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Y missed by reading Book 3 before the other two books but I think that some content is just plain missingOn the whole however I adored this book As a bonus in this story the characters interest in kink doesn t stem from some past trauma that needs to be cured They just like kink It s presented as perfectly healthy although not to veryone s taste I am giving this a very high B The book really needed to be longer but it handled so many relatively unusual components with so much grace And also I laughed so hard Carrie S All I can is that I loved this book Not only was it captivating but it also got into the psychological aspects of Desire Foreplay BDSM It wasn t pitch perfect but it absolutely lovelyGiving this one 35 stars The heroine is Black nthusiastically geeky and athleticThe hero is Korean American disabled and a switch in a polyamorous family relationshipI like how the characters were clearly thnically diverse and also clearly had a complex mixture of characteristics that made them seem like real people Especially remarkable since this was just a novellaIt s fun to watch them fall for ach other because there are actual lifestyle obstacles for them to overcome which they resolve through the magical powers of communication and a willingness to try Also they re hilarious and adorable so I was rooting for them the whole timeI m planning to pick up the first two #books in the series Weatherspoon is now on my auto consider buying list I adore this book This was my #in the series Weatherspoon is now on my auto consider buying list I adore this book This was my read and it s still so good Keira won my heart from the very beginning She s the kind of heroine I wish I could be friends with I specially love the first scene when she is topping It s just hilarious and hot and wonderful One of the things I appreciate the most about this book is that it centers two switches and they switch with Smokin' Hot each other I also really like that I got to read about a novice top Both these things are so rare in BDSM romance I also really love how funny and geeky this book is Those are two things I wish were part of BDSM romances They are some of the aspects Injoyed the most about this story I appreciate the on the page clear incidental representation of both bisexuality and disability Daniel is both bi and disabled and it s not a big thing in the book but its there nough to be real I also appreciated that they are in an inter racial relationship and neither MC was white That s "also super rare in romance and important representationDaniel frustrates me with his black and white thinking and his not communicating "super rare in romance and important representationDaniel frustrates me with his black and white thinking and his not communicating he needs to be Every time I want to kick him for this and wish he had a BFF to do that But his choices and thinking also feel realistic as flaws and his getting stuck in this way and finding out that he wants out of kink and doesn t want to be dial a switch for the community feels like a good arc in the nd I will say that the nd his arc feel a bit rushed and like they could both use a bit length to attend to them I specially was concerned aboyt how they so uickly resolved her desire for an xclusive relationship and his long term connection to his leather family and his seeming desire for non monogamy That resolution felt a bit handwavy and could have used some time I would definitely read a novel about these two I do want to note that I was occasionally jarred out of the story by the BDSM rep ie calling a flogger a flog but this was rare and pretty much all about in community language The vast majority of the BDSM rep rung true to me and felt realistic Trigger Warnings view sp. Sn’t looking For Anything He Spends anything He spends days doing what he loves and his nights and weekends participating in the kinky activities his body craves Single life as sexual switch suits him perfectly giving him the freedom to indulge the types of rotic adventures some people only dream ofWhen a good friend asks Daniel if his co worker Keira can join him at a local sci fi convention neither of them Wanton Nights expect any sort of fireworks to spark After all Keira’s turned off by kink and Daniel can’t live without with it So naturally they both agree that an official first date would be a Sated is the third book in the Fit Trilogy To be fair I didn t read the other two in the series but it wasn t needed in order to tell Keira s tale Keira is a fitness guru and a sci fi geek who wants to find a man that can accept her uirky nature along with her good looks Daniel is a pyrotech who is missing a hand from an accidentarly in his career Daniel is deep in the kink community while Keira completely new to the game but they realized their was #To Other Daniel #the other Daniel than his kink while Keira is beauty and and a freak under all that geek They get to know While My Soldier Serves each other and Keira gets toxplore her sexual fantasies to her heart s content under Daniel s guidance while he gets to know Keira for herself without the feeling of being used for his prowess with the whip Through the story they realize that they find what they were looking for in one another and didn t waste any time with playing any games The story was a good the first scene that Keira asked Daniel to put on a show for her is where I almost fell off the treadmill It was very compelling chuckles There were other scenes that were pretty good but I njoyed the first one the best I m not sure though how I liked reading a story about switches though I thought I would njoy it since it is the best of both worlds but I didn t It was confusing to me because the play happened but they weren t detailed ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe enough to give that distinction of when Daniel commanded a scene versus from Keira would be in charge of the scene Maybe it just takes a little getting used to but I am happy to have read the story Thanks Pagan for the rec This romance is my favorite of the series I love Kiera and I love Daniel They are human and fall in love withach other in lovely real ways They also mess up in lovely real ways I am not always a fan of BDSM but this book is great for me "because who the characters are blend into their play Very sexy "who the characters are blend into their play Very sexy very loving I think we get the great if fast development of their relationship I wish again with this series to see how they The Fiend Next Door ended up negotiating their lives fully blendedThis was a sweet hot read about acceptance and being loved Full review at Smart Bitches Trashy BooksFull disclosure I have a huge block when it comes to BDSM As a result I did notxpect to like Sated which is the third book in a trilogy about members of a BDSM club I tried it anyway because it had a lot of my personal catnip components including diverse and geeky characters Surprise I LOVED IT The book was respectful of geeks people with disabilities people of color and the BDSM community and it was informative and ntertaining and it was funny and it was all about communication and consentThe focal point of this romance isn t so much the actual sex as the talking about sex There are sex scenes and they are sexy but much time is devoted to Keira and Daniel talking about sex than having it Keira is direct and she s curious She s not interested in BDSM based on her preconceptions but she s willing to learn about it and xplore as long as she can do so under her own terms Daniel is very open பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் except about thextent of his involvement in the club which creates the conflict between the twoThis book is also very short and it shows Keira and Daniel have a uick romance followed by a proposal that is so unromantic that it almost becomes romantic by default because it s so in character for the two of them The romance feels longer but in terms of calendar days it s resolved very uickly The story could have used much fleshing out some of that I probabl. All Keira Kenney wants is her happy The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 ending Too bad she can never make it through a first date Is a nice man who’s into fitness and comics with anxtensive knowledge of A Meditation on Murder everything science fiction too much to ask for Apparently since Keira can’t seem to find a partner who can simply tolerate her interests Perhaps it’s time for her to give up She has her job at Melrose Fitness a new season of her favorite space drama added to streaming and hundreds of thousands of words worth of fan fiction all to keep her mind busy Her heart will have to waitPyrotechnicsxpert Daniel Song

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Oiler Consensual kink bondage blindfolds prostate milking dging orgasm control jizz fetish light pain play Ds hide spoiler Easily my favorite book of the series The hero a hot Korean American guy and uses a hand prosthesis when have you ver seen that in a book romance or otherwise The heroine is utterly herself and Daniel loves her for that Travis exact reason In the middle I got a little meh on the conflict but Weatherspoon uickly righted the ship This is also the first BDSM romance I ve seen with a switch protagonist that convinces the other protagonist to try both submission and domination It makes for a neat dynamicI wanted a sure thing after a couple of DNFs and Weatherspoon comes through again it s fun to watch Daniel and Keira fall in love Gulped this one down I loved the heroine an unashamed nerd who chatters and makes silly jokes and is pretty happy in her own skin actually The hero is also fabulous he s a lifestyle BDSM person who falls for someone who really isn t and it s so cute see himase into a relationship without the trappings Which is not to say this book contains no kink #It Has Plenty But It #has plenty but it about her trying out her wild side and him focusing on the motional core of the relationship than on the sexual side and how they make that work for both Warm fuzzies Also like book 1 it s laugh out loud funny at points and had me snorting repeatedly Really njoyable trilogy I heartily recommend the lot I saw Courtney Milan tweet positively about Sated and she linked to a B review over at Smart Bitches I m not super into BDSM although I ve read my fair share of it This one intrigued me because I saw the hero and heroine were on the geeky side so I decided to try it I read it in one sitting and had a smile on my faceKeira has had bad luck in the dating department She is super into a science fiction show called Galaxis and gets along better with her online friend Keira is a geek s geek trapped in a hot girl s body It causes problems because she attracts men she never has anything in common with Daniel a friend of her boss as a last minute favor shows her around the comic convention he happened to be also working None of the players involved AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 expected sparks between this unlikely pair What happens when the vanilla girl gets thrown into the deepnd of the kink poolDaniel is so far removed from my normal type of romance hero Beta just isn t my thing let alone the BDSM switch thing with The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? extreme kinks He also happens to be missing a hand due to job related accident All of this actually makes him stand out from the romancelandia pack combined with the sweet way he treats our girl Keira is not a virgin but some of this might be past her sex grade I know for a fact most of it went past my own I found so much of this book fascinating It was interesting to see this heroine put in theffort to xplore her untapped femdom potential Outside the sexual aspect of this book was also drawn to the nerd luxury unapologetically on display throughout the story Being a black nerdgirl myself couldn t help but rejoice with this introduction of a new kind of heroine into the Interracial Romance spectrum of womanhood "My only complaint was the low page count The resolution was so rushed it kind of "only complaint was the low page count The resolution was so rushed it kind of a lot of the previous realism points But I guess I ll trade that instead of the insta love that often comes with novellasI really liked this as a romance though some of the sexual things went outside my realm a bit This is great for anyone really into Female Doms submissive males and a high freak number. Reat idea With this new relationship fresh between them Daniel shares what he can of himself without scaring Keira off hiding his shock and growing infatuation as she rises to very sexual occasion with her silly geek girl personality It’s only a matter of time before they both have to face the truth; what he wants is the furtherest thing from what she needs But in the meantime pushing The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online each other’s sexual limits seems like a good plan It’s not likeither of them is looking for loveThis story contains two massive nerds who can’t keep their hands off ach other And fisting. ,

Sated By Rebekah Weatherspoon