me phoning in reading otherwise I would have read it right through But when I had to stop reading I couldn t stop thinking about it Title Expert WitnessAuthor Rachel DylanPages 219Year 2015Publisher Love Inspired SuspenseMy rating is 4 starsMy two favorite things about the Love Inspired Suspense stories is that they get the story going uickly and readers get to see faith in action not just in word This book is no exception It takes place in Atlanta Georgia The two main characters are Max Preston a US Marshal and Sydney Berry a forensic artist and expert witnessSydney has given part of her testimony on opening day in the trial of a prominent businessman s murder trial She is set to give the bulk of her testimony tomorrow Due to suspected ties to a local drug gang by the defendant Sydney is assigned a protective agent from the US Marshal s Office in the person of Max Preston Upon leaving the courthouse she is in immediate need of his protection as she is the target of a drive by shooting She is uninjured but she has been put on notice that she is not safe to go home She and Max head to a safe house but soon after arrival their lives are again threatenedHereafter they can no longer be sure who they can trust and are on the run They are ept in the loop by a couple of co workers as to the trial of "the status as Sydney is determined to complete her testimony so she can give justice to the young murder "status as Sydney is determined to complete her testimony so she can give justice to the young murder Another threat from Sydney s past also enters in to play that of her abusive ex boyfriend He has no idea of the strong woman she has become since their relationship ended when she ran away from him She ran from him and to a church where she found God and faith in Him She now lives her faith daily and with Max spending so much time around her he has begun to renew his childhood faith that had previously been put by the wayside With constant threats and att. DANGEROUS TESTIMONY Minutes after testifying in a murder trial sketch artist Sydney Berry is almost illed in a drive by shooting United States Marshal Max Preston saves her. Empts on their lives can there be time for a romantic relationship Can Sydney move beyond her mistrust of menThis story get the heart pumping from beginning to end with lots of action and suspense There is little down time so hold on to your hat Sydney s strong faith will be put into action as she must run for your hat Sydney s strong faith will be put into action as she must run for life Max revisits his past and "why he veered from his faith after he sees Sydney s dependence on God This is a good story for "he veered from his faith after he sees Sydney s dependence on God This is a good story for rainy afternoon or anytime readers have a few hours It won t take long to read as the pages will flip uickly Expert Witness was a great romantic suspense The action started off right from the beginning and continued to the endThe romance was sweet and I thought the ending was so cute I ve never read a book that ended uite this way and I loved itAll in all Expert Witness was very good and I recommend it if you enjoy this genreI received a complimentary eBook copy for my honest review As always all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own An exciting and suspenseful plot with fast paced action until the very end I enjoyed the fact that there were multiple motives provided and Culture and Development in Africa (Comparative Studies in African/Caribbean Literature Series) kept me guessing about who was doing what and why Took me a while to finish this book but it was worth reading for good pace of action and suspense added with touching part about faith and belief in prayers and GodIntrigued immediately with the character of Sydney Berry a court sketch artist who was in the wrong place and time at first initial thought but as the story progresses there was a dark secret a disgruntled ex boyfriend Rick Ward based on his character name already sounded creepy and scary that he can do anything to hurt Sydney from injuring her self confidence beauty and willing toill her to completely eliminate herThen there was Max Preston a US Marshal who was amazed with Sydney s determination and stubbornness for not allowing what happened to her in the past to change her to become little and small but to make her even stronger physically emotionally and even best in her faith to GodAnd how her belief in faith that The Alien Huntress Series Alien Huntress kept her strong and going herindness determination and stubbornness able to change Max s heart to start believing again in his faith to GodAnd actually loving the ending never thought it was one of the good guys who end up being the really bad guy Tom Hilton who was Max s most trusted colleague I hope the writer will write a good story about Brian the survivor in this story who was also Max s colleague who got hurt to find the truth in how he survived the attack and start his healing process to get back on his feet EXPERT WITNESS is a fast paced romantic suspense that Activism and the American Novel keeps the pages turning I enjoyed getting tonow Sydney and Max Sydney is stronger than most heroines in romantic suspense books Coming from an abusive relationship she learned how to fight back She is not content to sit in the sidelines but she doesn t make stupid mistakes like most heroines in these books in an effort to be independent She is smart enough to Agriculture at a Glance Revised Edition know when to set tight Max is on his first assignment as a US Marshal and he s already breaking the rules He stepping solo disobeying his bossidnapping the witness and thumbing his fingers at the rules in an effort to A Love No Less Two Centuries of African American Love Letters keep her safe But now he s a wanted man and will he even have a career in law enforcement when it all ends A great story Recommended Expert Witness by Rachel Dylan is a romantic suspense filled with action I found the occupations of both characters interesting I never really thought the sketch artist role in testifying in court Life then whisks her away to safety She's his first protected witness and he'll do everything in his power toeep her safe But Sydney doesn't want to hide from danger She. .