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Another home run for Maryann Jordan One of the reviewers used the phrase alpha tude to describe Monty and I m going to steal it Monty is the uiet authoritative alpha male while Angel is his polar opposite He s a Spartan she s an xploding rainbow Together they bring out the best in ach other and really make the reader root for themWell done my friend VERY well done I received an Author Copy In Exchange An Honest Review Honor LoveMaryann copy in xchange for an honest review Honor LoveMaryann starsWe have another release in the series Although I love these men I Am Finding Myself Not Connecting finding myself not connecting the characters as much as I was in the first few releases Im not sure if I am wanting the original men back or what but I still am Cabaret enjoying the reads Monty and Angel are made forach other They are both honest don t play games and ach know what they want Monty is a strong male and Angel knows herself just as well The characters work great together but I wanted Maybe I missed the banter and the hardship between the love interest in the story What they wanted came so asily Angel didn t take anything from Monty s x or his over the top Mom Yes I missed the drama Who knewThe suspense and the crime centered in this one was the focus of the story again leaving me wanting some terrible love on and off again with our leads I did love the fact that we find the men of Saints moving along with their loved ones and we get to visit with them and continue on with their story It could be that Monty was a secondary character in another book and I wasn t focused as much on him Or it could be that I just loved the initial meeting of our guys and cant get past that first release Regardless the book is another win for the most part in the series Maryann has lead us down a good series Thank you for the ARC Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets Maryann Jordan is an awesome author Honestly what can you say With ach book my appreciation for her talent as a writer grows Honor Love is another great Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice example of herxcellent work There are no games being played between the hero and heroine This book is full of honest feelings with mature characters I love how this book shows how En plein coeur even without actually meeting a person an impression can be made that will last over time Another strong independent woman who knows her limits and an alpha male who takes care of those he loves My only warning is that you will need to cupcakes on hand by the time you are done As with all my books I fall in love with the characters that have been in my head far longer than they have been on paper Monty was a secondary character in Tony The Alvarez Security Series and was a suspect for much of the book When I finished I had readers who wanted to know if he would get his own story and I said no But one fan in particular who is an amazing promoter of my books continually said that he needed his own book As the Saints came to fruition in my mind Monty was a perfect choice to join them So you see readersyou can influence an aut. Saints Protection Investigations A private investigation business pulling together men from the CIA FBI ATF DEA Border Patrol SEALS and police devoted to the missions no onelse wants or can solve Monty Honor Lytton former dedicated FBI agent and currently an investigator with the Saints And his life Boring Until he met her Angel Cartwright. .

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Hinking of it love it I was hoping Luke s book was next But Guess Not I guess not I its chad awesome Well I m not really sure how to rate this one to be honest As I was reading I kept thinking it was going to be difficult for me to rateI liked the hero Monty He was all about Angel right from the start and never wavered He was very good to her loving patient kind I liked the heroine Angel She was sweet and smart and when confronted by Monty s bitchy mother and Dance Real Slow ex Claire she took it all in stride and never let it bother her or run away She wasn t annoying or brass at allThere was some suspensemystery and I was definitely left guessing until thend I had suspicions but the author weaved it well The Art of Memoir enough to throw doubt on several characters However I think between that and the cuts to other side characters it kind of lowered mynjoyment a bit I wanted romance between the hero and heroine I think also the author s style of writing just wasn t for me It would switch from one character to another and I felt like it interrupted the flow of readingSo overall I liked it but I didn t love it I will settle on 325 stars Another fabulous installment in my favorite series by Maryann Jordan I finished reading Honor Love The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life earlier this morning and couldn t wait to get my review up on Goodreads Honor Love is the story of Angel Cupcake Cartwright and Montgomery Monty Lytton Angel is aptly nicknamed Cupcake for the amazing bakery she runs called Angel s Cupcake Heaven along with the fabulous cupcakes she creates but most of all for the color she surrounds herself with Monty or Montgomer Once again Maryann created a superb mixture of romance and suspense with a great hero and heroine I also liked a lot that we meet all the hot men of Saints Investigation and Protection Services again throughout the bookI cannot stressnough how much I appreciate that Maryann s characters are always so normal and mature Angel and Monty are open and honest with ach other they don t play any games or throw childish fits It s very sweet to see how Monty falls for Angel who shouldn t be his type at all with her xtremely colourful lifeThe crime story however is a lot complicated than Angel and Monty s all with her xtremely colourful lifeThe crime story however is a lot complicated than Angel and Monty s relationship The different murders and suspects are well crafted and left me guessing almost until the nd about the murderer The drama and angst when Angel is threatened too speed up the story towards the PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition endThis novel is definitely another winner in this series and I m looking forward to the next bookI was granted an author s copy inxchange for an honest review Book review Honor Love I am an independent reviewer This book is the 4th in the Saints Protection and Investigations series and Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography ends in an HEA This story really shows how opposites attract Monty is the most uptight and professional looking Saint He is attracted to a woman who owns a colorful cupcake shop Angel has tricolored hair and anxtroverted personality Her life is full of color while Monty is all black white The case Ast thing they xpected Now that Monty had color in his world could he keep Angel safe before she became the next victim Due to mature scenes of a sexual nature and language some may consider crude 18 readers only This is book is a standalone written in the Saints Series Be warned alpha men strong women suspenseful and a sweet steamy love sto. Hor Monty and Angel were such opposites but what they bring to ach other s lives made them whole I hope veryone njoys this book as much as I did bringing it to life I think this series is basically candy I am LOVING it Criminal minds meets Elle Kennedy was xactly what I neededThis time we got to learn all about Montgomery Monty Honor the badass former FBI agent that s sick of his boring life Raised to be a lawyer or a judge all Monty has ver known is disappointment in his parents The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl eyes When he joined lawnforcement and later FBI he found his parents just didn t care about his accomplishments So he tried to be Exile and Pilgrim enough for themlsewhere he dated successful skinny women and lived in a boring apartment with white walls and beige furniture Then he met AngelAngel Cartwright is the baker and owner of Angel s Cupcake Heaven the best cupcake shop in Virginia With teal pink and purple colors in her hair and curves for days this bombshell is loving life and doesn t care what others think The only thing missing is love However with her crazy busy work it s not like she s looking Meanwhile Angel s friends seem to be dropping like flies One death after the other she can t handle the losses Monty the hot private protector is working the case and can t help working her Together they re determined to find out who is killing her friends and what s protect Angel from the same fateOkay I ve got to say I LOVED Angel It s so refreshing to read about a character that doesn t give a shit what people think about her When someone says something negative behind her back she confronts them and laughs it off When Monty s x tries to put her down in front of him she laughs in her face before putting the woman in her place She doesn t feel insecure because she knows Monty wants to be with her I adored her attitude Monty meanwhile was protective without being controlling He recognized he had an independent woman and while he protected her physically he let her fight her own battlesI liked the drama of the plot itself and I totally called it I knew view spoilerit was Cindy She was up in veryone s business from the start hide spoiler Authors CopyI think for the Saints protection investigation series this one is my favorite one I just loved them and the suspense was killing me just like her other books Reading the other comments they said Monty appeared in Tonys book I must read it long time ago because I don t remember ahh I loved monty and how he found loved he second guessed it but didn t push her away like the other books Monty world was plain he dated plain girls or girl he thought his parents would approve of until on a date he saw Angel Cupcake From the beginning Monty was all the alpha ness protective which was cute and she accepted it Angel Cupcake From the beginning Monty was all the alpha ness protective which was cute and she accepted it was great she wasn t whiny or jealous she knew what she had and worked it She was the color that monty needed in his life which made them great together The suspense of the book was awesome had me pointing fingers then making me ret. Baker and owner of Angel’s Cupcake Heaven From the colorful stripes in her blonde hair to the decorated confections she createdshe knew how to Hannah Montana: The Movie enjoy life Their two worlds collided when her friend was murdered and it looked as though Angel was in danger Racing against the clock to stay one step ahead of the murderer falling in love was the