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Ip Secrets bring trust ssues between two people Will they bare their soles *and put themselves out there so they can share their love *and put themselves out there so they can share their love will *put themselves out there so they can share their love or will go their separate ways continuing to be lonely and Across the Table isolated Theres also danger Accidental Commando (Eagle Squadron involved and Robbies protective of Ember He works for a high end security company and he ll do everything n his power to keep her safe This book has danger adventure and love And some hot sex Your emotions will rise and fall as Robbie and Ember work to be together despite what the world s throwing at them You will also suffer though some

HeartacheI Absolutely Love Robbie And 
absolutely love Robbie and I love all of Ahren Sanders characters They are well developed and there s such a tight bond between the charactersThis goes straight to my favorites list along with Surrendering and Surviving I really didn t think that Ms Sanders could outdo Surrendering and Surviving but she has proven me wrong with Salvation Salvation takes you on a wild ride but ends with a HEA No cliffhangerI highly recommend this book and although a standalone I think you will enjoy the book so much f you read Surrendering and Surviving first Both of which are awesome booksI was given an ARC copy of this book for my honest review It s hard to say no to a book by this author having loved the other two books of hers I ve read so without reading the first two books n this series I dove nto Salvation And I was rewarded with a standalone story that s sexy sweet and little bit heartbreaking Oh and a new book boyfriend HoorayAfter an accident left him broken and scarred Robbie Hayes The Adventurer's Bride is working to escape the nightmares and memories that plague him He thinks that Ember Walkers too beautiful and too Moto ondoso stabile e altri racconti innocent for the likes of him She has a way of making the pain of his past fade away and damnf he doesn t want to protect her and keep her safe But will that be enough when her past comes back to haunt themOh sweet baby Jesus n a basketROBBIE I loved this hot former Marine with TectionRobbie Hayes’s life changed the day a horrific accident shook his foundation He’s resolved to regain control While the physical wounds have healed the emotional scars remain Will he ever be able to outrun the memories Can she be his salvationEmber.

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Salvation Surrender #35 StarsFirst let me say that even though this book can be read as a standalone I highly recommend reading Surrendering and *Surviving First Both Books Are *first Both books are my favorites book shelf The secondary characters Son of the Sheriff (Delta Justice, in Salvation are either featuredn the first two books or are secondary characters n the first two books therefore making you feel nvolved Son of the Sheriff in Salvation by understanding the backgrounds and the relationships between all of the characters Salvations Robbie and Ember s story Robbie an ex marine first sees Ember The Best of Us: A Memoir in her formal wear shop when he goes with his sister Raven her fiance Declan and the other groomsmen to be sized for their tuxes for Raven and Declan s upcoming wedding There s annstant attraction between Robbie and Ember but Robbie s determined to push her away because he thinks he s no good for herEmbry felt the attraction that first day as well so she s confused when every time she sees Robbie he either gnores her or he s rude to her But then one day he s nice This confuses her even Did I mention that Robbie s totally hot and treats Ember like a princess Eventually Robbie gives nto his attraction despite the fact that he doesn t feel he deserves her But Ember has had a crappy life and she s shied away from relationships after a bad breakup with her douche of an ex boyfriend who won t leave her alone She has her own ghosts to excise As the relationship builds between Robbie and Ember we are swept up n their lives but as with her previous books author Ahren Sanders has wonderful secondary characters The friends and family of Robbie are very close As a reader books "author Ahren Sanders has wonderful secondary characters The friends and family of Robbie are very close As a reader feel "Ahren Sanders has wonderful secondary characters The friends and family of Robbie are very close As a reader feel we are a part of this wonderful group of friends We want to be friends with these loyal and protective friends The story The Anarchist Roots of Geography: Toward Spatial Emancipation is told from both Robbie and Ember s POV Both Robbie and Ember have things happen to themn their past that have left them with feelings of guilt But neither of them talks about their pasts making t mpossible to really complete their relationsh. Her Annie and the Confirmed Bachelor innocences masked with vulnerability Until her walls crumbleUndeniable DesireHis world April in Bloom is full of despair Until he finds her lightUnyielding ChemistryFallingn love seemed to heal them both Until their haunting pasts threatens to destroyUnrelenting pro. Is over protective streak and his sweet generous nature I loved that he was willing to take him time with Ember that he wasn t afraid to admit that his past left him wounded physically and mentally and that he owned his mistakes Oh and I REALLY loved his dirty mouthwipes brow It was just so easy to see why Ember would want to be with him because I want to too A lot Ember on the other hand I occasionally wanted to talk some sense Let It Snow into Thiss the third book n a stand alone series This s Robbie and Embers story Ember s a strong woman who has been beat down by her mother and sister they did everything they could to break her beyond repair Her father did everything he could to take care of her and still stay with his wife and other daughter One day he hit breaking point and should have left y What Didn t Work For Me Typical formula of h only having one bad sexual experience versus the H who has much experience I like my heroines to be bold and Ember was super shy and would blush like crazy has much experience I like my heroines to be bold and Ember was super shy and would blush like crazy climax and drama afterwards was just annoying especially considering how drama free the rest of the book was What Worked For Me Robbie and how he chased after Ember Before the book starts he was kinda hot and cold but from the start of the book he s looking to make amends for his past behavior and wants to get to know her He loved her like crazy and was super possessive Kinda reminded me of Aurora Rose Reynolds heros Like I said earlier Robbie has much sexual experience than Ember but thankfully t wasn t thrown n my face He didn t think about past hookups no OW showed up and he didn t *Compare Ember To His Past *Ember to his past like most heros do The one time Ember brought up his past he told her to stop and that he didn t want her thinking about him with any other woman I loved the support group Ember and Robbie had I can only wish for friends and family that are that amazing Overall this book was pretty addicting and I am looking forward to reading books by this autho. Walker’s life hasn’t been easy Fleeing from a world filled with hatred gives her a fresh start one she desperately craved Now she’s stronger but guilt and nsecurities still plague her Will she ever be able to outrun her memories Can he be her salvation.