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The Rogue King The Rogue King #1

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Er a child at his young age Even though such an act *might have saved him from being handed over to become a criminal * have saved him from being handed over to become a criminal is still willing to take his chances He was young so I can forgive that stupidity The book spans ntil he is thirty sixty in human years so it was nice to see him grow and mature in
his line of 
line of He came across as realistic to me despite being an alien repto humanoidI loved the fact that he was created by some sort of mad scientist experiment I didn t get all the details but I m sure they re coming in future installments This book presents the idea of his hybridization and possible link to an ancient race of extinct aliens known as the trexans Unfortunately the story veers off into a romance and I was disappointed with how the action slowed I would much rather have had him go on a How to Stop Your Grownup from Making Bad Decisions (Nina the Philosopher, uest to find out where he truly came from but that is a personal matter The romance is nicely done if you enjoy romance and there are some steamy scenesThe only thing I disliked was that there are too many pages dedicated to Koral s inner turmoil about having sex with Lisal It dragged on and onntil I wanted to scream just do it already I enjoyed Lisal s action scenes much where she proves herself tough and "good in a fight The action is expertly written and kept me glued to the pageI loved the idea "in a fight The action is expertly written and kept me glued to the pageI loved the idea his crimes being committed while inhabited by an evil god That is high fantasy to me than sci fi and it worked very well for my tastes I did think he had too easy of a time getting through this period and he comes through none the worse for wear One would expect him to be traumatized and maybe he is a little The story moves along by leaps and bounds and we miss out on The Vampires Bedside Companion uite a bit because of the book spanning about twenty yearsJust fair warning to those who might be easily offended There are some pretty intense scenes of violence and there is also rape The rape scenes are not so detailed but some might find them disturbing nonetheless Consider yourself warned I did not feel that these scenes were overly graphic and there was nothing added just for shock valueI was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review Thardrandria is a curious combination of an enthralling and forbidding alien planet Read full review in the 2016 March issue of InD tale Magazine From Iraida TorresVery interesting The book was sometimes difficult to follow due to all the various species The book sometimes felt as if dragging I was given a chance to read and review by its author I had a difficult time with all the changes with the characters However I finished the book and felt sad as the child had to be sent away to be safe and not knowing the future for him I recommend the book because it does keep th. Nown there's noestion in what he must choose But he's about to find out the sands he must brave are full of than mere monstersProviding the desert doesn't kill him firstThis is a world ruled by instinct where innocence is drowned in blood Her. 2050Read full review in the 2016 March issue of InD tale Magazine So many The Highgate Vampire uestions and emotions Here you have a story about a being who was created through genetic manipulation and shelteredntil he decided he needed to escape in order to survive Having left the comfortable confines of his then home he becomes educated in the way of the world outside the peaceful settlement he knew Pain and suffering become and instant lesson that "Is Learned And As A "learned and as a We Are Taken On are taken on emotional roller coaster as we root for the main character and sometimes dislike the main character Vengeance or Redemption What will be the final outcome to this story The Rogue King is an interesting book One of the main reasons for this is there are very few humans in the story with the majority of the characters being part of alien races These include wolenas katesses and reptereons The story itself takes place on a planet named Thardrandia I think it is this aspect of The Rogue King along with the world building which includes various deities and their machinations which caught my attention and kept me reading all the way through It s definitely different from a lot of other science fiction books and movies I ve seen and I can t think of a comparisonThe main character is KoralVengeanceVeng He s Full Disclosure uniue in the fact that he doesn t really fit neatly into any of the categories of the various races but believes he s part reptereon and part walfre It s not only that though There are things that other characters notice about him that set him apart as being different because he has traits that aren t typical I found his story to be compelling as itnfolded and I grew to like him Light Structures - Structures of Light uite a bit by the end of this book as well as LasilThis is the first book in a series and I m interested in seeing how this story continues There are a lot ofnanswered estions and various plot lines that were part of this book that haven t been resolved yet In all I thought it was a good science fiction story and I d recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction My rating is 45 platypires Koral runs away from his spaceship home and finds other members of his alien race After a short time he is given as tribute to the gods and becomes a rogue who is possessed by the spirit of a godThis is a science fiction novel but many aspects have of a high fantasy feel about them I felt it was an excellent blend of the two genres that fans of both will enjoy Koral is a fascinating character excellent blend of the two genres that fans of both will enjoy Koral is a fascinating character we get to see several years of his life in this one novelAt first Koral came across as a little bit stupid He was a kid after all Though he didn t know exactly what rogues were he thought it would be better to join them than to get married and fath. Outside is dangerousSuch is the warning Koral has heard for twelve years Born a product of genetic manipulation he knows little else of the world beyond the steel walls of his homeWhen fate gives him the choice between certain death and the nk.