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S Kaitlyn s step brother through their parents marriage a couple of years back He s the heartthrob of Trinity Prep with girls pining for him long after he seduced and left them as his heart belongs to Kaitlyn What works in his favor is the friendship they shared before they became family and his apparent and vulnerable though twisted and at times devious love he has for KaitlynEight words to describe Marius Jaded flawed devious loyal vulnerable intense sexy and ruthless You re beautiful he said You know that You ve got that just fucked look in your yes Even though I know you haven t sealed the deal yet WILLIAM TENNANT WILL aka MR TENNANT 28 yearsBritishOxford graduateTeacher classic literature dramablack hairblack brown yes William Tennant Will aka Mr Tennant is Kaitlyn s new classic literature and drama teacher at Trinity Prep He came from an affluent past in Great Britain carrying a past and secrets What works in his favor is their undeniable attraction to ach other him unknowingly A Vineyard Christmas entering a game of seduction and though smitten by his seductive pupil tries to fight his attraction A forbidden secret relationship built on lies and deception I knew who the real victim was and it wasn t me If there were some fragment of this inevitablexplosion that wrote out my name in blood across the tracks I would smear it and cry hearsay Mr Tennant was the victim All the students admire him the girls want him and the boys want to be him Eight words to describe Will Captivating charming Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose enigmatic lovable vulnerable composed smart and honorable yes He was the kind of man that those who can write would write about Pure poetry murmuring lips and ink blackyes that made me wish I could put a pen to paper Looking at him was the most xuisite torture like chocolate slowly melting over your tongue TYLER DAWSON aka Romeo 18 years Americanhigh school senior Trinity Preparatory Academyscholarship studentdark brown hairgreen yes Tyler Dawson is Kaitlyn s new friend he is the poor kid attending on a scholarship Playing a part in theater production with Kaitlyn allows for their friendship to develop but soon is overshadowed by his blossoming feelings for her and the lies she tells to protect herselfWhat works in his favor is that he is both vulnerable and xpressive in his loyalty and friendship and normalcy he offers which would be an xcellent foundation for something deeperEight words to describe Tyler Lovable vulnerable smart loyal insecure strong attentive and ambitious Tyler Dawson wore his affections like a lovingly patched up sweater worn ragged but still Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) entirely beloved Star crossed mesmerized me with the persistent sinking feeling that there s no way this devious game couldnd well I was fretting and wondering until the very last page leaving me with a somewhat surprising albeit welcome and wonderful Math Basics 6 ending A few assuring lines gave hints a few years into the future but I d welcome a realpilogueThe story telling was Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, eclectic almost lyrical andnjoyed The First Ghost every moment of this angsty and beautifully told tale I was captivated byach of the four players as they ach nacted a significant part in this doomed game of seduction Give me a sea of strangers and all I ll see is you Kaitlyn s rating 5 stars William s rating 5 starsTyler s rating 5 starsMarius rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 45 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential ending rating 45 starsBookditing rating 5 no dits spotted 4 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this book YesWould I re read this book YesWould I read future books by this author Yes You re verywhere I walk You re in Humanism each set ofyes I meet Smokin' Hot every hand I touchvery small smile as I m scanning faces in a crowd You re all of them Give me a sea of strangers and all I ll see is you I tend to not like I like the sound of this oneStudentteacher romance Cruel Intentions vibe ARC kindly provided for honest review You re Placing Memory everywhere I walk You re inach set of yes I meet very hand I touch very small smile as I m scanning faces in a crowd You re all of them Give me a sea of strangers and all I ll see is you This book blew me away I m having a hard time ven figuring out where to start with this oneso I ll start with the castingMy KaitlynMy Mr Will TennantMy MariusMy TylerOpening line There is one thing first and foremost that you should know about this story it all started with a gameThings this book succeeded in making me do smile wince cry swoon think overuse the highlighting function on my kindle cry some I was really happy and surprised that Ms Lacour was so generous with her ARCs and I m really glad I was able to read this book It s hard to write a long review without giving away spoilers but I ll try my BestThe Best Way I Can best way I can this book it s different but beautiful Luna s writing had such depth as other reviewers have said that I felt like I was with Kait Wanton Nights every step of the wayTo sum it up Star Crossed tells the story of a girl who falls into a bet with her arrogant step brotherseduce the new teacher Of course the betnds up turning into so much It started with a gameI think what surprised me the most aside from the uniue prose was the characters Each character really felt as if they were real people with real flaws There was Kaitlyn who came from a very wealthy family She s a virgin but not because she feels there s anything wrong with premarital sexit s because she likes to be in control Marius her step brother is an absolute monster or is he There s the teacher Mr Tennant British gorgeous and so dreamy who is also the stage director for Trinity Prep s Kaitlyn s school production of Romeo and Juliet Then there s Tyler my favorite He s sensitive kind a wonderful friend to kaithe also gave some of the most convincing reactions I ve While My Soldier Serves ever read in studentteacher bookAs for hot and heavy the sex scenes were graphic but written in a way that just flowed so wellnothing felt like it was too much The romance between Will and Kait was so movingand some of the uotes just left me speechless You need to know that when I first saw you standing there in that mask and you told me that you weren t lost I immediately realized that I wasn tither Are we star crossed Yes he said But I would fight against the stars for youBe warned though there is some serious angst in this book Unlike other studentteacher books this one really hits you across the head and will surprise youfrom Will s confession to Marius to the nd result of what happens Will s confession to Marius to the nd result of what happens you get yourself tied into a betand to a teacher All in all a brilliant debut and I absolutely recommend it I m really look forward to Luna s next book. Into their final semester at Trinity Prep and the buzz around campus is that a gorgeous new teacher has set foot in the classroom Marius makes Kaitlyn a bet seduce the man who is now her Literature teacherIf she wins she gets his trust fund Money that she can use to finally scape a life that she has come to loatheIf Marius winshe gets her virginityWhen an initial spark turns into full blown obsession and her affections are inevitably returned – Kaitlyn learns that there are no actions without conseuence and some affairs are simply star crosse. Star Crossed

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Tudentteacher aspect so thrilling and taboo to me is the chase that push and pull dynamic of where the two characters try to resist their feelings but ultimately give in There was no fighting it in here both characters gave in uickly so their relationship wasn t too appealing to me On the other hand the stepbrother Marius intrigued me His behavior and actions bordered on ccentric and taboo and though there wasn t a love triangle aspect in the book numerous hints were dropped into the story suggesting he had a romantic interest in Kaitlyn But The Stupid Girl Is So Blind And Couldn t See ThatI ll be honest with you I didn t like Kaitlyn s character at all She was so stiff and cold and The Fiend Next Door even though she claimed to love Will I just didn t see it It all felt contrived All in all reading this book made me sad I was crushed by the time I finished the book because thending wasn t what I wanted it to be and what truly depressed me was how right Marius was about first impressions view spoilerKaitlyn would always view him as a manwhore someone who disgusted her and there was no changing that perspective so his love for her could never have worked hide spoiler Star Crossed is LIVE lhayesauthorgmailcomAlso in celebration of THORN s Release Date I ve got both STAR CROSSED and PULSE available for99 cents indefinitely Grab a copy if you d likePULSE you know I m still open to giving away R2R ARCs for these books too if you d like Just zip me an mail mobiepub formats available and a copy is yoursLove Always LivTeasersAndmeet Mr Tennant y allan unapologetic James Franco obsession ARC received by author I knew who the real victim was and it wasn t me If there were some fragment of this inevitable xplosion that wrote out my name in blood across the tracks I would smear it and cry hearsay Mr Tennant was the victim Yet I kissed him continuously I ran my tongue along his neck and listened to him gasp and moan with a timid noise I had to have him and I had to win I had to win but I had to have him Genre Romance loosely based around Romeo Juliet with forbidden and taboo aspectsCover 610Writing 910Heroine 910Hero 810Hotness 410Romance 710Extra book Details Heroines POV Approx 299 pagesKAITLYNMR TENNANTBLURB 18 year old Kaitlyn is lost Surrounded by people she doesn t like she resents her money and lifestyle She s destined for a life she doesn t want she feels trapped Her fathers love for her was lost long ago when her mother abandoned them Now she lives with her highly unlikeable step mother and her step brother Marius who is nothing like a brother Once he was her friend but now their boundaries are blurring He s a little a little wicked and daring and too charming for his own goodAfter having to attend yet another socialite gathering a masuerade Kaitlyn பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் ends up meeting the handsome William Tennant She soon realises he s forbidden territory when he announces he ll be her new English teacher and Theater director Unfortunately Marius sees the attraction in heryes and asks her if she d like to play a game a game that involves the winner getting the one thing they most desperately want You have until the The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 end of the semester to seduce Mr Tennant If you succeed you can have my trust find I ve no use for the money and I know how much you long toscape this place I know better than anyone lse And if you win I breathed What is it that you want Oh Kaitlyn he whispered reaching out and cupping my face in his hands You I want you So let start by saying that This A Lot hit a lot my preference buttons I have a terrible weakness for studentteacher affairs or forbidden in general I also don t mind a bit of taboo now and thenTo go into detail there s a ten year age gap for a start Every so often it would say something a little risu too like how Kaitlyn may have njoyed his borderline parental tone or how she was just a kid or how her school uniform could turn him on and how Kaitlyn most of the time would refer to him as Mr Tennant ven in the personal scenes These were
subtle comments few 
comments few far between intended to play around with the tabooI liked how the author switched things around she wrote Kaitlyn as of a predator but not in a heavy handed way Kaitlyn was the initiator gently coaxing William to be bad with herI loved the characters they were complex and well written The side characters were also I loved Tyler Kaitlyn is a daydreamer almost a little cold hearted impulsive and on the verge of adulthood Will is a beta hero he s a little ccentric passionate vulnerable and kind of a pushover My only complaint with the book would be that sometimes there was too much inner monologue for me I wanted a little romantic meetings interaction and some dialogue Star Crossed is uite casual written with an upper class voice that Travis embodies a girls sexual discovery and the beginnings of adulthood It mixes aspects of Lolita with a loosely based version of Romeo Juliet Star crossed stand alone A debutante wicked step brother friend unsuspecting teacher play a sinister game of seduction lies deceit with conseuences It s a scary thing feeling nothing at all It only serves to remind you that you re capable of anything Even if itnds in disaster Star crossed stand alone follows socialite and high school senior Kaitlyn Laurent during her last semester of high school Set against the backdrop of the school s theater production of Romeo and Juliet four people three students and one teacherget caught up in a sinister game of seductionIt started as a bet between Kaitlyn and her step brother Marius St Vincent It involved seducing Trinity Preparatory Academy s new classic literature and drama teacher William Tennant Details to unfold with story but at stake were a fortune and Kaitlyn s virginity Also vying for her heart is her new friend Tyler Dawson KAITLYN LAURENT KAIT aka Juliet 18 yearsAmericanhigh school senior Trinity Preparatory Academydebutantesocialitedark brown hairbrown yes Kaitlyn Laurent feels trapped by her family legacy and social status Her life has already been planned by her father and she desperately is looking for a way out Star crossed is Kaitlyn s journey of self discovery personal growth and dealing with the conseuence of her actions Eight words to describe Kaitlyn Captivating strong reflective lost bored determined smart and misguided I just wanted to know what it would be like to spend some time in the arms of someone who could give me an xperience to look back on a blanket of poignant nostalgia that I could wrap myself in after AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 evenings spent in the same settled routine MARIUS ST VINCENT 18 yearsAmericanhigh school senior Trinity Preparatory Academygold blond hairpale blueyes Marius St Vincent Alls of her Upper East Side mansion Kaitlyn is struggling After her parents' divorce and her father's remarriage to a beautiful but otherwise utterly vapid woman Kaitlyn uickly finds herself living in a realm of self created fantasy completely detached and ntirely clashing with her new family – particularly her classmate turned stepbrother Marius Arrogant and with a penchant for playing games he is intrigued and infatuated by Kaitlyn's faux chaste outer facade that she uses to cover an otherwise calloused heartWhen the two of them nter into. 15 stars DNF at 50 % Review posted March 24 2014I love lyrical prose mphasis on lyrical and not corny purple prose When I get the impression that an author tries too hard and in the process comes off as pretentious my interest fades away fast As you can gather from my review this was the case with Star Crossed The characters and plot but also the storytelling itself came off as indifferent and unappealing The story was monotonous and fell flat Everything simply plodded along without much purpose I know the purpose of the story was that game to seduce the teacher but still I just didn t feel it and nded up bored Star Crossed is nowhere as good as Leah Raeder s Unteachable because first and foremost it lacked the magic It didn t shine If anything it came off as bland and dull I remember that I didn t fall for the characters in Unteachable but I irrevocably fell for Leah s splendid writing Unfortunately this wasn t the case here I neither liked the characters nor the writing styleWhen I finally DNFd the book I ve had my fill of analogies and semi colons I think the uotes are telling than a long winded review It wasn t love I hope not Kaitlyn After all you only met him a few minutes ago I didn t love him But I felt something and that was The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online enough to make me breathe in the air around us like it was some sweet nectar that if I didn t savor then I d never have the chance He smelled of warm almond of coffee and sweat which might have been mixed with thespresso I d drank or the caramel still lacing my breath Cherry sugar still coated my tongue and I wanted him to taste itShame came flooding like a syringe shot straight into the vein mixed with an undeniable thrill She had about the same subtlety of a cow chewing grass but oddly Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet enough there was something sultry about the way her mouth movedMy father was surrounded by his business partners all in suits their faces already This is a hard review for me to write as for the majority of the book I wasmotionally detached from it I tried very hard to connect with the main characters in some way and found I just couldn t do it So I tried to figure out why that was 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) exactly The only thing that I came up with is that for a large percentage of the story the heroine Kaitlyn spent a lot of time thinking There was dialogue in the story but not as much as there should have been I recently read a book that had very little dialogue but with that particular story I was sucked right in to the characters involved It is notasy for an author to do and it can be done but only if the reader is still given a lot insight into ach character In Kaitlyn s case if she spent time thinking about the people she was with rather 45 Star Crossed starsThis took me by surprise that s for sure The writing I feel like I would be repeating veryone by talking about the depth and motion along with the vibrant characters and shocking plot made for a read that had me captivated from the first page until the final wordThis was a good one Actually it was amazingOne of the big things that stuck out for me was the use of imagery in this book The second big thing was the amount of symbolism that I caught arly on a reviewer before me mentioned the clocksIt was interesting to find that I was actually wondering if Why Photography Matters even the littler things had meaning that just what was written This was the first book I think I ve read in NA that has bothered doing something like thatThe characters all had so many dimensions that like other reviewers have said I felt like I knew them personally Marius was my favoriteven if he was a total jerk at times Tyler was such a sweetheart Kait unlike a lot of heroines in NA was very bold an unafraid to go after the things she wanted Doreen Valiente Witch even if thend result could be disastrous There wasn t much not to love about Mr Tennant He had a kinda punk rock vibe about him coupled with his love for Shakespeare He was smart witty and "very broken Will also has a big and surprising secret tooMy "broken Will also has a big and surprising secret tooMy line It was a funny thing how he sewed his dialogue together He posed what Americans would spout as statements in the form of a uestion For instance if I were looking out the window and saw rain falling and someone were to suggest that I go play outside I could Duty Free Murder easily tell them well that s stupid It s raining But if I were to suggest the same thing to Will he would have likely looked at me with a twinged confusion and muttered pointing in the direction of the rain streaked window but I can t can I The inflections always hung with a sort of hope like the possibility of playing in rainfall was still on the table Nothing was impossibleThe writing was seriously so pretty that alone wasnough to make me swoonAndFans of Cruel Intentions will love this bookI do wish there was an Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag epiloguexplaining the 45 star but the Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute ending did work I think I was just sad for the book tondI received a copy for an honest review 25 3 STARSAfter a very rough start I finally settled into the writing style and plot pace Overall a nice mellow and Venous Catheters enjoyable studentteacher story that s loosely reminiscent of Cruel Intentions When I first read the blurb I had a bookgasmI mean did you read it Studentteacher AND stepbrother So of course I didn t think twice about it and jumped right in The beginning 20% was a bit rough for me I couldn t keep up with the overly descriptive writing I think I was supposed to view Kaitlyn as the introverted loner who kept to herself and noticesverything that goes around her but that wasn t the case for me Glistening gold speckled against the perfect curve of his head when the light hit his skin and while he wasn t xactly my type I craved a brooding pensive face he was undeniably lovely This is in reference to the a brooding pensive face he was undeniably lovely This is in reference to the landscaper who doesn t ven make an appearance after this scene Why do I need to know all these details again My second favorite thing was watching my step brother Marius while he played piano in the Great Room his Armani shirt unbuttoned to reveal a stretch of sun kissed skin Sweat dripping between two focused pale blue yes as his fingers worked uickly This is the first of many observations she makes about himand she doesn t ven like Marius I found it hypocritical that she s always disgusted by Marius but still manages to notice Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 every tiny little detail about himAnd on top of that Kaitlyn pretty much lived in her head so I wished there was dialogue with other people The main thing that didn t work for me though was the studentteacher aspect That s just blasphemy because I always adore studentteacher relationships but in this book it didn t work for me The reason is that both Will and Kaitlyn gave into their feelings so fast What makes the Disclaimer This work containsxplicit sexual content language and delicate subject matter It is intended for mature readers It started with a game seduce the new teacherEighteen year old Kaitlyn Laurent is living the American Dream Born into a wealthy socialite family with opulent surroundings and material things than any girl could Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, even fathom Kaitlyn is the fresh young face amidst a sea of morally amiss Manhattan Debutantes She isducated poised and on the outside ntirely virtuous Her life in short is perfectOr so it would seem Inside the