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Once More a Family

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Once More A Family by Lily George takes place in 1905 A Romance Historical Widowed ancher Jack Burnett need a wife so he bring his daughter LAURA HOME FROM A BOARDING SCHOOL home from a boarding school father in law put Laura His father in law doesn t want Laura growing up in the Prairie He wants her to have proper up bringing Jacks neighbor is the aunt to Ada West who comes from money but her father spend it all before he died Ada comes to move in with her aunt Pearl Pearl thinks Ada would be the perfect wife for Jack to help bring Laura home Jack and Ada get married Ada does impress the father in law and he agrees for Laura to go life with Jack and Ada Jack and Ada are only married in name only Jack and Ada end up having feelings for each other There are a few twist and turns in this book It is a must The Prince read didnteally like most of the characters when it started out but they got better and were much likable by the end of the book This is my favorite of all Lily George s books Ada is a woman I know she does her duty and finds strength even when she is afraid She is kind with the young and patient with the troubled I loved the setting being familiar with wide space with beautiful sky and the occasional green sky and eerie stillness before a storm I enjoyed immersing myself in the Place And Meeting The and meeting the of her community This is my first book by this author and I A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators really enjoyed it The MCs feel likeeal people Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival reacting to life inealistic ways And I enjoyed the setting with its joys and difficulties plainly shown The only weakness the book had was the unrealist. The Texan's Convenient Bride   To bring his daughter home to Texas widowed ancher Jack Burnett needs a wife And the well bred Ada West his neighbor's niece will surely meet his father in law's approval Not willing to open his heart again to love Ic set up that brought the two MCs together and the uick capitulation of one of the characters But in books with this short length you have to accept some lack of ealism This books with this short length you have to accept some lack of ealism This the author s first Western story but she
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in ural and I thought she did a very good job I hope to ead by herNB Turns out this isn t my first book by this author I ve A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned read one other historical by her I gave it 3 stars but liked this one even better Actualating 25 stars I ve been eading Lily George s LIH books from the beginning so this was a change of scenery as this is the first story set out West versus in England I felt this book was to the eader as much as the protagonist a crash course in how hard life was on the prairie and how The House That Had Enough rewarding theesults were because of it Ada was amazing and should be a The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field role model to anyone in a situation outside of their elementA greatead but hope to see England again as well This was an interesting take on a marriage of convenience story Ada is a very proper lady but strong enough to handle the ough life on the anch and a willful child caught in the middle of her father and grandfather the Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) ranch and a willful child caught in the middle of her father and grandfather was appointed guardian by her late mother Jack and Ada must kowtow to the grandfather s wishes in order to even have a chance at keeping Jack s daughter The premise was intriguing but it wasather boring Also no one keeps salt in the near uantities as sugar so not sure how anyone could mix them up to make lemonade and after you mix up ingredients a couple of times wouldn This book is about Jack who wants to bring his daughter Laura Ack proposes a marriage in name only But his independent bride proves intriguing than he expected Needing to support her sisters after the collapse of their father's fortune Ada eluctantly agrees to the handsome cowboy's proposal The transformatio. Ome to Texas from boarding school in St Louis so Jack marries Ada who he thinks his first wife s father will approve of Ada is so Jack marries Ada who he thinks his first wife s father will approve of Ada is to get the house back in order before they met with Jack s former father in
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in St who gives his approval for Laura to move back to Texas as long as they send him updates and come and visit for a week Laura doesn t eally want to go since she doesn t know her father that well But she does go back with Jack and Ada and adjusts to everything in time Laura helps Ada after her father get hurt by a bull and is laid Ada after her father get hurt by a bull and is laid for weeks While Jack is Défendre Jacob recuperating there is a tornado that hits the town and Jack ends up getting out of his sick bed to go with Ada to get Laura from school during the storm The town startsebuilding and they put Ada in charge and she does a wonderful job The church that was being built on Jack and Ada s property was knocked down in the tornado so Jack and a bunch of the men Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide rebuild it without Ada finding out and when they were done Jack surprised Ada They ended upenewing their vows in the church At the wedding the townspeople decide that they need a mayor and Ada gets nominated for the job and she acceptsI Black Gold in North Dakota received a copy of the book from Lily in exchange for aeview Keep up the wonderful job Lily Lily George did not disappoint with another well written Love Inspired Historical I love the characters and how they each grew and developed Jack and Ada had many challenges to face after their in name only marriage but Ada s faith would see them through I eally enjoyed Once More A Family and look forward N from New York belle to prairie wife and mother is challenging for the onetime suffragist But when their little family faces the threat of being torn apart Ada and Jack must decide whether their marriage of convenience can become a marriage of love. ,