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Thirty six Years in the White House 1902

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Interesting readI enjoyed the private insights into each President s life A good historical A coerência textual firsthand story The author has a lot to share A delightful book This was not your typical love letter to the ueen type of book I learned aew new acts some of which were not so endearing She is one tough cookie when she needs to be even at her were not so endearing She is one tough cookie when she needs to be even at her Also learned that she is witty and uite unny when it is just the amily InterstingThis book reveals the personal experiences of a man in the employ of the White House It isn t a work of gossip but a work of respect and ADMIRATION FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT for the office of President the USA and their amilies Written in 1902 this First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There first hand account of the Presidents Lincoln Johnson Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur Cleveland Harrison and McKinley is aascinating read More matter of act as a policeman guarding the President and First Lady than a gossipy epistle It is a step back into time and truly worth readingFour stars because it could have developed the stories an. T know what it was so said What is this Suire He replied Why that is the paper of commitment or this April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers fellow Take him to jail On November 3 1864 Sergeant John Cronin Alfonso Dunn Andrew Smith and myself were ordered to report at the First Precinct in the old City Hall at one o'clock in the afternoon We supposed we were to be detailedor detective work in New York City on account of the great riot then on there especially as we were ordered to report in citizens' clothes to conceal our revolvers and to be sure to have them all clean and in good order We arrived at the City Hall and then were told where we were to go which was to the President's Mansion there to report to Marshal Lanham at that time United States Marshal of the District of Columbia and a bosom riend of Abraham Lincoln These were days that tried men's hearts and women's too Men were alling at the ront by hundreds both in the Union and in the Confederate armies There was weeping. Thomas F Pendel 36 years in the White House as door keeper personal assistant to 10 Presidents From 1864 1901 presidents rom 1864 1901 Lincoln Andrew Johnson Grant Garfield Arthur Cleveland 2x Harrison McKinley and Roosevelt Theodore As door keeper greeted guests at the door presented calling card to the President to see if he was available or wanted to see the guests All the Presidents had lavish dinner parties and receptions of Which Mr Pendel Presented The Ladies Also Escorted Young Ladies Mr Pendel presented the ladies also escorted young ladies visitors to the White House riends of the daughters of the Pr Very interestingThis book is interesting or the information it gives To think Mr Mendel served all these years under so many Presidents is a remarkable achievement The stories are not very well written BUT RATHER AS IF HE WAS rather as if he was a story to a riend A good reDAn old style book but an interesting collection of anecdotes about life in the White House rom 1864 to 1901 To say things were both different and the same is an understatement. A book of recollections of a personal character that came under Mr Pendel's attention It is very interesting and throws many sidelights on the life of the White House Pendel writes In 1861 or 1862 the Metropolitan Police was established by Congress at the Capital and I made application Space Kid for and received an appointment on theorce I made the Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town first arrest with the assistance of Buck Essex The case was that of aellow named Grady one of the English Hill toughs A roundsman said to us Boys you take a walk down Seventh Street and if you see anything going on take a hand in it Just as we got opposite the Patent Office this Grady had assaulted or rather was assaulting a young ellow with a whip I went up and grabbed him and put him under arrest then took him to Suire Dunn's court and preferred charges against him The Suire was busy writing or some time When he got through he handed me the paper he was writing and I was so green at the business I did no. .
Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus families of presidents Abraham Lincoln through William McKinley It was aast read and as an author of historical Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse fiction set around the American Civil War it gave me some wonderful insights into Abraham Lincoln s characterrom a very personal perspective Worth the readWritten by a White House policemendoormanguard and amateur writer A summary of his 36 years by president served You will learn many things not in history books Written in apolitical matter of Troubled Waters fact straightorward way Fascinating. And mourning all over the land Our nation was trembling with anxiety; we were all hoping that the great strife was over or soon to be Marshal Lanham took us upstairs and into the President's office where we were introduced to him and to his two secretaries Mr Nicolay and Mr Hay the latter now being Secretary of State We were then instructed to keep a sharp lookout in the different parts of the house particularly in the East Room and at the door of the President's office CONTENTS I Under President Lincoln II Under President Johnson III Under President Grant IV Under President Hayes V Under President Garfield VI Under President Arthur VII Under President Cleveland VIII Under President Harrison IX Cleveland's Second Administration X Under President McKinley XI Furniture in Executive Mansion Originally published in 1902; reformatted or the Kindle; may contain an occasional imperfections; original spellings have been kept in plac. ,

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