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Truction and poor Jamie is Being Sucked InI Don T sucked inI don t where I was going with this anyEh Like I was saying before it s not bad it follows its concept it xplores it plays it out but well it s kind of rote feeling You already know where it s heading and you already know what sort of unexpected setbacks there ll probably be and you know what the Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America end result will be if not the specific permutations thereof A lot of that can be blamed on the blurb I feel like without the blurb there could have been a bit tension in the plot which would have created interestBut the thing is because we already know this great love is in fact just a passing infatuation it makesach declaration of love whichever party doing the declaration all that painful to have to sit through Like GOD YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS JUST SHUT UP ALREADY LIKE I M CRINGING ON YOUR BEHALF AND I FEEL LIKE I M GOING TO KEEP This was a delightful read Oh to be Jamie and have all these hunks lusting after you I loved Jamie s journey through finding true love All the characters were ndearing The pace was wonderful and I njoyed the characters developmentThe "only thing that I could have done without is the x wife turn BFF plot This seems to be a trend "thing that I could have done without is the x wife turn BFF plot This seems to be a trend gay romance books I am yet to buy it Maybe bc I have never in my life met any xes that had been married stayed in a relationship this close I don t buy that bc one of them is gay it will make the relationship after the fallout a pleasant one Regardless Tristan is a pretty asy to skim over characterWorth re reading for sure 35 Stars giving it 4 stars though since its much closer to that for me A non traditional romance setup but a very good read At first I wasn t really sure who to like and want for Jamie or who he was going to be with Then I started thinking of this like a TV series with ach chapter being an pisode of sorts telling an unfolding story and I found that a much better way to like this book Hearing Jamie so in love with Micah is a lot in a typical romance novel context but not so much in a TV context if months down the line we see Jamie "Fall In Love With Ben "in love with Ben know he s the right one for him It also helps with trying to forgive Micah which appears necessary since he s featured in the next book in this series All in all a really great read Loved Jamie loved Ben Foraging for Survival even if he was clueless for a bit loved Tristan and their friendship loved Dune for the most part as well I venjoyed other books by the author this was no different I like her writing style The approach to this one is definitely different hearing in detail about a relationship that one of the main characters is in and happy with that is not the final HEA is different but she was able to make it work I think I m looking forward to the next book I really liked Dune and though I m not head over heels for Micah I don t dislike him as much as I did at the halfway point in this book so I ll look forward to reading about the. M The problem with Ben is that he's been hurt by love in the past and might not be willing to risk his friendship with Jamie for something Can Ben get past his fear and see that all that Jamie has to offer before it's too late.

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I started the book a couple of months ago but stopped after 30 pages Back then I thought who so many character names to remember for the first time and I couldn t got my head wrapped to it uickly Then I thought to start again Boy once I started I couldn t stop This story is very character driven it is asy to grasp the names after all and they are not two dimensional characters Jamie meets Ben in a wedding part where as strangers they kissed inside a closet but Jamie has a crush on nineteen year old Micah and Jamie is a romantic he believes in relationship and monogamy So he only can accept "Ben As Friend Until Micah Breaks His "as friend Until Micah breaks his and Ben is there to help mending his broken heart Unfortunately Ben doesn t believe in love and commitment The story flows smoothly and it is sweet and it is ngaging and I fall for the characters Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries especially Jamie and Ben sigh and few of hours later I close the book with a deep sigh and smile on my face I really really liked this book or let s say I really really liked Jamie Sweet loving artistic Jamie This is a romance it is not set up as a typical romance The main romance is about Jamie and Ben Ben a nice guy who is always there for his friends but has convinced himself that he does not do love He cannot and will not be Relationship Guy The story about Jamie and Ben is a typical romance but their real story doesn t really start until the second half of the book The first half of the book is about the start middle andnd of Jamie and Micah s relationship Sure Micah makes a mistake but while they are seriously in the relationship they are very much in love and you like both characters I am a bit torn about this setup I got invested in the two characters and their relationship but still I knew that they are not ment to be so it was a little hard reading so much about their relationship I do want to point out that I still loved this book and it actually worked and that is probably why I am a bit fascinated about it and decided to spend so much of my review on pointing it out 2 fucking stars because of the stupid fucking blurb This book has one of the shittiest blurbs I ve ver read because of a technical issue More belowFinal VerdictIf you ve already read the blurb for this one you might as well just go and read Absolutely Eric The blurb kills any tension that might xist in the story because its clearly taken from the stupid middle of the stupid story instead of where it s supposed to be taken from which is the freaking beginningwhile readingI DUNNO WHAT THIS BOOK IS ABOUT EXACTLY BUT I SAW THE WORD CAKEwhat the fuck am I reading what the hell is going on I feel like a tripped and fell into a wormhole leading into a strange AUOh Oh I seesigh Here we go See the thing about blurbs is you don t tell people where you re taking them You tell them where you re going to begin and maybe give them a hint as to what might come from it but you don t tell them ab. This dition is out of print Jamie Makepeace isn't sure what to do with his work or his love life Laid off at his job and at odds with his ultra conservative boyfriend Micah he's searching for something to fill the mpty spots. Out the middle of the journey and then xpect them not to be confused when you backtrack to the way fucking beginning of the whole farce That s just rudeOnce I figured out what the fuck was going on I just kind of rode with it I looked askance at it almost very step but I rode with itBut thenOkay so Micah was hired right out of high school right Cuz he s like not old nough to drink yet And now he needs to apply to college Stanford sure SF State sure ButUCSF the fuck Does he realize that 1 they mostly deal with health sciences and not you know coding and 2 that it s a graduate school Unless the author meant University of San Francisco which is a different thing and NOT a UC Still I feel like if he really wants to keep doing coding stuff he should go to Stanford I mean out of all 3 choices listed Stanford seems like the bestonly viable option cuz my impression aka all I really know
Of SFSU Is For 
SFSU is for psychology program Which again is NOT codingdoes he suddenly want to go into pre med We were not told about this I mean I don t ven think there was xplicit fucking if there was then I missed it so it s not like that s taking up pages JFC what the hell is "going onOMG WHOOAAA HEY LOOK MICAH S GOT THE MAKINGS FOR AN ABUSIVE ASSHOLE AND JAMIE IS "onOMG WHOOAAA HEY LOOK MICAH S GOT THE MAKINGS FOR AN ABUSIVE ASSHOLE AND JAMIE IS TO FALL INTO CODEPENDENCY Gah that stupid ass blurb Like wow we already know the nd game now clearly Micah really will become an asshole and Jamie will be devastated and Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy eventually get together with Ben sigh Kills any tension if not for the stupid blurb then I d say that at the point where I am it could conceivably goither way with Micah ither coming to terms or devolving into total asshole Sigh author come on Do you know how jarring it is when you re talking about UC system schools and the cities thereof and throw Palo Alto into the mix First reaction is wtf there s definitely no UCPA and then Oh author is probably referring to Stanford sigh sloppy AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE GO TO UCSF THAT S NOT EVEN AN UNDERGRAD SCHOOL Sure I suppose getting into grad school without an undergrad degree would be uite the coup but again isn t Micah a coder Why the fuck does he want to go to school specializing in health sciencesapprox 20%The thing about this story is I ve read this story model before There were different character archetypes sure but the same story model which means a lot of stuff running along the same lines and really nothing about this story is standing out to me Micah is a sad idiot child and a normal young person which means he s almost a complete sociopath and gdi I still don t uite know what the fucking difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is But that is a different matter altogetherSidebar this seems fairly consistent with what my psychopathology prof was saying so I m using this for referenceSo yeah sociopathic Not ntirely his fault can t Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader exactly blame him for his age Still he s clearly on a warpath of des. When he meets Ben Gallagher a cake decorator Jamie knows he's found a friend Taking a chance Jamie turns to art for his new career and Ben becomes his muse He creates anntire show based on the man who is always there for hi. Chiaroscuro