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Tive In a meeting with Viggo "Petrov Convinces Him Work For The "convinces to work for the in a special capacity that's the only reason Viggo is willing to forgive his son's death Ty realizes that it might just be a ruse but he has no choice He agrees to work for Viggo for twelve months at the end of which Viggo promises to release Mason. ,

A twenty two year old gets captured because of a mistake on the part of his boyfriend In captivity meets a man named Mikhail who does "Nothing But Torture Him "but torture him yet as time passes and the game goes on a Stockholm syndrome type relationship begins to form But is Mikhail as ‘bonded’ with his captive as.

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He says he is Or is this a ruse to further torment himBook "Two Mikhail reveals himself as someone who wants nothing than to make "Mikhail Petrov himself as someone who wants nothing than to make father's plan work But his less than stellar past with his brother makes the whole thing complicated He doesn't uite feel the anger and resentment he's supposed to feel towards the cap. ,

Angel book 2 Angel #2