E–pub Art History By Marilyn Stokstad

L The First Secret of Edwin Hoff periods With hundreds ofictures including aintings architecture and landscapes As much As I Enjoyed It I enjoyed it newer edition goes for 130 on com which I find ridiculous I got mine second hand If you want to read an Art History book read this one Actually I have not only this book but she also broke it down into smaller sections which I used for my Asian Art class and really are convenient This book is huge and not one that you would carry around with you everywhere That said though it is very well written and the vast amount of information given on a huge breadth of subjects is very impressive The images are great uality and again amazing in their number Not a dry read at all and one that makes cultures and their art come alive I had to read this for class Went in chronological order so it s of easy to follow The earlier chapters were great Loved to see where art came from but the later chapters were all about religious artworks then anything else Not a religious erson at all so reading about that type of artwork really bothered me but if that s what type of art you like then you will love the boo. Nt Art History is the most comprehensive accessible and magnificently illustrated work of its kin. Art HistoryPages are torn and there are hundreds of ost its marking favorite Under Lock and Key pages If you are looking for an in depth beginners reference this is still a wonderful book toick up today It s huge very heavy Had to read the whole book except architecture for a 1 year docent class Great resource but too big to carry to a class I like this kind of books I hope many eople read this book instead of laying computer games for exemple This book this five lb book was what I lugged around for four years My lovely survey book I would be lost without it Filled with Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II post it notes and highlighter marks Stokstad s Art History survey is amazing If you are looking for a great coffee table book with lots of amazing info inside this is the book for you This edition is not the one I had mine was from 1999 but I think that one is out ofrint now While I have always been interested in the history of art I really didn t know much about the subject In order to rectify that fact a few years ago I went in search of a goo This book Delves Deep Into The History deep into the history art and covers to varying degrees all continents and most historica. For a new generation Balancing both the traditions of art history and the new trends of the rese.

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One of the best textbooks I have read so far My son s textbook turns out to be a Freud and His Followers pleasure to me This is Volume Two of a two volume set on art history It covers theeriod from early Renaissance art in Europe to the Pjesme post 1945 international avant garde In between is art from Europe and otherarts of the world including India China Japan the Americas the Pacific cultures and Africa The Introduction laces the time frame in this book in contextThe book begins with such architectural gems as the Church of Saint Maclou in Rouen van Eyck s art tapestry frescoes the Dome of the Florence Cathedral Donatello S Sculpture And So On Fast Forward To Donatello s sculpture and so on Fast forward to avant garde Anselm Kiefer s ainting Heath of the Brandenberg March is very telling to meAll in all a nice tour of art in all its forms and in different regions of the world from the Renaissance to the resent This was my textbook for AP Art History in high school and it remains my go to reference for anything art related other than the most modern ieces I have the 1996 version so it obviously doesn t cover resent day At 16 years old the binding version so it obviously doesn t cover resent day At 16 years old the binding broken the. Exceptional in its scholarship and stunning in its beauty this is the art history book of choice.