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And let me just say It was pretty darn hotTao yowled again and nuzzled at Spitz s neck as he thrust in and out ach time taking him farther and farther inside a channel that was just aching to be filled One of his fangs snagged on an arlobe and Spitz shudderedThis was a fun light and very funny short story The banter between Tao and Spitz definitely had an nemies to lovers feel and was very ntertaining to read What did you hack up a hairball in some Lacertilian dignitary s dinner Mark your territory on his soft furnishings Tao half rose from his bunk At least I can remember my offense ape boy More of a lust story than a love story but it nded with the promise of for these two I had a lot of fun reading this one This is another mini anthology by me and Josephine Myles in the Mad About the Brit Boys series where we play around with different sub genres of mainly MM this one s our sci fi collection Although the stories 2 by me 1 by Jo were first published a long time ago and in a galaxy far far away okay not that last bit they re now A Warlocks Dance (The Cursed Princes, exclusively available on Kindle in this little collection I had huge fun in very different ways with my 2 stories Gifted in Tongues I like to think of as capers in space whereas Better than Cola is a seriousxploration of how a human could have a relationship with a truly alien creature Jo s story Insta Love on the other hand is a brilliant sly take on how hook ups might volve in the future Enjoy D Help My Boyfriend s an Alien is an anthology composed of three short stories in a brief ighty pages Once again authors JL Merrow and Josephine Myles have dusted off their archives and come up with a fun collection of flash fiction stories all previously published though of the three stories Myles Insta Love is the only one I d read before and in fact is the first Josephine Myles story I d My First Kitten ever read back to January of 2011 beginning my long held love of and appreciation for her writingBookending Insta Love are JL Merrow s Better Than Cola and Gifted in Tongues and given the title of the antho you can clearly guess that all three stories have a sci fi theme butach are uniue and wonderful in their own right Better Than Cola truly has a beauty all its own though as it not only takes on the obsession with outward appearance but gender assignments as well all wrapped up in an alien species that are light than substance but can wear the shell of a human and for all intents and purposes appear human but must be trained in the art of doing so I loved the twist of something so banal as a handshake taking on a rather interesting connotation to Summer Storms and I loved that the species themselves took on a collective identity outside of gender norms With a sweet humor and unbridled warmth Merrow brings Nathan and Summer Storms together and I loved Seeds of the Spirit 2000 everything about this story s message as well as the beauty of itsndingInsta Love is Josephine Myles tongue in cheek take on what Pin-Up else the insta love trope set it a futuristic world where the chemically and cosmeticallynhanced Skip meets love trope set it a futuristic world where the chemically and cosmetically nhanced Skip meets match in Wildman a Gaian natural who s on his Fallow year which is something like the Amish Rumspringa just to give you a frame of referenceIn a morning after setting one in which Skip has woken up without the benefit of the right moti chems and to what was supposed to be a one night stand with Wildman the story becomes Skip s Loyal to His Lies education in sex and love about confusing sex with love and the natural chemical high they both inspire and about taking the time to let a relationship grow from the seed of connection Of the three stories in the collection this one offers the most food for thoughtClosing things out is Merrow s wild and crazy and a little bit kinky Gifted in Tongues in which Torvald Spitz Spitzbergen wakes up in a prison cell with a Felid named Tao and I would say the fur flies but mostly it s the sparks between Spitz and Tao that are out of this world There s a little prison sex and of course trying to figure out how to get themselves out of the predicament they ve found themselves in And somewhere along the way the discovery that maybe they aren t uite donexploring The Favorite Daughter each other a little This story is full of imagination and clever dialogue and is a sexy and imaginative way to close out the anthology for sureIt s kind of hard to go wrong withither of these authors individually Put them together in one place with the right combination of stories

and you re 
you re for an Fitness for Geeks entertaining way to spend a couple of hours with a bookReviewed by Lisa for The Novel Approachhttpwwwthenovelapproachreviewsco Here are 3 gay scifi romance stories and if that s your thing you should definitely get itThe first story Better Than Cola I think is absolutely brilliant There is a real SF genius at work here and the conceptworld could have been made into a book orven a whole series by itself I d buy itThe second story is Insta Love which I had read before That was OK I knew it wasn t going to be new to me and I njoyed reading it againThe last one seemed like a shifter story than aliens but I guess it wasn t because the character was permanently a cat All the same it seemed like shifter without the human lement I njoyed it but the first story was still my favorite. E Insta Love™ mood patch have worn off and he’s left with an awkward social ncounter So when he wakes up next to a naked bear of a man his first instinct is to kick the stranger out But Wildman has other ideas and Skip may have to learn how to snuggleGifted in TonguesSpace pilot Torvald “Spitz” Spitzbergen wakes up in an alien jail with a hangover no clear memory of the night before – and a six foot ginger Felid as a cell mate How is he going to get out of this one And importantly will he get a chance to check out the Felid’s legendary talents fir.

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35 stars overall This is an njoyable anthology by two stellar authors All the stories are xtremely short which is both a positive and a negative We re left wanting yet they pack bang for your buck getting right down to the nitty gritty I love sic fi so this anthology was a sure thing for me but I liked the wide range we got Unusual beings from another planet growing accustom to Earth Futuristic humans so far gone on new tech that they ve forgotten how to interact with Naked Choke each other And space traveling cats with talented tongues There s a little something forveryone Better Than Cola by JL Merrow 4 stars This was my favorite of the bunch I loved the slow reveal of figuring out what and who Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good exactly Summer Storms was I loved their tentativeness and curiosity Merrow was able to convey a complex world withntirely different social sexual and moral codes through just a few conversations The Murder at the Mansion ending was perfect All three of these stories arextremely short so all of them felt like they could have continued and been full books But this one felt the most complete I felt a strong connection between Nathan and Summer Storms and knew that they had genuine affection for ach other and would continue on from this point That and the big reveal and subseuent sex scene was FreakenAwesome view spoilerWe were given hints with the plural pronouns and with Summer s reference to being afraid of being perceived by the humans as repulsive in their natural form since wouldn t you feel that way if mammals were xterminated like vermin on their planet but the subseuent swarm was still hide spoiler 35 stars Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in Seductive Surrender exchange for a fair and honest reviewBetter Than ColaSummer Storms is a composite creature that has been assigned to Nathan Chambers so Nathan can help him acclimatize to dealing with humans They re than a little overwhelmed by all they ve beenxperiencing but can t stop themselves from being drawn to Nathan and surprisingly it seems Nathan is Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, eually drawn to them This was an interesting story Short and sweet I loved Summer s reactions to all they werexperiencing and well how could you not love Nathan He s just awesome Really njoyable Rating 45 Stars Insta Love Skip wakes up the morning after partying with a naked bear of a man who doesn t seem as inclined to leave as Skip would have liked Wildman is set on showing Skip that he doesn t need an Insta Love mood patch to relate to him I adore Josephine Myles writing and this short story was not the xception It was sweet and kind of awkward just like Skip and both Skip and Wildman were great and very hot together Very recommendable Rating 45 Stars Gifted in TonguesSpitz wakes up in an alien jail with a hangover no clue as to how or why he is in jail and a six foot ginger Felid as a cellmate How is he ver going to get out of his plight This story was my favorite of the three There s just something about a sarcastic fun character like Spitz that draws me in like nothing lse Even in the worst of circumstances he just couldn t or wouldn t shut up pushing and pushing and pushing some Never mind that I just loved Spitz and Tao together they were definitely hot A definite must read Rating 5 Stars Yup It s official I have a thing for these two authors Though honestly I m an asy sell Put a book in front of me with the words aliens and gay and I m nose first into it This anthology was a wonderful mix of sci fi naughty and outright fun From aliens that look like cats to motions in a patch there s a little something for The Deepest Sin everyone Better than Cola 45 stars was hands down my favorite read of the three Like all good porn it has a hot guy in an authority position showing the ropes to the newbie In this case Nathan Chambers is a human assigned to Summer Storms an interesting alien who is wearing a human body and adapting to life onarth amongst humans Nathan s job is to assist Summer Storms in their acclamationAnd boy does he ver But it s than just a hot read There s an innocence and vulnerability about Summer that just draws you in and a depth to this story that will surprise you The author did a great job at creating a complete story packed with feelings in such a short amount of pages If you re going to try any of the three stories in this anthology I highly recommend this oneInsta Love 3 stars reminded me of a Doctor Who pisode In a future where we xperience our feelings through a patch rather than the good old fashioned way it s asy to confuse synthetic motions for the real deal Skip wakes up from a one night stand and wants nothing than for the hot guy in his bed to go home But hot guy Wildman is not having it He thinks their night together was fantastic and if Skip would allow himself to xperience his own motions and vulnerability than he d be opening himself to a real relationship and genuine connections It was a short sweet happy for now read Gifted in Tongues 4 stars started out with our MC waking up in a jail cell naked from the waist down and nded With A Budding Kitty On a budding kitty on sexual relationship It s a short fun crazy little story that you ll at least find humorous if not a little hot What lse ll at least find humorous if not a little hot What lse you xpect from a day in the life of a pilot known for getting into trouble who has an. Love and desire that’s out of this worldIt’s time to suit up take those protein pills and boldly come where no man has come before Take a trip to the future or do your bit for inter planetary relations with some close ncounters of a very unusual kindIn this Le valeureux guerrier erotic science fiction triple feature you’ll meet a cat that’s anything but cute and cuddly take a pill that’ll make you fall in love for a night and discover desire that transcends the limitations of a human body It’s a brave new world as youxplore the unknown in three short stories that pus. ,
Acidic blob for a jail cell neighbor a Felid for a cell mate and a bit of a kink for a very talented tongue All in all three Snowflakes on the Sea entertaining stories from two great authors Recommended for anyone who is looking for something a little out of this worldRead this review and others at Out next week and up for pre order on This book contains two stories by JL Merrow and one by me all of which have been previously published but which have been out of print for a while now I hope younjoy our foray into sf Review written for Love Bytes ReviewsANTHOLOGY REVIEWI usually Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy enjoy science fiction stories a lot so I was than willing to give this one a try The concepts were all great and while the stories were on the wholenjoyable they didn t seem as well developed as others I ve read by these same authors which was a little disappointing If you re looking for a uick sci fi read with a side dose of romance this may be something you want to check out but if you want some short stories with depth to them I d probably look at something lseBetter Than Cola by JL Merrow 3I found the idea of this story intriguing but was just left wanting so much There wasn t a great deal of information about Summer s people which was a bit disappointing but with a short story I still found that acceptable The interactions between the two main characters were fine but again I wanted I ve read short stories that read as complete tales and the length was never a detriment before but here it just really was things just happened way too fast to get much njoyment out of it but the concept was still really good If it was xpanded this could be a great storyInsta Love by Josephine Myles 3This one was just kind of okay for me Skip doesn t really know how to feel anything without the help of some sort of drug to help him get there and while I found the idea of the upgrades and various products kind of interesting it was also fairly sad as well I like that Wildman was than willing to help Skip feel and do things without something in his system messing with his motions but regardless of the connection he said he felt between them I wasn t really feeling it The connection just wasn t there for me and the short length was a real detriment to the Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival enjoyablility of this story as wellGifted in Tongues by JL Merrow 35The best story in the anthology this one also felt the most complete to me I really liked how you got to see so many different aliens and thentire setting really brought home the sci fi aspect for me While I still didn t feel as much of a connection between the main characters as I would ve liked I do think they paired well together The Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, ending was great and made me smirk a little but I still wanted It would beasy to write a seuel with these characters if the author were The Fix ever so inclined and I would totally read it if thatver were to happen but the story nded well and while I would like I wasn t as disappointed with this story as I was with the previous twohttplovebytesreviewscom2016081 BR with Kristan and I have to say these were three fun light short stories previous twohttplovebytesreviewscom2016081 BR with Kristan and I have to say these were three fun light short stories were an absolute pleasure to read Overall 4 hearts Better than cola 35 hearts Well that was a pretty interesting read I really don t want to give anything away but this alien is certainly not humanoid which is rather uncharted territory in romance novels JL Merrow definitely introduced the characters in a way that made the strange appearance of Summer Storms acceptable Once again I don t want to give anything away but I was pretty intrigued when I started reading to see how verything would pan outThe world building was short sweet and simple much like the story we knew what we had to without too much detail being givenThis story is very short so there was never going to be huge amounts of character development but ven so I found the connection between Summer Storms and Nick not very well developed Nothing in their conversations made me feel they had made the connection they claimed to have had However the characters were sweet and I loved Summer s observations on humans and his attempts to learn our ways I was definitely chuckling throughout the story Insta Love 45 heartsThis was my favourite of the anthologySuch an interesting and creative take on a cyberpunk world where people depend on drugs for their motional needs and human connections Insta love is a favourite drug of Skips which gives the illusion of love which he needs to help him find a connection with his lovers Salty fluid against his tongue as he swallows down all the way straining his jaw but it s worth it Worth it for this man he loves This man whose body he worships This manWhat was his nameWhen Skip meets Wildman who is a natural he is shown there is to him than his fake Desire in Seven Voices exterior and he can still feelmotions and have a human connection without the need of drugs I loved the world and the connection these two had felt real I ven got a little motional which is pretty impressive for a twenty page story The direction their relationship was heading was perfect for the length of the story and the nding was a SUPER sweet HFN Gifted in Tongues 4 hearts Once again loved that JL Merrow went for an alien that wasn
t uite typical 
uite typical is a half cat half human type alien. H the boundaries of love in ways both thoughtful and tongue in cheekThese stories have all been previously published but are now available xclusively in this anthologyBetter Than ColaHuman social tiuette Physical contact Pronouns They’re not asy to handle when you’re a swarm creature with a composite mind newly fitted into a male human body Especially when you find your body reacting to the human man assigned to help you acclimatiseInsta Love™Skip likes to party and he likes loving men What he doesn’t like is the morning after when the ffects of th. ,
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