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Lord Fenton s Folly tells the story of Alice an unmarried young woman from a poor noble family who never felt needed or wanted and of Charles Lord Fenton himself a young man also single who will one day inherit a title plus a rich and vast patrimony They met when Alice was only 10 and Fenton 16 and he helped her get a garden just for herself since then Fenton has been Alice s night in shining armor her love the man she wishes she could marry but of course she has no hope that could ever happen Besides they haven t even seen each other since they were A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent kids apart from all their differences regarding status and money Alice grew up in the country surrounded by her beloved plants and flowers living the simple life meanwhile Fenton turned into this city dandy who wastes time and money in allinds of futile eccentric over the top activities clothes carriages and the likesSo that s the set up for this story a ind of classic Cinderella unreuited love plot though it s hard for me to call it love since Alice and Fenton haven t seen each other for years and then when they do they bicker for like 90% of the time But yeah love is the ideaFor me this book was just mediocre mostly because I could never really connect with Alice or care about her and then there s Lord Fenton who is just too ridiculous for my taste in leading men I won t deny his behaviour is amusing at first but it uickly gets tiresome because it s too much and he doesn t stopOne thing about Alice at some point she meets a man with a mental disability who smiles and says hello to her and her immediate response is to assume he s going to harm her and uickly gets away from him When she later finds out he lives and works at the house and that her mother in law allows it she s appalled She really dropped in my consideration after that The romance didn t give me the warm fuzzies on the contrary it gets pretty annoying after a while The thing is Alice and Fenton annoy each other all the time on purpose and they re both aware of what the other one is doing It s almost a competition for them But for me it was very tiresome and at some point I just wanted to skip their scenes together because every interaction was of the same silly immature bickering I didn t though I ind of understand Alice and her need to fight Fenton along the way though because seriously who wouldn t He s ridiculous BUT she The Book of Leviathan knew what she was getting herself into so it s not like she s a victim Also this is clean historical romance and well there s nothing going on between them at all throughout the storyFor me the last chapters focused too much on Fenton s family secrets and his mother when he and Alice needed that time to make things right with each other This also means I feel like the way they get together in the end was too rushedCan t recommend this oneI received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This story fit my mood exactly I love a good proper romance especially one filled with anticipation and little subtle hints of romance those momentsept me reading and left me wanting Lord Fenton Charles and Alice had met when they were a lot younger and the encounter always left Alice a bit in awe of Fenton He s an eligible man but he s a silly dandy and when he s forced to settle down and make a match Alice is the one he chooses and not for the reasons that she hopes forAlice is a spunky young woman and is determined not to let Fenton hurt her They are both very strog personalities and I love the witty banter they had between them I can t imagine living in a time when loveless marriages are the norm I ve always thought it s possible for two people to make a marriage work when both are determined and have that common goal and this story showed that it s not as easy to do as I believed The journey this couple takes is necessary to get to where they ended up with a lot of misunderstandings and hardships along the way Sometimes growth means thinking outside of your own needs and wants and all growth is hard to go throughThe secrets that are revealed are tough to deal with and I enjoyed the way the characters came together I especially loved Fenton s mother What an example of selflessness and charity The lessons taught are priceless I loved the setting and was able to visualize it I recommend this for clean Regency romance loversContent mild romance nothing else of note CleanI received an ARC and my received no compensation for my review Oh this one sneaks up on youI was uite dismissive of the book and the H for than half of the book but then it takes on a wisdom a level of sensibility that tugs at the heart And the author writes beautifullyThe mcs are a bit off deliberately so to begin with and it is up to the reader to decode them and then decide on accepting them and their interactions Especially the HI have read a few fops and dandies and fastidious dressers but this H is the real thing consciously so And his dress sense and mannerisms jar He s almost effeminate SpoilersThe h H new each other as children 10 to his 16 when last they met Now 10 years later the h is in town to catch a husband and hopes to meet her childhood crush the h is in town to catch a husband and hopes to meet her childhood crush H They do meet she s a bit shaken to see him in his Macaroni splendor he lays on the charm she finds she s still attracted He proposes by #A Letter To Her Father She S #letter to her father she s little bewildered at the non wooing non contact but accepts Now the thing is that the H at 26 is still in the rebellious teen mode and he dresses and plays the fool to embarrass his father who s a shameless rake and has hurt and shamed his wife all her life So a lot of unresolved anger and other such psychological issues The Father now has reached his limit vis a vis the H s shocking behavior and decides to disinherit him At first the H laughs it off believing that his birthright cannot be taken away but the father shows his resoluteness by. Lord Fenton is a gambler a dandy and a flirt and he must marry or else he will be disinherited stripped of his wealth and his position He chooses Alice Stanbridge for two simple reasons he once new her as a young girl and she is the least objectionable option available to him However Alice has harbored feelings for Fenton Lord Fentons Folly

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Is how the mannerisms strength and compassion of both Alice and Fenton is shown through their actions rather than described in the narrative Moments of humor and heart touching scenes round out the balance for a highly recommended readThank you to Shadow Mountain Publishing and Ebooks for Review for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review This is second in a series and Lord Fenton is present in the first as the hero s best friend You don t have to read these in order though and not least because Fenton s character changes a bit between books I mean this Fenton isn t the Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia kind of guy Thomas could be such good friends with I don t think Fortunately Thomas isn t present in this one besides an inconseuential letter or something so you don t have to deal with any retroactive changes in him to fit this storyThis one isind of a reversal of the first book in that Alice is the virtuous شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى kind character and Fenton Charles but most people call him by his title including himself often enough is the one who needs to pull his head out of his nethers Alice is a bit na ve for her age but since her parents haven t been able to afford a London season until now it makes sense that she d make the mistakes and discoveries that she does I liked her acceptance of her situation and how willing she was to make the best out of her much diminished circumstances despite the expectations of her youth I totally get her falling for present day Fenton and her initial rose colored glassesKilpack shows her skill once again by setting these two realistically at loggerheads and still deciding to go through with their betrothal Indeed half of the story takes place after their marriage and I actually buy the excuses for why they re still not physically intimateeeping this a chaste book and not just because they re not intimate in any other ways either and haven t even a modicum of trust between them The only problem with the story is how tedious Fenton becomes as we learn that his initial instability and flaws run deeper than we The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) knew Okay it doesn t help that the origin and continuation of his insecurity doesn t actually work if younow anything about male sexuality eitherThat said I was never tempted to put the story down and was fully engaged throughout Most of that is Alice and her backbone as she pulls up her stays and does her best given her circumstances But part of it too is the sense of how compatible they really are and that they can come together if they can learn to forgive and be tolerant of one another And Kilpack manages to make you believe that they can get there by sprinkling in the lighter moments and almost connections in ways that were believably fragile but still hope inducingSo this ends up being 3 stars that I m rounding down just because Fenton was so wearying and I had to rewrite the basis of his hang ups in my head Not a bad story and certainly engaging but Kilpack can do and has done better A note about male sexuality I m spoiler tagging this not so much because it s a spoiler though it is a little bit but because many readers probably don t care Also it s going to be suirmingly frank about male sexuality so don t go there if you re sensitive to that ind of thing view spoilerIf Fenton is going to be scared that he will as his father claims have the same uncontrollable appetites that all men have and that make his father a philandering monster then the author needs to philandering monster then the author needs to male sexuality actually into account No man can actually shut down his urges physically speaking And no I don t mean that we re all weak I mean that biologically if a man doesn t ejaculate for long enough his body will take care of that for him and his mind will conjure accompanying dreams to go along with it Nocturnal emissions It s a thing That means Fenton can t possibly have zero experience trying to control himself the way the narrative relies upon He has to have built either a series of failures producing a degree of specific and present shame Or he has to have come to some accommodation with the fact that he has urges that can t actually be denied by will alone Each of those might have made an interesting story but each is also a very different story than the one told I can t see telling either alternative with a story meant to be strictly chaste so I can see why that might have been avoided At any rate I had to edit this in my head to come from some unspecific thing because I can t come up with a plausible one even if I can imagine a plausible one might exist that I can t think of hide spoiler Alice met Lord Charles Fenton when she was ten He was about 14 years old and running mad dash away from a grass fire he had set on purpose as a science it rained #And fortunately for Lord Fenton Alice agreed to hush it up for price In recompense #fortunately for Lord Fenton Alice agreed to hush it up for a price In recompense talked the Powers That Be into giving her a garden where she could digYears later and Charles is still in trouble Determined not to emulate his controlling and philandering father young Lord Fenton is a dandy making a mockery of proper society and fast developing into an alcoholicWhen his father threatens to cut him off Charles realizes he may have gone too far He agrees to a deal One that includes the proviso that in order to inherit he will clean up his act And find a wifeNaturally this all comes down the pipeline precisely at the same time Alice arrives in London for her first season And Charles s mother likes Alice Lord Fenton s Folly is a sweet offering for the latest installment of the Proper Romance series Charles is indeed deeply flawed and Alice rushing headlong after a childhood crush has uite an awakening in store But his flaws derive from valid events in his family history some of them not to be revealed until the final pages and the relationships in this story feel real Despite all their mistakes I did indeed root for Charles Alice and their relationshi. Ime Alice matches Lord Fenton wit for wit and insult for insult as they move toward a marriage of convenience that is anything but a happy union Only when faced with family secrets that have shaped Fenton’s life does he let down his guard enough to find room in his heart for Alice But can Alice risk her heart a second time. .
Telling him of his discussion with other parliamentarians who have acceded on the possibility Now the difference from other Hs in such situation is that this H really loves his wealth and position and nows he cannot possibly survive on 2000 a year as his wagers and waistcoats cost than that So he accedes to the conditions to tone down take responsibility of the family estates and marry And this is where the h comes in a girl his mother adores The h is also refreshing in that she is not only deliriously happy about marrying him but also at the rise in her station and catching the catch of the season So no one dimensional goody two shoes But the h is bewildered at his avoiding her post betrothal and confronts him when he tells all And then it s all out war with sniping and insults and a play at one upmanshipSo now what put me off For half the book that isThe H yes I Arabian Challenge know he s putting on an act but it s time he grew up And it seems too well entrenched into his persona by now I was seriously at a loss to process whether to be put off or be impressed at the lengths the H and the author go with the dandyism Pink and white striped waistcoats golden pantaloons pink coats red boots with gold buckles white pantaloons coats embroidered with birds or floral patternsAnd he drinks a lot Enough to be labeled an alcoholicThe h because she finds no middle path between blushing and stammering and becoming a sniping virago And how can her pulses uicken at the nearness of a man whose clothes she finds distasteful and who uses effeminate voice at times I don tnow The hH euation post revelation What should have been embarrassing or painful or upsetting or angsty instead becomes a bickering childish standoff The H finds solace in the witty exchanges The h finds it a good way to hide and protect her feeling But I found it unnatural and off What I like The second half of the book Heart wrenching and heartwarming He s no rake as he says He actually has morals and lives by them Very novel and very refreshing But then we see that his aversion to sex has a psychological aspect But he s an idealist all said and done Whether he s a virgin or not is not cleared The Hh and all other characters are human with foibles and faults No one s perfect The writing is good and flows soothingly The conflict is built up credibly enough especially once they reach Foxcroft his mother s estate And all those simple secrets are revealed layer by layerBut the best is the H s growth Beautifully brought about by the authorThe ending brings peace not only to the H but to the reader as well Should have been packing for my trip cleaning my house and getting some sleep but none of those things happened Instead I s I LOVE a good regency and Lord Fenton s Folly was just what I had been looking for I ve really enjoyed Ms Kilpack taking on this genre and I hope she continuesWe are first introduced to Lord Fenton in the first book by the author A Heart Revealed but the story definitely stands on its own and doesn t necessarily need to be read in orderA dandy to the extreme our Hero starts out completely ridiculous and at times for me utterly unlikablebut as you come to find out the reasons behind why this future earl is the way he ismy heart went out to him and I began to find him endearing rather than wanting to nock him over the head The heroine of the story Alice was for me completely loveable I adored her strength and her romantic heart I enjoyed every page and loved watching their friendship growThis was a sweet clean read that I thoroughly enjoyed and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good regency 35 starsClean historical romance Eccentric Alice and dandy extreme Lord Fenton reunite through a chance meeting some 10 years after they were acuainted AS CHILDREN HIS SWEET MOTHER HELPS children His sweet mother helps the relationship along but it seems all parties are not eually informed Tensions and hurt feelings occur but Alice Charles hang in there They spen I love Shadow Mountain s Proper Romance line Seriously love #them Okay I just had to get that out of the #Okay I just had to get that out of the I enjoyed this regency from Ms Kilpack I now she typically writes contemporary mystery and have been curious to see what her historicals would be like I thought she wrote the regency setting well I was sucked into the story and had to Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students keep reading to see how it would all play out I enjoyed the plot for this one a bit different than your usual Regency Alice fell for Lord Fenton when she was a child Ten years later they are reunited and thrown into an engagement of convenience when he is forced to marry to prevent being disinherited Lord Fenton has spent the past ten years attempting to vex his father in the best way henew how by being an irresponsible dandy I liked Alice I thought it was great that she didn t fall all over Lord Fenton even though she had harbored a crush on him for such a long time Lord Fenton I never really warmed up to I did like the idea for his character I don t ILLERAMMA Kathalu know if I ve ever read a regency from a dandy s point of view It was fun seeing them banter and to watch his feelings change for Alice and see him come to appreciate her and all she has to offer They do have a sweet romance Overall a fun regency I look forward to reading from Ms Kilpack Content Clean For a book with a dandy for the hero I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it The backstory to Alice and Lord Fenton s connection is seriously sweet but their reunion leaves much to be desired Their struggles with each other family and society are so real and because we learn the motivations behind their choices it s easier to understand their characters The way Alice and Fenton finally bond and let go of antagonizing each other is worth the wait Their romance is then allowed to flourish amid personal tribulation and surprising revelations I don t want to give anything away Really what made this story come alive for me. Ince their first meeting ten years ago and she believes his proposal is real When she discovers it is not she is embarrassed and hurt However a match with the most eligible bachelor in London would secure not only her future but that of her family as well Determined to protect herself from making a fool of herself a second